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O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
O L A S  Alumni  Cons &Amp;  By  Laws (Revised Draft)
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O L A S Alumni Cons &Amp; By Laws (Revised Draft)


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  • 1. BY-LAWS OF THE OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS SEMINARY ALUMNI ASOCIATION (OLASAA) PREAMBLE We, the alumni of the Our Lady of the Angels Seminary (OLAS), conscious of thenecessity to cultivate closer relationship among ourselves, to help promote the interests andneeds of our Alma Mater, and to engender responsible alumni involvement and participation inthe said institution’s internal and community affairs, do hereby organize ourselves andpromulgate this By-Laws. ARTICLE I: NAME AND DOMICILE The name of the Association shall be the OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS SEMINARYALUMNI ASSOCIATION (OLASAA), with office address at the Our Lady of the AngelsSeminary, Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City. This will be the principal domicile of theAssociation unless otherwise so ordained by the General Assembly as may be recommended bythe Board of Trustees. ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVESThe Association shall have the following objectives: 1. To bring together and unite in action all former students of Our Lady of the AngelsSeminary (OLAS) for a better understanding and acceptance of the principles, practices andprofessional standards in the field of alumni affairs; 2. To help OLAS in promoting its Vision, Mission and Goals through various programsand projects; 3. To initiate, develop and support programs in line with the alumni affairs including,but not limited to, the holding of legitimate fund raising activities; 4. To coordinate closely with the administration of OLAS to achieve common goals andobjectives; and
  • 2. 5. To disseminate information pertaining to relevant concerns relative to the affairs ofthe Association and/or of OLAS through publication and other means of communication. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIPSection 1. General membership in the Association shall be open to all who have studied in anydepartment of OLAS for, at least, one (1) semester, provided that such persons subscribe to theobjectives of the association and pay the prescribed fees and dues.Section 2. Regular members. There are two types of regular members of the Association: a. Religious or Cleric members. They are those who have studied at OLAS, for atleast one (1) semester, and are now religious (OFM, Claretian, O Carm, SSS, SOLT, etc.) ordiocesan clerics; b. Lay members. They are those who have studied at OLAS for at least one semesterbut have chosen to follow such callings other than the religious or clerical life.Section 3. Honorary members. They are those who have undergone OFM formation outsideof OLAS and are willing to subscribe to the objectives of the association and to pay theprescribed fees and dues.Section 4. Membership Dues. All members of the Association are required to pay membershipdues, the amount and the manner of payment of which shall be fixed, set or determined by theBoard of Trustees. ARTICLE IV: RIGHTS OF MEMBERS All members of the Association, as defined in Article III, shall have the right to sponsormeasures at any meeting of the Association. However, only regular members have the right tovote for, and be voted upon as members of the Board of Trustees, provided that those who haveoutstanding balances in their annual dues, liabilities and other accountabilities to the Association,shall not be allowed to cast their vote and/or be voted upon unless they fully settle such accounts. ARTICLE V: THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESSection 1 : Composition The governing body of the Association shall be its Board of Trustees (BoT) composed often (10) members who shall be elected through secret ballot by the regular members during theGeneral Assembly called for the purpose.
  • 3. Section 2 : Terms of Office, Duties Obligations a. All members of the BoT shall hold office for two (2) years commencing on the datethey take their oath of office and ending when their successors have been duly elected and havetaken oath; b. An elected BoT member may be nominated and be elected for only one (1) moreadditional term as he/she is qualified to serve only for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms.The same qualification, however, shall be restored upon the person after a lapse of two (2)years; c. The BoT shall have the power to fill-up vacancies in its membership due toresignation, suspension or expulsion, physical incapacity or death until the next GeneralAssembly; d. Any member of the BoT, after incurring three (3) consecutive absences in themeetings called by the Board without justifiable cause(s), shall be notified by the Presidentand/or Executive Secretary of the Association and be required to explain in writing the reason(s)for his/her absences; e. Any member of the BoT may be subjected to a confidence vote for non-performanceof duties, functions and responsibilities entrusted to him/her by the Association, and for acts thatare inimical to the objectives of OLASAA; f. If deemed necessary, the BoT may appoint advisers. It shall engage the services of anExternal Auditor to audit the book of accounts of the Association at the end of each fiscal year.Section 3. PowersThe BoT shall manage the affairs of the Association with the following functions: a. Adopt and promulgate policies, rules and regulations; b. Create special committees, bodies and offices; c. Enter into contract, for and in behalf of the Association, through its President and/orany officer or officers it so designates; d. Refer to any appropriate body, for study and recommendation, matters of majorimportance to the Association; and e. Acquire properties that are needed for the Association’s operations and to dispose ofor encumber the same.
  • 4. ARTICLE VI: THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERSSection 1: Composition The Board of Trustees shall elect from among themselves, the Executive Officersconsisting of a President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Public RelationsOfficer (PRO) and Internal Auditor. Section 2: DUTIES, FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERSa. The President 1) He/she shall have general supervision over the affairs of the Association and shallimplement all resolutions and decisions of the BoT as well as sign all contracts duly authorizedby the BoT for and in behalf of the Association; 2) He/she shall preside over all meetings of the BoT as well as of the generalmembership of the Association; 3) He/she shall have the power to call meetings of the BoT and of the generalmembership; 4) He/she shall submit a report of the status of the Association to the BoT and to theGeneral Assembly annually or as may be deemed necessary.b. The Vice-President In the absence of the President, he/she shall assume all the duties, functions,responsibilities and powers of the President.c. The Executive Secretary 1) He/she shall keep the records of all proceedings of the meetings of the BOT as well asof the general membership of the Association; 2) He/she shall notify members of the BOT and/or the general membership of allscheduled meetings of the Association.
  • 5. d. The Treasurer 1) He/she shall be in-charge of all the funds of the Association and shall disburse thesame in accordance with the By-laws of the Association and the generally accepted principles,operations and standards of accounting; 2) He/she shall collect and issue receipts for all duties, contributions and donations forand in behalf of the Association; 3) He/she shall make deposits and shall effect withdrawals of the Association’s financesin a bank designated by the BoT; 4) He/she shall submit a complete statement of accounts and expenses incurred by theAssociation at its annual General Assembly as well as during the meetings of the BoT as may bedeemed necessary.e. Internal Auditor 1) He/she shall examine and audit the book of accounts of the Association; 2) He/she shall certify all financial reports prepared and submitted by the Treasurer.f. Public Relations Officer (PRO) 1. He/she shall be responsible for the good relations between the Association and theOLAS Administration, the community and the various publics with which the Association hasdealings; 2. He/she shall be in charge in promoting the programs, projects, activities anddevelopment of the Association; 3. He/she shall be responsible for the dissemination of information and other relatedmatters pertaining to OLASAA. ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEESSection 1. Standing Committees. The Association shall have the below-mentioned StandingCommittees (SC). a. Membership, Communications and Publications Committee. It shall be composedof five (5) non-members of the BoT, appointed by the BOT, who shall recommend to the BoTnew members, program of dissemination of information and other related activities of the
  • 6. Association. One (1) or two (2) members of the Board may sit as ex-officio members of theCommittee. b. Finance Committee. It shall be composed of five (5) non-members of the BoT,appointed by the BoT, who shall prepare the annual budget of the Association. The Presidentand/or Vice-President and Treasurer of the Association shall sit as ex-officio members of theCommittee. c. Formation, Education and Scholarship Committee. It shall be composed of five(5) non-members of the BoT, appointed by the BOT who shall recommend specific programsand activities that are aimed towards the spiritual, academic or technical formation of themembers of the Association. It shall also recommend scholars to the BoT. It shall submit to theBoT a status report of the scholarship every semester and shall recommend measures andstandards on how the scholarship program may be enhanced. One (1) or two (2) members of theBoard may sit as ex-officio members of the Committee. d. Programs, Projects, Research and Development Committee. It shall be composedof five (5) non-members of the BoT, appointed by the BoT, who shall recommend programs,projects, research and developments that the Association may undertake. It shall alsorecommend fund-raising activities to support specific objectives set by the Association. One (1)or two (2) members of the Board may sit as ex-officio members of the Committee.Section 2. Ad-hoc Committees. Ad-Hoc Committees (AHC) may be created by the BoT fromtime to time as may be deemed necessary for special purposes and functions.Section 3. Committee members shall elect from among themselves a Chair, Vice-Chair andrecording Secretary. ARTICLE VIII: MEETINGS AND QUORUMSection 1. The General Assembly a. A General Assembly shall be held annually at a date, time and place designated by theBoT to transact its business. b. At any General Assembly, the number of members who have registered for it shallconstitute a quorum needed to transact the business of the Association. The same number who,by implication, are deemed present shall then be the basis in determining whether or not arequired majority vote has been attained for the carrying out of any measure during theproceedings.
  • 7. Section 2. The Board of Trustees a. Regular meetings of the BoT shall be held quarterly at a place and on the date andtime it so designates; b. A special meeting of the BoT may be called by the President of the Association at anytime or at the written request of at least three (3) of its members; c. The presence of six (6) members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the BoT. ARTICLE IX: CHAPTERSSection 1. The BoT may authorize, confirm and/or approve the establishment of institutional,local, regional, national and international chapters of the Association, the organic relationship ofwhich with OLASAA shall be in terms of program coordination and other activities in line withthe objectives of the Association.Section 2. The OLASAA shall recognize the existing By-laws of Chapters. However, in case ofconflict between the provisions of the Chapter by-laws and those of the OLASAA by-laws, thelatter shall prevail. ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS AND REPEALS Written proposal(s) to amend or repeal provision(s) of the By-laws of the Associationmay be made or initiated by the BoT or by at least ten (10) members of the Association in goodstanding. Such amendments or repeal shall be valid when ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) votethrough secret ballot of the members present during the regular General Assembly called for thepurpose. ARTICLE XI: EFFECTIVITY CLAUSE The By-laws of the Association shall become effective when ratified by a simple majorityvote through secret ballot of the members present during the regular General Assembly called forthe purpose.Prepared by: Committee on Constitution & By-Laws