Urban Body Laser -  The Four Overlooked Threats To A Fulfilled Life
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Urban Body Laser - The Four Overlooked Threats To A Fulfilled Life

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Powerpoint for The Four Overlooked Threats To A Fulfilled Life

Powerpoint for The Four Overlooked Threats To A Fulfilled Life

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  • 1. The Four Overlooked Threats to a Fulfilled Life Our self-confidence has an impact on our lives, but how much?
  • 2. Why Urban Body Laser commissioned a study…
    • We work side by side with Canadians from all walks of life every day, so we’re familiar with the difficult challenges they face
    • We know that when we feel good about ourselves, our entire life becomes more fulfilling
    • But each day, we see people who struggle with self-confidence, and we wondered why so many are having such a hard time…
    • So we hired an independent research company to investigate the power of confidence and how it relates to appearance
    • We are pleased to share this study with you!
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 3
  • 3. Our careers are more than just financial support…
    • Professionals often define themselves by their career
    • Men are especially notorious for keeping score in life by how much money they make
    • However, true fulfillment is not just about the money…it’s also about outwardly reflecting who we are inside
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 8
  • 4.
    • One study found that we are judged by our appearance almost instantly by those that meet us— within 1/10 th of a second
    • But we judge ourselves even faster— 70% of self-esteem is connected to body image
    • The sad truth is that the majority of us suffer from poor body image
      • 56% of North American women and 43% of men, report that they are unhappy with the way they look
    Is who we are on the inside being reflected on the outside? © Urban Body Laser - 2011 9 Source: First Impressions, Psychological Science, 2006; Does high self-esteem cause better performance, Interpersonal success, happiness, or healthier lifestyles? Psychological Science, 2003
  • 5. We are naturally drawn to youthful faces
    • Source: What makes us attractive, Eden, D. accessed 2011
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 12
    • Being drawn to attractiveness seems to be hard-wired into our brains
    • Babies as young as three months old can pick out a “classically beautiful” face
    • One of the key qualities that is subconsciously looked for is the smoothness of the face —a face that is wrinkle free!
  • 6. Threat #1: A person’s perception of their appearance impacts their entire life
    • 48% of women strongly agree with the statement “When I feel less beautiful I feel worse about myself in general”
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 14 Source: The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report, Harvard University, 2004
  • 7. Our body image affects the workplace
    • 91% of hiring managers said that pride in appearance helps them decide whether a candidate will do well in a job
    • Self-confidence was such an important factor that it ranked higher than sense of humor or even where a candidate attended school!
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 17 Source: The ugly truth is that looks matter, Newsweek, 2011; First Impressions Count, Career Women, 2010 Appearance can equal an 18% difference in salary!
  • 8. Our body image affects our relationships
    • An extensive study on self-esteem found that people with low self-esteem engage in a variety of potentially destructive behaviors in their intimate relationships
    • For example, 34% of women said they avoid sex because they are unhappy with their appearance
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 18 Source: The ugly truth is that looks matter, Newsweek, 2011; First Impressions Count, Career Women, 2010
  • 9. Even the genital area is affected…
    • In a study of nearly 2,500 women , pubic hair removal was reported to improve both self-image and sexual function
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 19 Source: Pubic shaving trend baffles experts, Spiegel, 2009
    • And yet, only 50% of women between the ages of 18-25 take the time to shave their pubic hair
  • 10. Our negative body image is stifling us
    • Many of us don’t live life to the fullest—simply because we don’t feel we look good
    • What factors hurt our confidence the most?
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 21
  • 11.
    • More than 33% of men suffer from excessive body hair— especially back hair
    • According to a recent survey, 90% of women find back hair unattractive
    • Unfortunately, shaving the back is nearly impossible, and even when it is done--when hair grows back, it seems to be thicker than ever
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 22 Source: Body Hair-What women think about body hair on men, Billet, D. 2010 Threat #2: Hair and skin problems
  • 12.
    • Unwanted hair carries such a social stigma for women that 83% of Canadians shave themselves regularly
    • Shaving is time-consuming and expensive
      • 83,520 minutes , or nearly 1,400 hours of our lives will be wasted shaving
      • It can cost a woman up to $23,000 over her lifetime to keep herself smooth
    • And yet, we continue to do it because…
    Nearly all have turned to hair removal © Urban Body Laser - 2011 24 Source: Overview of hair removal methods, Celluline, 2011; Women squander up to $23,000 and 58 days during lifetime removing unwanted hair, American Laser Centers, 2010
  • 13. Threat #3: It’s harder than ever to look good
    • Most skincare products use synthetic, chemical preservatives to increase shelf life
    • Unfortunately, scientific evidence shows that these preservatives can have negative effects on the skin and can actually speed up the aging process
    • While women are relying on these products to look younger and more beautiful, they may actually be damaging their skin and causing premature aging
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 28 Source: How to prevent premature aging with preservative free skin care, World wide health, 2011
  • 14. Products may be causing weight gain as well
    • Scientists say that chemical exposure could be playing a significant role in our inability to control our weight
    • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are chemicals found in many common beauty products
    • They are called EDCs because they disrupt normal hormonal functions in the body
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 29 Source: Obesegens May Contribute to America's Obesity Epidemic, American Health and Beauty, 12/21/10
  • 15. EDCs are also known as obesegens
    • Researchers have linked EDCs to obesity —and now call them OBESEGENS
    • Obesegens change the way our body processes fat
    • More than a dozen studies link Obesegens to weight gain-- showing that they can lead to as much as a 36% increase in body fat
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 30 Source: Obesegens May Contribute to America's Obesity Epidemic, American Health and Beauty, 12/21/10
  • 16. Threat #4: Most people are turning to cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, private clinics are unregulated
    • Imagine licensing a car but not licensing its driver
    • This is essentially what happens with laser hair removal and photorejuvenation
    • Anyone who can afford to buy a machine can use a machine
    • In an effort to save a dime, many consumers risk undergoing cosmetic procedures that are performed by poorly trained technicians
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 33 Source: Laser hair removal: No training required? Journal Canadian Medical Association, 2010
  • 17. Using poorly trained technicians can be a costly mistake…
    • The hair removal industry is in the top 20% of Better Business Bureau complaints in Canada
    • The majority of these complaints--for ineffective treatment --are typically a result of poorly trained technicians or faulty equipment
    • More than 75% of these complaints are never resolved
    • Poorly trained technicians not only have your pocketbook in their hands…but your health as well
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 34 Source: BBB 2010 Canada Statistics
  • 18. Poorly trained technicians can cause serious damage
    • When outdated machines are used or when poorly trained technicians perform laser hair removal treatment, permanent problems can occur, including:
      • Severe burning
      • Scarring
      • Damage to the eyes
      • Skin discoloration
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 35
  • 19. Photo rejuvenation has serious risks as well
    • Source: Photorejuvenation with BBL/IPL, Illawarra Dermatology, 20
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 37
    • Photo rejuvenation involves using an energy-delivery device to improve skin texture, fine wrinkles, scars, and hyperpigmentation
    • When improperly performed , photo rejuvenation may cause harmful side effects including:
      • Severe burning of skin
      • Change in skin color
      • Muscle pain
      • Scarring
      • Indentations
  • 20. Our reality…
    • HAPPINESS , SELF-ESTEEM , and SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS are greatly affected by feelings about physical appearance
    • Individuals can take a proactive approach to enhance their outer beauty, but they face serious threats if they use poorly trained technicians or substandard equipment
    • Fortunately, these threats can be overcome, and a transformation of life can be achieved…
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 38
  • 21. Taking small steps can drastically change your outlook…
    • 79% of participants in a survey said that removing body hair made them feel cleaner
    • 56% said it made them feel more attractive
    • 42% said it made them feel sexier
    • Taking control of our appearance is key to feeling more attractive and confident
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 39 Source: Why We Take It Off…Hair, That Is, Nair Survey, 3/11/08
  • 22. As a solution, people turn to laser hair removal
    • Studies show that properly performed laser hair removal can achieve significant hair reduction—nearly 95%
    • Laser hair removal is also cost effective— a woman can save up to $20,000 over a lifetime
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 44 Source: Effective permanent hair redeuction study, Harvard Medical School, 2008; Women squander up to $23,000 and 58 days during lifetime removing unwanted hair, American Laser Centers, 6/28/10
  • 23. What about photorejuvenation?
    • Some of us live with permanent skin conditions that shatter our self-esteem
    • All of us will see our skin begin to display the effects of aging over time
    • Photo rejuvenation can restore the youthful, healthy appearance we desire
    • A study found that proper maintenance of photo rejunenation treatments can actually SLOW DOWN the aging process
    • However, it is critical to find the right expert to perform any cosmetic procedure
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 45
  • 24. Investigate essential factors in cosmetic clinics
    • Does the provider have the right equipment?
    • In order to avoid the risk of burning or ineffective treatment , it is absolutely essential that a provider uses the most advanced equipment possible
    • Equipment should have sophisticated cooling systems in order for the procedure to be more controlled and customized
    • This would include a large treatment area to increase efficiency and save money
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 46
  • 25. Understand keys to successful cosmetic procedures
    • There are three key aspects to consider when looking at equipment:
      • Temperature control
      • Energy setting
      • Technician Training
    • Without high quality equipment and expertly trained technicians , complications and unsatisfactory results WILL occur
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 48
  • 26. How can people know the staff is properly trained?
    • Ask about their training programs
    • They should be investing in extensive training by leading experts in the field
    • Staff should be trained in all procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure consistent results and a safe environment
    • After receiving cosmetic procedures, it is appropriate to take a look at superior beauty products
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 49
  • 27. What should people look for in cosmetic products? © Urban Body Laser - 2011 50 Mineral based makeup Preservatives that use essential oils rather than chemicals Free of toxic, chemical ingredients found in most makeup Has physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one Free from all fillers Protect from environmental aging factors
  • 28. © Urban Body Laser - 2011 1 Utilize a provider who... Provides cosmetic products that are free of harmful, toxic ingredients and that actually reverse the aging process Offers the latest technology and cosmetic procedures Has a highly trained staff Provides treatments that are effective and safe Has a history of success stories and gives you access to them Provides a spa like environment to relax you
  • 29. What about the human element?
    • One of the most important but overlooked qualities of a superior provider is compassion
    • Technicians should not only be highly trained on equipment and procedures, but also on human relationships
    • They should realize that changes that improve body image can be transforming life events
    • Every visit should be like a date with an old friend— relaxing and rejuvenating throughout the entire process
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 52
  • 30. Ask yourself…
    • How is my appearance affecting my body image and quality of life?
    • Am I using procedures and products that may be doing more harm than good?
    • What changes can I make to improve my self-confidence and my future without risking my health?
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 58
  • 31. We hope you learned valuable information today…
    • Negative feelings about appearance can damage our body image and hinder life fulfillment
    • Utilizing a superior cosmetic professional can improve body image and bring peace of mind
    • We believe that we can provide answers to help overcome the issues that were discussed in this presentation
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 59
  • 32. Our mission
    • When you walk through our door, our mission is to not only to give you exceptional treatment but also to touch your heart
    • We want Urban Body Laser to be a place that people can’t wait to return for their next visit - or even come early or stay late just to share with us
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 61
  • 33. How we do what we do
    • We invest in top-of-the-line equipment to provide clients of all skin types extremely safe and effective treatments
    • Unlike many systems, ours is able to access the necessary depth in order to be used SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY all year round
        • For example, in the summer months you can continue your hair removal regardless of if you are tanned or not
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 63
  • 34. What is the difference?
      • The system we use lets us safely treat tanned and dark skin effectively
      • A larger treatment area for each procedure to increase efficiency
      • A more advanced cooling system to control and customize temperature settings
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 64
  • 35. What sets us apart
      • We believe that advanced equipment and better trained staff can change lives
      • Our staff is trained by Dr. Bitter Jr., the foremost dermatologist in the field and co-inventor of the foto-rejuvenation© protocol
      • We know that incorrect use of this protocol can actually cause skin imperfections, rather than healing them
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 66
  • 36. What sets us apart?
    • We are equally dedicated to the personal connection with our clients as we are to the technical aspects of treatment
    • It's about making that human experience an unforgettable one!
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 68
  • 37. What our clients are saying about us © Urban Body Laser - 2011 70 "I used to be very self conscious about my back hair.  After my treatments, I don't even think about it any longer.  It has raised my confidence level as well as my self-image.  The staff at Urban Body Laser is very professional and friendly.  I would recommend their services to anyone.  If you are thinking about getting anything done, check with UBL - they are the specialists." ~ Kurtis Kril "I recently completed the 4 month Flawless Face treatment and the results are amazing. I had a lot of dark pigment on my face from many years in the harsh Australian sun, and I had resigned myself to thinking that it was there to stay. But not anymore!! My face is now almost completely pigment free. I had visible results from the very first photorejuvenation treatment, and my skin hasn't looked this good since I was about 18. The girls at Urban Body all do an awesome job, explaining procedures to you thoroughly and making you feel genuinely cared for. Great job, great results!!" ~ Vicki Earl
  • 38. Our Offer
    • $200 towards your future services !
    © Urban Body Laser - 2011 71