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  1. 1. australian grainfed beef tender. tasty. juicy.
  2. 2. A d d i n g VA l u e — “ R i g h t O u t O f t h e B A g ”Minimal waste, simple inventory management and products aged to perfectioncomplete a production and shipping process that has made Australian beeffamous for consistent quality.Indeed, chilled Australian grainfed beef will age for a minimum of 40 days atcontrolled temperatures before it reaches your location. This process enhancesthe tenderness, taste and flavor of your product. Australian chilled beef achievesat least 100 days shelf life when packed and stored correctly.Because Australian beef arrives in lightweight boxes, you’ll enjoy easy inventorymanagement. Plus, all prime cuts arrive trimmed to specification and individuallyvacuum packed.d isc OVe R Y OuR ideAl Beef Alt eR n At iVe t OdAYWhen you’re ready for a beef alternative that delivers consistent qualityat a competitive price, look to the tender taste of Australian grainfed beef.To learn more about bringing the advantages of Australian beef to your business,including importer and exporter details, contact us today:Meat & livestock Australia limited1401 K street, nW; suite 602Washington, dc 20005Phone: 1-202-521-2551fax: 1-202-521-2699email:
  3. 3. why chooseaustralian grainfed beef? exceptional grain, exceptional cattle.Australian grainfed chilled beef offers all the attributes your AustRAliAn gRAinfed Beef — fit fOR the WORld How do Australian producers consistently deliver high-quality beef products?business and customers need, including competitive pricing For starters, Australia is a self-sufficient grain producer. Wheat, barley and sorghum Australian feedyards manage their cattle and feed rations with an eye toward the endand consistently tender, tasty and juicy cuts. are the principle grains mixed with alfalfa and other forage crops to produce the customer. They can produce the right grainfed product to meet the unique specifications perfect feedyard ration. Together, these grains bring out the naturally rich, tenderAustralia has long been considered a leading world producer of natural, wholesome beef of your business and your customers. flavors of Australian beef.raised on pasture and crops. Over the last 20 years, our modern grainfed beef industry Australia can supply a grainfed beef product that ishas gained international recognition for its world-class quality production systems. equivalent to usdA grades — select, choice or Prime. Australia also utilizes the best available beef genetics. Through more than two decades of cattle feedyard experience, producers have selected the finest geneticBuyers everywhere increasingly turn to Australian beef for a range of benefits: attributes. Australian pastures are rich with cattle that are able to perform under 0 1 2 3 4 In addition, Australian■ Products equivalent to USDA grades marbling standards are different feeding regimens.■ Naturally aged in transit assessed by accredited■ High yield with minimal waste AUS-MEAT chiller assessors. u n M At c h e d M e At s A f e t Y A n d Q u A l i t Y s Y s t e M s■ Lightweight boxes for easy inventory management Purchasers can receive a■ State-of-the-art identification systems marbled product equivalent All cattle raised and processed in Australia are covered by the National Vendor 5 6 7 8 9■ Premier beef genetics to NAMP specifications Declaration — meaning the meat packer knows the history of how the animal of slight to abundant. was raised.Australian packers can supply Australian grainfed chilled beef to meet any and allof your requirements, and give your customers the eating experience they deserve! In addition, all Australian feedyards that export beef must operate and be audited to the standards established in the Australian National Feedlot Accreditation System. During 2005, Australia’s These standards guarantee the welfare of the animals as well as product safety. AUS-MEAT marbling standards feedyard capacity exceeded one million head — the highest Australia has quality systems in place that level on record. consistently deliver a grainfed beef product that s tAt e - O f - t h e A R t i d e n t i f i c At i O n Grainfed beef now will give your customers the tender, tasty and Australia has operated a cattle identification program since the 1960s. In the last accounts for one third of Australia’s total juicy eating experience they deserve every time. 10 years, the program has progressively converted to an individual whole-of-life beef production, over electronic tag. 1.5 billion pounds. Australian ranchers can now give the life movement and management background of every head of cattle going through a feedyard — creating a system that assures consistent, safe and wholesome products for your customers. Carcass marbling assessment
  4. 4. Meat & livestock Australia limited1401 K Street, NW; Suite 602Washington, DC 20005