Your First CRCA Race


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Your First CRCA Race

  1. 1. Your FirstCENTURY ROAD CLUB ASSOCIATION Bicycle Race Adapted from: “My First Bike Race” Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D., CCAASP West Virginia University Level 1 USA Cycling Licensed Coach
  2. 2. Before your first RaceIf you have never watched a race, don’t. Justenter. - Jacquie Phelen
  3. 3. Why Race?cardiovascular benefits enjoy the outdoors -low impact sport (well, kind brrrr.....(racing in March?)of...) great activityimprove body composition improve moodenhance muscular power competitionenhance endurance in order of priority (Bosh, I’m here to win!)increase energy
  4. 4. The PaperworkCRCA Membership Racing License dates chosen
  5. 5. The Hardwarewell-maintained bike road bike with drop handlebars the bike fithelmet - new, well fitted, worn @ all times when at CRCA raceeventsCRCA jersey and/or kitCRCA numbershoesmuch, much more clothing for cold/wet races
  6. 6. The Boundariesknow & follow the USAC Racing rules & follow the CRCA & Central Park rules the Central Park loop (know the course)train & eat for racing (are you fit to race, not just ride?) CRCA Coaching program schedule
  7. 7. More Boundariescan you.....hold your line?hold a wheel safely?ride safely in a group?eat & drink safely in a group?do this when going FAST?corner safely at race speeds?learn Bike Racing Safety tips > Racing Tab > Drop down to Racing Safetyhave you considered a Racing skills course?
  8. 8. Your first Night Before.... check your bike pack your race bag what do I need? individual checklists are recommended you will find you have your own necessary things eat & hydrate well
  9. 9. Your first Pre-Race!wake up on timeeat a good breakfast (if your GI tract allowsthis)get to registration with time to warmup & pinyour number on the correct side Number position listed on Race Schedule page exact change please
  10. 10. The Pre-Race checktire pressurewheels secure & centeredwater bottle cages & bottles securebrakes not rubbingmonitoring devices workingall non-essentials off the bike (pump, bag, etc.)
  11. 11. Key RulesAVOID THE RECREATION LANEall USAC race rulesall Central Park ruleslisten to all pre-race announcements forpossible changesknow WHERE the finish is
  12. 12. Your First Race!go on the whistle keep your eyes up clip in fast hold a straight line stay with the pack hydrate ride smoothly, both hands on the handlebars if dropped, continue. But, be alert.
  13. 13. Your First Race! (cont.) listen for the bell - Last Lap To Go prepare for the finish decide on Tactics, Position, People to watch hold your line eyes up stay alert continue riding after the finish line avoid turning around and riding back to the line
  14. 14. What if....?I miss the start You can start and attempt to catch the pack, or watch, or go home.I flat? CRCA races are circuit races. You have to repair the flat and chase the pack. There is no repair pit, no free lap rule, and unless it is a teammate, you cannot accept assistance.I crash? Stay down initially. Standing up fast can endanger you more if racers are still passing. If you are not hurt, spin your wheels, check your bike, and attempt to chase. If you are hurt, wait until a marshal or help arrives.I see some inappropriate racing? Protests should be filed with the Race Director during the protest period after results are posted.
  15. 15. Post-raceeat, drink, & cool downresults take time There is a 15 minute protest period after results are posted lodge protests then & only with the Race Directorreview your raceBut, AVOID doing so in the recreation lane! use perspective, training diaries can be helpful
  16. 16.’s supposed to be FUN. CRCA 2012 Coaching Program © 2012