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  • 1. My pets By the 5th year students.Rei En Jaume primary school (Xirivella)
  • 2. MY ANIMALS My animals are :Nano,Nena and Blacky. Blacky is very big and ductile. It has got curly hair and small nose. It is black and brown. He isn´t playful. He likes eating lots of food. He dislikes being alone. He’s in the cage. It is not lively . He likes being cuddled. He is very lovely but it can sneak . Nano is very happy and playful. It is very hairy. It runs and jumps it neverNena is very beautiful and playful . stops! My dog likes eatingIt has got a lot of hair. It runs and chicken and running afterjumps. My dog likes sleeping and cats. It dislikes climbing.eating .It dislikes being quiet.
  • 3. Presentation This is my cat Zorak. It is a female. She is two “months”. She is small and plump.Description She is grey with grey stripes, she has got: grey eyes, black and pink nose, long nails and longwhiskers. She has got four grey legs and a long tail.Likes & Dislikes. She likes sleeping and running. She doesn’t like the cat’s food .
  • 4. His name is Tyson. He is playful. He likes playing with a ball, sleeping and food. I like Tyson. He sleeps in a small bed. He is a puppy and so he is a small dog. He likes running and walking.He always bites my trousers andsoles.
  • 5. I have two dogs, they are Snoopy and Lucas.Snoopy is white and black. It is small, it is greedyand sleepy-head, but is very affectionate andplayful.Lucas is white and brown, it barks very much.It is a guardian dog.They are 13 years old.
  • 6. • My pets are 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hamster and 1 horse.• My dog is Koko. He’s very beautiful. He loves playing , jumping and running.• My other dog is Kira. She’s very inteligent and big. I love Kira.• My hamster is nano. He’s very little and very beautiful. I love Nano. Nano loves sleeping• My cat is Dulce. She’s white. She’s very scary of people• My horse is Tornado. Tornado is big. He’s fast. I love pampering him.
  • 7. ***My dog*♥*♥*♥*♪*** Her name is Kira. She Has got brown and blue eyes. Her hair is black. She has got hairy-shaggy legs. Kira is adorable. She likes being patted. She is scared of firecrackers and she escapes running. She always likes eating and playing with a ball. She dislikes the water. Kyra is very beautiful Kira!!!! ♥
  • 8. My first pigeon is Blanca. It produces eggs The second pigeon is Vivo. It is Blanca’s boyfriend. The third pigeon is Saltabrincos. It is Blanca and Vivo’s son.In my house live six animals but The little rabbit is Gurion. I don´t talk about my brothers. It is very long haired My pets are one rabbit, oneagapornis, one canary and three pigeons. The agapornis is Arco. It has a lot of colours and it´s very beautiful
  • 9. Sancho. Sancho is a dog, my friend. He is my great-aunt and my great-uncle’s pet. He likes running, jumping, etc .... He is black and white. His nose is dark brown and he has a very large tail. Lucea.Lucea is a cat, his owner is my friend.She enjoys running jumping and manyother things.It has blue eyes and pink nose. She isblack and white.And this is me in that picture with abroken leg.
  • 10. My dog My dog is called Linda She is 2 years oldThis dog has got two ears, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, some moustaches, a long hairy tail, four legs, and four paws. It has got straight hair.
  • 11. MY DOG YAKI.My dog is called Yaki, is seven years old and weighs seventypounds.My dog’s father is a German shepherd and his mother is purebredmastiff. When I had my dog it had seven sisters.My dog has black hair and brown eyes.My dog eats a lot and likes everything. He likes to play with otherdogs and people.My dog likes to go to the country and swim in the beach in summer.My dog does not like going to the vet and the hairdresser, he getsnervous.My dog is very, very good, well-behaved at home and likes to sleep inhis bed.Every day I take it out on the street two or three times. When it rainshe wears waterproof dress and waterproof boots.My dog loves us and my family, and I love my dog.
  • 12. My dog Luna is very affectionate and a bit lazy.Her hair is brown and her eyes too.She loves playing with her chain and the pillow,she loves playing a lot with my cousin’s dog too.She doesn’t like firecrackers.She doesn’t like cats.Her favourite meal is macaroni. By AlejandroCarrilero
  • 13. • My pets are 1 dog and 1 bird.• My dog’s name is Bela. She’s 3 years old. It has each eye of different colour. She’s black and white. She’s affectionate and very beautiful. She likes walking in the street.• My bird is Roberta. She’s 3 years old. She’s naughty and beautiful. She’s brown and orange. It is soft and nice. She dislikes the dirtiness. She likes I take care of her.
  • 14. MY DOGMy dog’s name is Sara.She has got two eyes, one mouth, one nose, along body, four legs and four paws.She is black and white.She is very playful, very good cared and every daydoes exercise.She doesn´t swim or doesn´t write.
  • 15. My animal is Tyson.Tyson is 4 months. He has got brown eyes, hisnose is small, his ears are big, it is black andbrown and it is always crossing his legs.My dog is playful and funny.My dog doesn’t work and doesnt dance.My dog... My dog... I love
  • 16. MY PETSMy pets are King and Elfito.King is a rabbit and Elfito is a chinchilla. KING King is medium. It’s black and grey. It is one years old. It has a lot of hair. It has a big ears and black eyes. It has a small tail and whiskers. It is soft and very affectionate. It eats carrots and vegetables. It likes jumping.ELFITOElfito is small. It looks a small ball. It’s black. It is three years old. It is very pompous. It has small ears and long whiskers. It scratches and does small noises. It eats fruits and vegetables.It likes to bite everything.
  • 17. BY OSCAR GALAN RUIZ My dog is Maxi. Maxi is: big and long. He has got short hair and soft, a big nose. It has yellow and brown hair. He likes to splash when it baths He likes to play with me, he dislikes being hit, and he´saffectionate and very shy. He likes to eat bones and meat for dogs.
  • 18. MY PET by Dani M.My pet is a turtle.My turtle is called Carla. She is 4 years old.My pet is 15 cm long.It eats prawns.It has very big eyes.It walks very fast.Its the best turtle in the world.