Orange county intensive outpatient drug rehab program


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Once it is decided to quit the addiction, one needs professional support and guidance. The rehabs offer their services based on two types one of which is the outpatient program and the other one is residential program.

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Orange county intensive outpatient drug rehab program

  1. 1. Orange County Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program Rehabs play vital role in quitting addiction Once it is decided to quit the addiction, one needs professional support and guidance. The rehabs offer their services based on two types one of which is the outpatient program and the other one is residential program. The outpatient deals with those clients who cannot leave their busy schedules and find out time to stay over in the rehab for the duration of the recovery treatment. This kind of treatment has good effect but it is a bit slow and the life, in which one starts the addiction, is faced daily. There is no discontinuation from that life. This is useful in disconnecting from the existing life, take a small pause, get de-addicted, and embrace the life with new approach. But by opting for outpatient treatment, this is not possible. The disconnection from the factors and elements which might have led the clients to addiction will be consistently present, and there are more chances of not being able to quit the addiction. If the client quits it, the percentage is more to get back to the old addiction or relapse of the addiction. Due to this factor the medical experts suggest a residential rehab for fighting the addiction out of the system. A residential rehab is a facility equipped with state of art instruments, thorough professional experts and great ambience. All these factors cumulatively help in re-inventing oneself as well as living life once again with complete new outlook. outpatient drug rehab, drug rehabs are found under one roof. They are very effective in quitting the life threatening addiction. Most of these rehabs are laced in the lap of nature. It is believed that Mother Nature has a cure for each and every problem or disease. The healing retreats have good natural environment, which help in carrying out activities which are physically challenging as well as have spiritual values like yoga or meditation etc. Orange County rehab is one of the most successful rehabs. There are several such rehabs which help their clients quit the addiction if a very effective and non-relapsing way. The rehabs have come a long way in fighting the addiction, they believe in a holistic approach. They treat
  2. 2. the mental, physical and social factors affecting the physical and mental health of their client. They also include their families for a long term effect of the treatment. An all rounded approach in healing the client is achieved through these aspects. Health problems caused due to substance abuse There are various drugs which are abused by the addicts. The types of in-taking the drug also varies from each other. Some of the drugs are supposed to be taken nasally, some intravenously, some through smoking etc. Marijuana rehab is a drug that is taken through smoking. Let’s see brief history of this drug. This drug is derived from a plant named cannabis. The word marijuana comes from Spanish Mexican word Mar iguana. As per a report by the United Nations this is the most widely used illicit drugs in the world. The cannabis plant’s derivatives are used as the psychoactive drug. This drug has been in use since 3 millennium BC, its traces are also found in the Hindu religion. This drug was used in some of the medicines written in Vedas. This drug is the most ancient in its origin and has its scope spread across the globe. Many countries were aware of its properties as a drug as well as an addictive substance. Many of the old books have a reference of the cannabis plant. This drug has special properties. Marijuana releases serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that triggers a feeling of pleasure. The most common method for using this drug is to place the dried leaves, stems, and flowers of this plant onto rolling paper and make it into a cigarette, to be smoked. It can also be smoked in a water pipe or other metal or glass pipe. This drug can also be put in food products or be mixed with coffee or tea.When someone smokes Marijuana regularly the brain gets used to higher amounts of serotonin production than normal , so when these addicts try to quit smoking this drug, then the production drops , followed by which they experience a mild mental withdrawal from the dependence on the previously increased levels of serotonin and the pleasure it brought along with. When one gets used to the high, it becomes very difficult to refrain oneself from smoking it. The addicts try to find new ways to justify their addiction. This addiction cannot be cured without professional help. Getting admitted into a Marijuana rehab is one wise step taken towards a sober life. This addiction is commonly found because this drug is easily available like alcohol. Marijuana addiction is commonly found in any age. Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call :- 866.323.5609