Digital Cowboys Music Marketing Strategies april 2013


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Marketing strategies for musicians and artists in the digital age. Business models for success.

Digital Cowboys Music Marketing Strategies april 2013

  1. 1. The Future of MusicMarketingStrategiesDave KusekSenior PartnerDigital Cowboys
  2. 2. Broken Model The label model is no longer dominant. CD sales have collapsed. Financial model based on recording is broken. Profitable touring can be a challenge. New music businesses can be successful. An collaborative approach is needed.© 2013 David Kusek
  3. 3. The Traditional Music Business + Recording + Writing + Performing + Licensing© 2012 David Kusek
  4. 4. How Musicians make Money Connect with an Audience ✦Perform - touring ✦Write songs - publishing ✦Sell songs - recording ✦Sell Merchandise© 2012 David Kusek 2013
  5. 5. The Good News: People love music We just can’t get enough. Music consumption is at an all time high. More music is being produced each day. Illegal music channels are drying up. Legal digital channels are expanding.© 2013 David Kusek
  6. 6. The Bad News: Recorded music is no longer the driving force New ways of thinking about music and commerce are required. Economic engine of the past 70 years has run out of fuel. This is a big change for the entire music ecosystem.© 2012 David Kusek
  7. 7. A band this big will never happen again.© 2013 David Kusek
  8. 8. Obscurity is theEnemy Exposure Discovery Community Revenue
  9. 9. New Artist Ecosystem© 2013 David Kusek
  10. 10. Alex DayGo to Market Strategy Determination Focus Big Ideas Creative Thinking Cultivating Fans Fearlessness
  11. 11. Direct to Fan via YouTube
  12. 12. The Power of YouTube
  13. 13. Social MarketingYouTubeTwitterFacebookAppearancesPersonal Interaction
  14. 14. Crowd FundingDigital Patronage✦ Kickstarter✦ Indiegogo✦ Pledgemusic
  15. 15. Amanda Palmer Fan Base of 500K+ $1.2 million raised on Kickstarter© 2013 David Kusek
  16. 16. ActiveEngagementSocial MediaTwitterFacebookYouTubeTouring
  17. 17. PragmaticCrowdfunding
  18. 18. Touring Profitably Clubs and concerts House parties Digital events Route Mapping Discovery© 2013 David Kusek
  19. 19. Audience Sourcing
  20. 20. Publishing & Licensing Licensing Songs Syncs / Games Name and Likeness Endorsements Sponsorships Entrepreneurial ventures Stability© 2013 David Kusek
  21. 21. The power of media is still with us
  22. 22. Merchandising Clothing Lifestyle products Food Collectibles Jewelry© 2013 David Kusek
  23. 23. TheNew Merch
  24. 24. New Digital Products Mobile apps Wearable Interactive video Collections Events Episodes © 2012 David Kusek
  25. 25. © 2012 David Kusek
  26. 26. New Artist EcosystemConnect directly with your fans.Create a business around yourself.Own your masters and publishing.Secure sponsors to generate cash.Purchase the services you need.Use interactive integrated marketing.Create multiple revenue streams.Control your career.
  27. 27. New Areas of Opportunity Direct to Fan Branding Interactive Marketing Artist Management Curation/Discovery Licensing Analysis/Data Digital Events Distribution Merchandise Artist Networks Artist Services Streaming Education Digital Products Soundtracks Games Sponsorships Mobile Apps Collaboration© 2013 David Kusek
  28. 28. Businesses to watch Apple Pitchfork Bandcamp Rdio Bandzoogle Reverbnation Live Nation Labs Rightsflow CD Baby Songkick Echonest Frontline Spotify Google Timbre Mobile Roadie Ticketfly Daisy Topspin Next Big Sound Viinyl Pandora We7© 2013 David Kusek
  29. 29. We must collaborate to create a healthy future.© 2012 David Kusek
  30. 30. How can we help you? Dave Kusek Digital Cowboys @davekusek© 2013 David Kusek