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  1. 1. HOT TRENDSCOOL CHEFSAmerica’s brightest culinary stars put a NEW TWIST on Australian Lamb
  2. 2. InTrodUCTIonAmerican consumers now spend more than half of their food dollars onmeals and snacks at foodservice facilities. With this in mind, Australianlamb developed a program to demonstrate the opportunity for foodser-vice operators to diversify the application of lamb on their menus.We conducted a national search and identified nine chefs who were doing innovative thingswith their menus, wine lists and restaurant concept and asked them to contribute theirfavorite Australian lamb bar food, appetizer or lunch menu recipe. this booklet is the result.AustrAliAn lAmb And course wines by the glass; in some Armed with this knowledge,the trend to smAll plAtes cases with up to 100 selections we reviewed research on the from which to choose. These two needs and aspirations of theIn an industry where entrées and changes mean that diners can now younger generations and con-generous serving sizes are the experience a number of food items cluded that they expect and seeknorm, some operators are now dis- paired perfectly with a range of dif- out the unique flavors of ethnictinguishing themselves by offering ferent wine or beer options. foods including Mexican, French,just the opposite — small plates. Mediterranean, Middle EasternThe trend to small plates and sam- AustrAliAn lAmb And and Asian inspired dishes.pling dishes is well documented the elusive consumer They also expect the variety of-in the United States foodservice fered by smaller serving sizes to beindustry. It’s a trend that is truly in Consumer research conducted by healthy, all-natural options whichplay and one that will continue to Australian lamb has told us three allow them to reward themselvesevolve and develop. important things: lamb regularly and their friends guilt free. In conjunction with the small appears as an entrée option on the For this reason we see a wonder-plate concept, a seemingly endless menu of successful restaurants; ful opportunity for Australian lambselection of wines and boutique consumption is largely with the and small plate applications whichbeers are now available. Many baby boomer generation; and the meet the demands of younger con-restaurants boast extensive inter- younger generations are interested sumers in relation to flavor, health,national wine lists, sophisticated in trying lamb but see an expensive enjoyment, conveniencepairing and tasting notes and of entrée as a ‘risky’ option. and individuality.
  3. 3. BrAd FArmerie PUbl IC rEST AUr AnT nEw Yor k CITY Chef brad dishes up global fusion cuisine—naturally. The london-trained AmericanSlide into something familiar chef draws culinary inspiration from Australia to turn familiar regional favorites intoChef Brad takes bar food to another level with his Grilled international sensations.Lamb Sliders with Harissa Aioli. By using Australian lambin a familiar format, he invites diners to explore a fresh newtaste without leaving their culinary comfort zone.
  4. 4. VikrAm GArG IndEblEU, wAShIngT on, dC A fresh take From Mumbai to dubai, on a classic chop Chef Vikram has taken flavoraround the world. Since landing Visitors to indebleu don’t need to commit to aat indebleu, he has perfected his full entrée to rediscover classic lamb chops. Chef own unique version of a true Indian classic. Vikram selects consistently fresh Australian lamb for his Tandoori lamb chops, which showcase his harmonious blend of spices.
  5. 5. rAndy ZweiBAn nACIo nAl 27, ChICA goIt takes two to taquito Chef randy’s expertise and passion for modern latin cuisine have turned heads in ChicagoChef Randy’s Lamb Taquitos combine casual with and around the country. The innovative menu at nacional 27international to create a huge hit with the sophis- is gaining him national mediaticated palates at Nacional 27. The mild flavor of attention from The Food network,Australian lamb makes an ideal foundation for Bon Appetit and Gourmet,these tempting Latin favorites. among others.
  6. 6. JoSiAH CiTrin MélISSE rESTAUr AnT, loS AngElESMouthwatering miniatures with a flair for all things French, Chef Josiah coaxes exquisite— a true triple treat flavors out of unlikely pairings. his artistry has earned him tremendous critical and popularChef Josiah makes tough decisions easier by offering his acclaim, including Zagat’s 2008combination Lamb Croustillant, Parmantier and Brochette “Best Restaurant in Los Angeles” and two Michelin Stars.with yogurt Basil Cucumber Sauce and Cilantro mintemulsion. It’s the ultimate adventure sampler, madepossible by the versatility of Australian lamb.
  7. 7. JoSie Le BALCH JoSIE rESTAUr AnT loS AngElEShighly acclaimed and progressive, lA’s Chef Josie slices upimaginative offerings that deliver the healthy, all-natural options healthy finger food demanded by her patrons. comes naturally Finger food may never be the same again, thanks to Josie’s roast Leg of Lamb Sandwiches with manchego and Spicy Cole Slaw. nobody crafts a sandwich quite like Chef Josie, and her diners are discovering that lean, tender Australian lamb fits naturally between sliced bread.
  8. 8. Jimmy BrAdLey ThE rEd CAT, nEw York Chef Jimmy knows what rare fare, works in nYC eateries. The secret to his success? A boldapproach to seasonal fare that any way you slice it brings high cuisine home to neighborhood haunts. nobody can doubt Chef Jimmy’s commitment to bold concepts when he serves dishes like Seared Lamb Carpaccio with egg and Scallions. Australian lamb’s unprecedented record for food safety allows Jimmy to serve his original creations with complete confidence.
  9. 9. JASon wiLSon CrUS h, SEAT TlE The Pacific region’s passion for organic and seasonal fare inspired Chef Jason’s romanticlet diners go mini-dipping— and much acclaimed Crush restaurant. his mastery ofguilt free culinary knowledge earned him recognition as one of Food & Wine’s 10 best new Chefs of 2006.light fare with flair is a big hit at Crush, especially whenChef Jason serves up his morrocan-style Lamb Sausages.This dish mixes Arabic accents with natural Australianlamb, so even your most health-conscious patrons canexplore unique flavors.
  10. 10. miCHeLLe BernSTein MIChYS rESTAUrAnT, MIAMIExquisite flavor down to a T From ballerina to Mandarin oriental head chef—her life story is as rich as herChef Michelle’s Australian Lamb T-Bone with food. Chef Michelle drawseggplant and Harissa Terrine sits somewhere inspiration from sources asbetween exotic appetizer and exquisite entrée. diverse as Asia, France and theThe delicious taste of Australian lamb allows her Caribbean, always maintainingto serve up small dishes big on flavor. a strong latin beat.
  11. 11. Andrew ormSByTUCkEr rESTAUrAnT, dAllAS Ever since this native Australian landed stateside, Chef Andrew has mixedvariety, flavor and a contagious roll a little variety spirit of fun into everything he creates for his clientele. into your menu More than past generations, today’s 20-and 30-some- things embrace dining diversity and eagerly seek out new culinary experiences. To satisfy this adventurous crowd, Chef Andrew uses tender Australian lamb in his casual Coconut Curried Lamb Spring rolls with Lime yoghurt.
  12. 12. AustrAliAn lAmb At Your bAr strict quarantine regulations work to cuts delivering consistently high yield-Australian lamb delivers value to food- keep things that way. ing products ready for immediate useservice operators through consistency, Australian lamb sold in the United in your restaurant — making Australianintegrity and versatility. The Australian States is specially bred, raised and se- lamb a valuable asset to your businesslamb industry’s quality assurance sys- lected for its mild and delicious flavor. and an essential item in your kitchen.tems are among the most stringent in our lambs commonly feed on pasture- For information on how Australianthe world, and all products exported to based diets without hormone-growth lamb can work for your restaurantthe United States meet U.S. standards. promotants, resulting in an all-natural contact your local distributor. or visit our industry is recognized interna- product, free of artificial additives. the trade section of our web site attionally as being free from the major our lambs are processed year round for a copydiseases of cattle and sheep and our and packaged under a wide range of of our Australian lamb product guide.meAT & LiVeSToCk AuSTrALiAnorTH AmeriCAn oFFiCe1401 k Street, nw Suite 602washington dC 20005202.521.2551 main202.521.2699© 2007 Meat & Livestock Australia | Design: Levine & Associates, Inc. | Photography: Renée CometFeatured dishes are the intellectual property of the chefs featured in this publication.