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A tool for logging, tracking and managing freedom of Information requests

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  1. 1. FOI A tool for managing end to end Freedom of Information requests. 1 |||
  2. 2. Overview Key Accounts FOI form FOI dashboard Reports • Freedom of • Linked with your • Real time capture • No. of FOI Information internet & of all requests received Officer intranet (Zero day • No. of responses • FOI • Linked with all detection) • No. of breaches Administration Business units • Automatically • No. of rejections team • Linked with all alerts FOI team of and grounds your business the requests via • No. of requests partners email per month • Captures admin • No. of request per checks Business Unit • Allocates an officer to each request • Allows officer to log response to the request • Automatically counts down the days left for each request. • Alerts FOI team & Officer on potential breaches 2
  3. 3. Key accounts Freedom of Information Officer Freedom of Information Administration Team 3
  4. 4. Getting started 4
  5. 5. FOI form Linked to Intranet Linked to Internet Linked to all Business units Linked to all Business partners Aimed to capture all the ingress points of FOI requests 5
  6. 6. A completed FOI form & Acknowledgement 6
  7. 7. Automatic Acknowledgement to subject 7
  8. 8. FOI Dashboard 8
  9. 9. FOI ID is automatically generated for the request and registered on the dashboard in real time. Once the request is registered, the 20 day timer begins automatically. The subject name is attached to the request for reference. An officer can be allocated to the request. He or she is alerted. The admin check includes option to reject query or pass the request. The response from the officer can be captured electronically or if hard copy noted on the dashboard The status of the request is maintained all throughout the lifecycle of the request. FOI administration via the dashboard 9
  10. 10. The completed request from the dashboard Click here to see the form 10
  11. 11. Dashboard: Admin check Options to pass or reject request 11
  12. 12. FOI dashboard: Example of Rejection 12
  13. 13. Allocation of an officer from the org chart Org chart 13
  14. 14. Response to FOI requests Officer clicks on Response The response window allows the officer to select the response has been sent as well as a message to the subject. 14 Option to add the response document
  15. 15. Response to FOI requests: completing the response form 15
  16. 16. FOI Dashboard: Completed responses 16
  17. 17. Implementation & Contact details • Implementation takes about 3 months to Go live. – Solution can be custom built and deployed within your network(intranet) or hosted on our secure server (extranet). – Cost vary depending on number of licenses and scale of implementation • For more information please contact: – Mateo Isabella • London Knowledge Innovation Centre • South Bank Technopark • 90 London Road • SE1 6LN • 0207 592 9747 17