Record Producers - contracts, payment & marketing


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Record Producers - contracts, payment & marketing

  1. 1. Music Industry Record Producers part 3Contracts, Payment & Marketing Chris Baker
  2. 2. Record Producer Allegiance• Producer’s fees are a recording cost recoupable by the artist• Label hired producers are on the side of the record company
  3. 3. Record Producer Allegiance• Artist hired producers are on the side of whomever offers them the most work• Independent producers are on the side of whomever is bankrolling them this week
  4. 4. Producers LevelsExecutive Producer Funds the projectLabel PresidentsA&R PresidentRecord CompaniesInvestorsWork on a point basis
  5. 5. Producer Responsibilities• Maximizing the creative process• Budget• Scheduling• Make commercially and technically satisfactory recordings• Bridge between artist and recording companies
  6. 6. Producer Skills in brief• Great ears • Songwriting and• Stickler for detail arranging• Must know who to call • MIDI programming• People skills • Pro Tools and/or• functional sound Express ideas effectively engineering skills• Understand musical • Know when to say styles when
  7. 7. Superstar Producers Payment• Advance from £10,000 per track and more• Points range form 3 to 5 points or more• Recoup at all-in rate retroactively from record one• Only responsible for recouping the advance and sometimes the recording costs.
  8. 8. Hot Producers Payment• Advances range from £2,500 to £5,000 per track• Points range from 1 to 3• Royalty recoupment is calculated at the combined rate• Must recoup recording costs and advance at the all- in or net rate• Royalty is retroactive to record one
  9. 9. New Producers Payment• Advances range from £0 to £1,500 per track.• Points range from 0 (work for hire) to 1• Royalties are computed at the net rate• If earning points, producer must recoup advance and recording costs• Royalties are paid retroactively to record one
  10. 10. Producers How they maximize incomeProduction entities who command large advances fromrecord companies and then turn in completed mastersoften: 1. Own studios 2. Own Equipment (outboard, mics & instruments) 3. Own part or all of the publishing rights 4. Make all creative decisions 5. Represent or manage their artists earning high percentages of artist money 6. Cut costs and keep the money saved
  11. 11. Producers Getting PaidProducers are hired by: 1. Record Companies 2. Artists 3. Managers
  12. 12. Record Producer Safeguarding “your stuff”• Get paid upfront or have a contract• Know your client• Work for hire• Long term relationships• Protect your work in case of contract offer• Be able to use your work with another artist• Write as much original music as possible
  13. 13. Record Producers The Artist Perspective• Don’t get stuck with a bad producer• Work for hire creates a cleaner break• Accept input and try new things• You should never loose your vision or identity• Reward producers for their contribution
  14. 14. Producers Selling your stuff• All work is heard by someone• Artists often showcase producers and vice-versa• Your work is your reputation• The more high quality services you offer, the more work you will have
  15. 15. Producers Free Enterprise“Create the best product, at the lowest price, whilepaying the highest wages.” Henry FordFind untapped markets for your work 1. Amateurs 2. Wannabes 3. Students 4. Hobbyists