BVELECOM Final Election Guidelines 2013


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BVELECOM Final Election Guidelines 2013

  1. 1. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 1 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna ELECTION GUIDELINES A. OBJECTIVES The objective of these guidelines is as follows: 1. To guarantee a transparent, fair, impartial and orderly conduct of election until successful appointment of Association Officers. B. BV ELECOM (BIRMINGHAM VILLAGE ELECTION COMMITTEE) 1. The BV ELECOM shall be the sole authorized body with powers and duties necessary in facilitating the election process of the Association Officers and ensure that these guidelines are upheld. 2. To ensure objectivity of its decision, no members and officers of BV ELECOM shall be allowed to vote, to participate in any campaign and to run in the election. 3. The BV ELECOM shall serve also as Election Inspector (EI). 4. Any decisions or pronouncements of BV ELECOM will remain absolute unless rebuffed by Home and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). C. MEMBER 1. A member shall qualify under the following conditions: a. Should be of legal age; b. Homeowner/lot buyer or co-borrower; c. Renter/lessee, provided that he/she: i. can provide a written contract or agreement of lease for a minimum of one (1) year; or ii. can provide a signed and notarized letter authorizing him/her to represent for an in behalf of the homeowner/lot buyer. 2. He/she shall fill out and submit the Membership Form which shall be used solely for election purpose. Failure of the member to submit Membership Form shall not preclude him/her to any future laws passed by Association Officers.
  2. 2. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 2 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna D. VOTER 1. Voter must be a qualified member and an existing resident of Birmingham Village for at least three (3) months as verified and certified by the BV ELECOM. 2. One (1) vote is entitled to each house or lot unit. 3. If the homeowner owns more than one unit, he/she shall be governed by the following conditions: a. He/she is entitled to only one (1) vote; b. The homeowner may assign authorized representative(s) to vote for the remaining units he/she owns provided that a duly notarized letter authorizing them to represent for the unit(s). One voter must be assigned per unit. c. Authorized representative(s) must be an existing resident/occupant of the particular unit for at least three (3) months. d. Authorized representative(s) must be a qualified member. 4. The BV ELECOM may deny member’s capacity to vote if the documents presented do not suffice the requirements. E. CANDIDATE 1. A candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of Birmingham Village for a minimum of six (6) months. 2. He/she must be a member of good standing. 3. Tenants, lessees, occupants and relatives other than the legal homeowners and co-borrowers are not entitled to run for any position of Homeowners Association. 4. Has no on-going proceedings nor been convicted by final judgment for an offense involving moral turpitude. F. CANDIDACY 1. A qualified member who aspires to run for candidacy shall fill out and submit the Candidacy Form together with the letter of intent stating the reasons and at least two (2) platforms on or before the date set by the BV ELECOM. 2. The BV ELECOM shall pre-screen the candidate according to the aforementioned qualifications. All screened and qualified candidates shall be appropriately notified and certified by the BV ELECOM.
  3. 3. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 3 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna 3. Certified candidates shall be required to observe the campaign guidelines, memoranda and resolutions of the BV ELECOM. 4. The BV ELECOM may directly disqualify the candidate if the latter has been found violating any of the guidelines, resolutions and any other lawful orders during the election period. 5. Petition against any candidate shall be justly and impartially reviewed by the BV ELECOM provided that documents/proof to uphold petition are submitted one (1) week before the actual elections. If documents/proofs are presented/submitted after the aforementioned deadline, the candidacy will be held and deemed valid. 6. In the event that before the election, a candidate has been convicted by a final judgment for an offense and need to serve his/her sentence for one (1) month or more, or has been diagnosed of serious illness which necessitates confinement of one (1) month or more, he/she will be disqualified. 7. The disqualification of the candidate shall be tackled and deliberated by the BV ELECOM and shall be rendered base on the majority of the vote. The decision must be made known to the concerned party. G. CAMPAIGNING 1. Campaign period shall commence on the date to be announced by BV ELECOM and cease one (1) day before the election day. 2. The BV ELECOM, in its resolution shall designate a particular area where the candidates can place their posters. 3. The candidates shall be given full opportunity to introduce themselves to the public/homeowners through a “Miting de Avance”. H. VOTING 1. Locations of election shall be conducted in the area to be determined by the BV ELECOM. 2. Voter’s list shall be posted per precinct. Upon verification, the voter shall proceed directly to the Election Inspector (EI) holding the Voters Master List. 3. The voter must present the Membership Form Stub (MFS) together with any valid IDs. In the event that the member failed to present the MFS due to lose whatsoever, he/she should present two (2) valid IDs. However, the EI has the full absolute authority to deny or disallow a voter if the former cannot verify the latter’s identity.
  4. 4. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 4 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna 4. Once verified, the voter will sign on the Voter’s Master List. EI will issue blank election ballot. 5. The voter cast his/her votes. The voter shall be bound to adhere the directions indicated in the ballot, otherwise, the ballot may be considered void. 6. The voter shall elect a maximum of fifteen (15) Board of Directors among the list of candidates. 7. Only the EI has the authority to address any inquiries raised by the voter. 8. After casting votes, the voter must fold the ballot into crosswise. EI will place security mark on the ballot, handover back to the voter and drop in the ballot box. Security mark design for the election ballot must be agreed upon by the BV ELECOM. Finally, EI will place indelible ink on voter’s right index finger. Voter must also leave the precinct immediately after he/she dropped the ballot. 9. To maintain order and security of the premises, no by-standers, candidates, candidates’ representatives are allowed to intervene the voting process (i.e. making loud noises, taking pictures, etc.) I. COUNTING 1. After the determined voting period, the BV ELECOM shall start immediately the counting process. 2. To protect the sanctity of the votes, no person other than member of the BV ELECOM is permitted to participate or interfere during counting process. 3. The ballot counting shall be done in an open area where the public can freely witness the process. 4. In the counting process: a. One (1) BV ELECOM is in-charge of retrieving the ballots from the box. He/she is allowed to pick one (1) ballot at a time. He/she is in-charge also of checking and verifying the ballot; b. One (1) BV ELECOM is in-charge of tallying votes in the Master Tally Sheet; c. One (1) BV ELECOM is in-charge of pronouncing/reading the votes publicly; d. One (1) BV ELECOM is in-charge of supervising the reading of votes; and e. Three (3) BV ELECOM are in-charge of tallying votes in the Public Tally Sheet.
  5. 5. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 5 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna 5. If upon verification and the ballot found to be departing from the directions enumerated in the ballot itself, BV ELECOM will consider the same as null and void. This will be publicly announced. The ballot will be marked as “VOID”. 6. The BV ELECOM has the sole authority to judge votes. Its judgment and decision are absolute. 7. The BV ELECOM will sum up the votes and check if the two (2) tally sheets match. 8. The BV ELECOM upon its resolution will determine the tie-breaking procedures. 9. Once final, the BV ELECOM Chairman will announce the top fifteen (15) Board of Directors. J. ASSOCIATION OFFICERS An Association Officer is a member of the Board of Directors or Trustees and shall have the power to promulgate laws, regulations, resolutions and ordinances consistent with the national law, Articles of Incorporation and its by- laws for the gain, benefit and development of the association members. They also shall have the power to amend, repeal or otherwise change existing laws and provisions in interest of the same. 1. After the top fifteen (15) Board of Directors is announced, they will convene and elect among themselves the Association Officers as follows: a. One (1) President; b. One (1) Vice-President; c. One (1) Secretary; d. One (1) Treasurer; e. One (1) Auditor; and f. Ten (10) Members 2. If the Board of Directors deemed necessary to create other positions to effectively serve the association’s purpose, they may do so by enacting a resolution subsequently. 3. One (1) BV ELECOM shall initially preside and call the meeting in order. Once the President has been elected, the table will be turned-over to him. 4. The manner of election shall follow the classroom type wherein there will be: a. Verbal nominations; and b. Voting thru hand raising. 5. The candidates with highest vote for a particular position will prevail. 6. Once the convention has been adjourned and seconded, BV ELECOM shall consider the appointments as legal and valid.
  6. 6. Birmingham Village Election Committee Election Guidelines Page 6 of 6 Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao City, Laguna 7. The BV ELECOM Chairman shall announce publicly the elected Association Officers. K. OTHER PROVISIONS: 1. These guidelines must be made known to the public including but not limited to amendments, addendum, resolutions, memorandum, etc. 2. The BV ELECOM shall implement campaign policies and procedures. All memorandum/resolutions shall be publicly posted and disseminated. Inquiries will be entertained only during office hours. 3. After successful conclusion of Association Officers, BV ELECOM shall surrender all necessary documents and records to the newly elected secretary. The BV ELECOM shall then be relieved of any obligations and responsibilities unless properly and legally requested by the Association Officers. ANDRES C. ARAGON Chairman NOMER N. CATILO ANGELO JAMES S. FURTO ANTONIO H. ESPENIDA LOWEL T. MAGASPAR AMADEO B. BAYONITO JR. CECILIA G. PINEDA RINALYNN L. BORITO JAY C. DE JORGE