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Final comeptitve review
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Final comeptitve review


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • Xploring
  • – Past few Years
  • Family talk whilst eatingStoryline: A family are having a funny conversation while eating cookies with Land O Lakes butter spread on them, but it is impossible to understand what they are saying. FV/O promotes cookie recipes can be found at line: Where simple goodness begins
  • Women try to make butter spreadable. Storyline: Women try out various methods to make Land O Lakes butter spreadable (a hairdryer, a rolling pin, a gas cooker etc). FV/O promotes the easy way is to buy their Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil instead. A woman eats a muffin with this butter on it. Then a shot and promotion of butter with olive oil comes on screen. End line: ‘It’s simply perfect’
  • Transcript

    • 1. 12 August 2011
      Competitive ReviewA presentation to Lurpak
    • 2. What you are about to see
      • Global cultural trends overview, media spend summary andcategory communication trends
      • 3. A review of the competitive activity in Lurpak markets: Greece, Denmark, Holland, Israel, China, Russia, Poland, Italy, Australia, UK, Middle East
      • 4. For each market: market analysis and key activity (brand propositions, ads and observations)
    • Global Trends
      Social networks - The average human being will be on social networks by 2015. In emerging markets this is facilitated by increasing coverage and access to devices
      Digital is not a niche - Most people have mobiles, rapidly smart phones – used to access internet, share, decide at POP and transact
      Female emancipation – Could start to change attitudes towards cooking
      Health awareness - Increasing across world with technology
      Convenience culture – Of cooking and shopping. Tesco Home Plus, Korea
      Source: “How to Dominate the World”, Simon Sylvester, Wunderman
    • 5. Global Trends
      Emerging Markets
      Average age is a decade younger than westerners, with greater generation gaps than the West who share a different past to that of Westerners
      Zeitgeists are different in these markets: optimism is tangible
      Trial - younger audiences are keen to try things for first time
      Status - the prime use of wealth is the display of wealth
      Lack of space, no cars and poverty– cheaper, smaller pack sizes sell well - can’t always afford or transport whole packs
      Origins – be aware that some emerging markets view Europe as ‘past it’
      Source: “How to Dominate the World”, Simon Sylvester, Wunderman
    • 6. Global Media Spend
      Advertising spend in developing markets (everything outside of North America, Western Europe and Japan) is growing faster than developed markets
      3 developing markets are in the world’s top ten ad markets in terms of spend: No.3 China, No.6 Brazil and by 2013 Russia will be No. 9
      China and Russia are the largest contributors to new dollars in the market after the US
      Globally internet is the fastest growing media between 2010-2013
      TV is still 49% of new advertising spend – its importance is still significant, particularly in China where 98% of people have a TV and analog usage is growing
      Expect benefits in ad expenditure, and therefore increased competition, in Poland and the UK in 2012 (UK Summer Olympics 2012 and Poland & Ukraine Euro 2012)
      Zenith Optimedia Press Release, 13th July 2011
      “How to Dominate the World”, Simon Sylvester, Wunderman
    • 7. Global butter themes
      Butter Competitive Activity
      Communication trends/themes:
      Health and wellness
      ‘Natural’ and ‘pure’ attributes – sought out by lovers of ‘good food’ and combating negative fat perceptions
      Family emphasis – placing butter in heart of the home
      Butter uses – as a result of growing love of good food and taste
      Promotions – bikes, cars and video cameras
    • 8.
    • 9. Greece – Market Analysis
      Butter was expected to grow 2% in 2010
      Consumers moving from margarine to butter due to health and wellness trend as butter is considered more natural even though is more fattening
      Artisanal, natural and traditional products fared best especially those with olive oil. This is true of other products too – seasonal, fresh and high quality produce is preferred
      Butter usage reflected in ads: not for cooking (olive oil preferred) but for baking (cakes, sweets and biscuits for rich flavour) or roasts (as it offers taste and crispiness). These are seen in the ads
      Family theme runs through – in each, always a shot of being enjoyed by all the family even if main proposition is something else
      Source: Euromonitor, Greece data Oils and Fats – Oct 2010.
      Xploring – Greece summary and LurpakXploring pres
    • 10. Proposition: A family butter
    • 11. Ads - margarine
      Every house is unique’, Nov 2010
      Storyline: Shot of various houses while FV/O promotes the fact that every house has its own tastes, but everyone is using the product when they want to cook.
      Oct 2010
    • 12. Ads – soft margarine
      ‘Help at Kids Growth’ – Sept 2010
      Storyline: Shot of a mother measuring her son. After that her son consumes some of the product and reads that it helps at children's growth. The kid consumes more product and then asks his mother to measure him again
    • 13. Support Comments/Observations
      • Use of the butter is family focussed whether it be pleasing your family in taste or helping them grow
      • 14. Different positionings across the brand; margarine positioned for cooking anything, and soft margarine for child growth and appealing taste
      • 15. Vitam margarine being promoted for use in cooking is effective - the food Xploring 2010 showed that ‘Margarine’ creates semantic confusion, as many people refer to Vitam as “butter” and will use it when recipes ask for “butter”
    • Proposition: Butter as it should be
    • 16. Ads – Horio butter range
      Speaking Cows, Sept 2010
      Storyline: Shot of two cows that seem to speak with each other promoting the product. When the frame opens we realize that the voices are coming from two women who are milking the cows.
    • 17. Support Comments/Observations
      • Demonstrates the natural and fresh quality – a wide perception in Greece of butter
      • 18. Greek values of tradition are reflected in the rural origins (as seen on website) and a family shot at the end of mother and daughter
    • Proposition: The people’s cooking butter
    • 19. Ads
      First ad: The Purest Ingredient For Your Kourampiedes- Dec 2010
      Storyline: Shot of a young lady asking her grandmother how she can cook the traditional Kourampiedes. Her grandmother says to her that she has to use the product for excellent results.
      Last ad: Tastes Better – Dec 2010
      Storyline: Shot of a man who is calling his wife in order to ask her how he could make the food taste better. His wife replies to him by promoting the product.
    • 20. Support Comments/Observations
      • Agno is the accompaniment to great cooking, recommended by all (young and old) and used by all who are cooking (experienced or inexperienced)
      • 21. It builds a sense of trust – being recommended by those closest to you
      • 22. Draws on the deepness of food culture – valuing traditional Greek foods and influence of family recipes
      • 23. Mixture of benefit messages – pure and taste
    • 24. Poland– Market Analysis
      Butter predicted to grow 2%
      Butter use: usually for baking. Also used in sandwiches, eaten in morning and evening as well as cooking.
      Health and wellness trend led to growth in olive oil and functional spreadable oils and fats. Flora Pro-Activ campaigns with heart age calculator online are present
      Rama (margarine) is the leading brand in 2009 emphasising its health for children and all round appeal
      Premium butter competitors Kerrygold, President and MasloFinskie have no activity in last year
      Ads tend to be family orientated
      Euromonitor, Poland data Oils and Fats – Oct 2010
      Lurpak Xploring Pres
      Email exchange Poland network
    • 25. Proposition: A everyday family margarine, delicious and healthy for all
    • 26. Ads
      Feb 2011 ‘Supernanny’
      Storyline: Kids are shown eating Rama. The nanny eats it too and children are surprised. End line: ‘Everyday Rama. Delicious and healthy.’
    • 27. Support Comments/Observations
      • Rama is a family product – it is good for children and tasty for adults
      • 28. Moves away from its child nutrition focus end line in 2010 TV ads, ‘Rama everyday. Grow everyday’
      • 29. Rama is warm and affectionate through showing family moments
      Feb 2010
      Storyline: Two brothers stand against a wall measuring themselves. Their mother promotes the product. End line: ‘Rama everyday, grow everyday’
      Oct 2010 Press,
      Headline: ‘Julian cannot wait until it’s big’, demonstrating Rama’s nutritional value for growing children
    • 30. Proposition: The baking butter for the family
    • 31. Ads
      ‘Summer baking’ – July 2010
      Storyline: Woman is shown baking blueberry cake. She shares it with her family. FV/O promotes.
      July 2010, Headline: Reach for the simple recipe and enjoy
      2011, Headline: Because Barry is your cake!
      2011, Headline: Barry, flour and lemon? Bake cake for Christine?
    • 32. Support Comments/Observations
      • Family:Kasia is positioned around baking (the prime use for butter in Poland) for the family
      • 33. Simplicity in recipes is also mentioned, perhaps promoting ease of use of the butter
      • 34. This reflects Xploring findings that modern food culture is rooted in simplicity
    • Proposition: Premium quality brand of excellent taste and innovation
    • 35. Ads
      ‘Breadtest’ Nov 2010
      Storyline: A young baker is taking a test. Blindfolded he needs to guess types of bread. The bakers give him this margarine to smell and he says it smells like fresh bread. MV/O promotes. Text says ‘New Smakovita de Luxe’.
      Uses chefs to emphasise quality
      2 x15 second versions ran March and May 2011:
      Different end line and pack shot of different product, ‘Try, Smakovita with butter’
      Different end line and visual: Product awarded Product of the Year
    • 36.
    • 37. Denmark– Market Analysis
      Butter was set to grow 2.6% in any otherwise almost flat market
      Health trend – butter seen as more ‘natural’ than cooking fats and spreadables. Margarine is declining
      ArlaKaegarden’s positioned around nature has leading market share
      Developed ‘food lover’ culture
      Butter usage and attitudes:
      - Food lovers see butter as necessary part of a well-stocked kitchen, spreadable butter is for amateurs, ecological butter is much tastier
      - Used for frying, taste to meat or vegetables in oven, baking, gravy, and for putting on bread
      - Butter is a sandwich spread in its own right and you don’t need butter on bread under other spreads or cold cuts or cheese
      Source: Euromonitor, Denmark data from Nov 2010
      Xploring research: Denmark results
    • 38. Proposition: The professional companion to help you succeed in your cooking
    • 39. Ads
      Feb-April 2011 ‘Web page with cooking recipes’
      Storyline: MV/O promotes clips of a meal being prepared by a professional cook. Also promotes a web page where you can get more cooking tips. End line is ‘More praise for the cook’....
      Banner ads: Feb 2011,
      ‘For more praise for your muffins’
    • 40. Website
      Tips about choice and use of good ingredients, products and kitchenware and video recipe guides
      Products promoted
    • 41. Support Comments/Observations
      • The brand is the foodies companion and has their best interests at heart– helping them to get more praise for their cooking
      • 42. Visuals use a professional chef to endorse use of the product with people who are serious about cooking
    • Proposition: Committed to making the world’s hearts healthier
    • 43. Ads
      ‘Omega 3 for your ears’ – April- May 2011
      Storyline: A man is promoting this brand in store when his old friend comes by. The friend has had his ears turned backwards after going to a classical concert. The man in the costume says he needs more omega 3 to fix it and promotes this product. FV/O also promotes over pack shot in the end.
      ‘Two old friends’ – Feb – April 2011
      Storyline: Clips of an old man finding his old friend Jakob dressed in a costume with Becel brand’s logo and colours. He is surrounded by products from this brand. The man in the costume asks the other to stick out his tongue. He does so and the man in the costume says he needs more omega 3. Promoting this product. FV/O also promotes over pack shot in the end.
    • 44. Support Comments/Observations
      • Becel is supporting its Omega3 plus range communicating its health benefits to a 50+ audience
      • 45. Humorous communication moving away from the more depressing aspects of health deterioration
      • 46. The brand appears to have ambassadors – older men themselves promoting the product to their friends, creating a sense of trust
    • 47. Russia– Market Analysis
      2010 oils and fats expected to increase by 2%
      Butter use is relatively small: 80% of Russians consume less than 1kg of butter p.a. (due to confusion between butter and “butter” ie. spread, and a lack of quality credentials has eroded trust). And for many, butter = fat = bad
      BUT the consumption of butter is growing as perceived as a healthier option
      Yellow fats perceived as modified and of poorer quality than butter (margarine, cooking fats and spreadable oils and fats) and are expected to see decline
      Perhaps why most brands position themselves around nature at least in visuals
      Very little activity – only 1 Valio TV in last year
      Russian food lovers:
      - do use butter, but in limited quantities for dishes that require a dairy flavour. They prefer olive oil but NEVER margarine.
      - Local/imported: The butter manufactured by local and well-known Russian manufacturers is in greatest demand amongst consumers (Euromonitor). But food lovers see imports as sign of quality
      Euromonitor, Russia data from Jan 2011 and LurpakXploring Pres
    • 48. Proposition: A pure and natural butter of authentic heritage
    • 49. Ads
      ‘Farmer’ – March 2011
      Storyline: Farmer gets up early and has breakfast using Valio butter. MV/O promotes.
      End Line: Best Finnish
      2009, “Cows share the secret of tender cream only with one another…”
      2009, “From pure milk to pure pleasure”
    • 50. Support Comments/Observations
      • Valio is a Finnish brand, and prides itself on its rural and country heritage
      • 51. In Russia, it uses pure and natural properties, perhaps to emphasise quality by distancing from yellow fats that are perceived as modified/poor quality
      • 52. Versatile uses
    • Other Russian Brands
      The brand is built around Milkmen in rural areas. It promotes the key ingredient – milk
      May 2010
      Story Line: MV/O covers images showing a dairy man grooming his cows to make them happy. Pack shot at the end
    • 53. Other Russian Brands
      Positioned on price. Throughout the recession it encouraged people to keep buying their product .
      Our products are still accessible because our cows know nothing about economy
    • 54. Other Russian Brands
      Creates an image of premium quality by referring to its heritage, a product of Soviet times. It compliments this premium position with a focus on taste and wellbeing.
      “The base of tasty and healthy nutrition”
    • 55.
    • 56. Australia– Market Analysis
      Oils and fats increased by 7% in 2010
      Facilitated by trend of preparing meals at home – financial constraints and ‘good food’ movement
      Food lover culture is developed. Led to ‘premiumisation’ of food category and so renewed interest in provenance and good quality – seen in most ads
      Usage – bread, sandwiches and as cooking ingredient
      Butter was fastest growing category in oils and fats
      Butter usage growing vs. margarine shrinking
      Euromonitor, Australia data from Oct 2010
      Saatchi & Saatchi Australia Lurpak Intro deck
    • 57. Proposition: The butter the professionals use
    • 58. Ads
      George Colombaris – Tips
      May – July 2011
    • 59. Ads
    • 60. Support Comments/Observations
      • The chef’s choice
      • 61. Provenance and quality concerns of developed food culture are met by celebrity chef endorsement and RTB’s such as ‘Aussie’ icon and ‘natural’
      • 62. Content: The ‘foodie’ is engaged with valuable content too - website tips
      • 63. Versatility of use is promoted, possibly to increase usage
    • Proposition: the right choice for your family
    • 64. Ads
      ‘Made from plant seeds’, Oct 2010
      End line: you ought to be congratulated
    • 65. Support Comments/Observations
      • Draws on parental sense of responsibility to provide their children with natural and healthy foods (healthy being lower in fat)
      • 66. Animation and jingle make the tone less serious than the V/O copy is
      • 67. According to the Australia Lurpak intro deck this is supported with non-branded health message communications... paid for by Goodman Fielder (Meadow Lea) in association with the Australian Heart Foundation
      • 68. Provenance is a key message here too through the imagery
    • Proposition: Committed to making the world’s hearts healthier
    • 69. Ads
      ‘Heart Age’, Mar 2010
    • 70. Support Comments/Observations
      • Although not linked to provenance and quality, quality is suggested through quite clinical RTBs
      • 71. Very functional in tone of voice but sets the brand up as a companion to lowering cholesterol
      • 72. Lots of engagement tactics: Heart Age Calculator microsite, free cookbook with purchase and content rich website
    • 73. Israel– Market Analysis
      Oils and fats expected to increase 3% in 2010
      Olive oil benefits from health/wellness trends and culinary excellence
      Butter growing 2% - due to ‘natural’ perception and much healthier than margarine
      Margarine declining - perception it is inherently bad for you despite educational campaign by margarine brand Mazola
      Butter use:
      - mainly to spread on bread on its own. Also used for cooking. Margarine is for baking. - Jewish dietary restrictions forbid eating meat and dairy foods together, so many consumers prefer to use oil-based butter substitutes when cooking
      - Breakfast is main occasion but increasingly eaten at dinner
      Little activity, mainly focussed on health and wellness
      Euromonitor, Israel data from Nov 2010.
      U&A Israel and Guy Gordon email exchange
    • 74. Proposition: The lightest butter
    • 75. Ads
      ‘Guy and Girl Eating’ March 2008
      Storyline: A guy and a girl are eating breakfast. The girl spreads Elle & Vire on her bread and eats some. When the guy blows to cool the tea the girl flies away from the table.
      • It draws on its French heritage (originated from Normandy) with the Eiffel tower in the background
      • 76. It uses humour to express this product quality
    • Proposition: Making food better for you
    • 77. Ads
      Mazola - Upgrading bread:
      Storyline: Shows examples of how foods can be upgraded from 'good' to 'better' with the simple addition of an ingredient - as a piece of bread can be with the addition of Mazola spread (a very popular vegetable oil based spread)
      Mazola - Healthy spread:
      Storyline: Extols the nutritional virtues of Mazola's Omega-3 rich, low cholesterol, vegetable fat-based ingredients
    • 78.
    • 79. Italy– Market Analysis
      All oils and fats categories were predicted to decline due to health trend
      Olive oil least-affected as traditionally the most important oil/fat in Italy and is healthy
      Butter was also one of the least affected
      Butter use:as an ingredient, not to spread over bread as much. Therefore butter is spread in hard blocks. Butter more common in north, olive oil heavily used in south
      Consumers are increasingly more concerned about ingredients quality. For butter this is origin of the milk, appreciating ones produced in Italy.
      No competitive activity took place last year. Not widely advertised (or margarine).
      Main competitors positioned around health (lowering cholesterol) or ‘natural’
      Source: Euromonitor, Italy data from Oct 2010
    • 80. Proposition: A vibrant wellness brand which believes that health is not at the expense of taste
    • 81. Website
      Simplicity and taste
      to your recipes
      Naturally good for
      the heart
      The "light butter"
      approved by chefs
      light and vitality
    • 82. Support Comments/Observations
      • Valle has a community built around recipes, facilitating sharing of information provided by themselves and others in their community and allows people to vote on submitted recipes
      • 83. Recipes are not just for healthy foods
      • 84. The use of bright colours and bold graphics makes the brand appear young and vibrant
    • Proposition: A natural product drawing upon its heritage and origin to promote its quality taste
    • 85. Ads
      Two cows in a field. Jar of Burro al Tartufo. Pack of Kruidenboter. Mountains. Text.23/12/2009
      Pack of Meggle Fiore Bavarese. Grazing cows. Text.27/12/2009 - 01/01/2010
    • 86. Support Comments/Observations
      Meggle offers a variety including herb flavoured, truffle, bread flavoured and individual portions of butter as well as ‘restaurant’ butter emphasising its cooking use
      Emphasis on nature is most likely to be the way they communicate quality (in line with the importance Italians hold on origins of production)
      Appears a high quality, premium brand - the site is quite corporate and recipes are luxurious
    • 87.
    • 88. China – Market Analysis
      Oils and fats were expected grow 8.5%
      Health dominates the mind set. Majority of sales derived from olive, vegetable and seed oils, perceived to be healthier than butter and margarine. Butter is seen as saturated fat, a source of cholesterol leading to health problems
      But butter grew about 8% and there may be a changing mindset towards butter - health benefits are noticed by nutritionists such as Mary Enig who say since butter is nutritious and "is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids“, this can have a positive effect on health and prevent disease
      No activity found in last 5 years apart from a press ad from ‘Land O’Lakes’ in July 2009 with a piece of cake and product on the right
      Butter is used as a spread, condiment and for cooking (baking, sauce making, and pan frying). Vegetable Shortening and Soybean oil and Peanut oil are also used in China
      Euromonitor, China data from Oct 2010
      Network email exchange with Carey Che, China
    • 89. Ads
      Proposition: an American product
      July 2009
      “Land O Lakes Butter” headline
    • 90.
    • 91. Middle East– Market Analysis
      Almost all traditional food is cooked in “margarine” (ghee) – fatty and heavy. Especially used by older women. They only use butter for baking
      Butter is seen as a lighter choice and used in more modern food (more prevalent in UAE and Lebanon – perhaps that is why competitive activity is there and not Saudi)
      Trend towards women embracing modern food trends such as low fat (for image reasons in Lebanon and health in UAE). There is also growing consumer health-consciousness (from alarming obesity level awareness) in Saudi.
      Margarine (in western sense) and butter were expected to grow
      Providing for family, targeted at women – common theme in activity. Smeds is unusual
      Brand message variety: quality and trust, health, natural, traditional and energy/joy
      Euromonitor, Saudi Arabia data from Nov 2010
      LurpakXploring presentation
    • 92. UAE
      Almarai, ‘Rice Plate’
      Aug 2009
      A woman is telling us how we can cook a great meal for the family using Almarai Butter. Told through drawing on the butter and V/O. End line: Quality You Can Trust
      Almarai, ‘Rice plate short’, March 2011
      A woman is telling us how we can cook a great meal for the family using Almarai Butter.
      Endline: Al Marai Butter, the vital ingredient
      ‘Aseel vegetable ghee pack’, March 2011
      Real taste of life with Aseel ghee.
      Endline: Healthy Food for a Healthy Life
    • 93. Lebanon
      BB, Ghee cooking butter
      ‘An old lady at a supermarket’, March 2009
      An old lady is in a supermarket and asks a man to help her get a tub of BB to make Maamoul with.
      End line: Do Maamoul with BB
      Al Wadi Al Akhdar
      ‘Butter In Fridge – Long’, March 2008
      A girl takes the product from fridge, slices it and eats it with bread.
      End line: From the generosity of nature
    • 94. Lebanon
      Smeds ‘Girl waiting for a taxi’, July 2010
      A girl enters a taxi that is too crowded. V/O promotes you can now win Suzuki cars with Smeds weekly when you enter the draw. End line: Energy, Health, Joy
      JOY / YOUNG
      Tatra, ‘Kids On PC’, August 2009
      A kid is working on the PC when his mother approaches to offer a cup of milk and cakes made with Tatra. The kid creates an animated cow appear on the screen thanking the mother and Tatra milk as well.
    • 95.
    • 96. Holland– Market Analysis
      Oils and fats estimated to decline -1% due to health concerns. Olive oil, functional spreadables and lower fat cooking oils are growing
      Blue Band and Becel reflect this with the two highest shares with health positioning and is reflected in advertising
      Butter growth whilst margarine declining. Butter growth due to:
      - ‘honest’ and ‘pure’ trend. Butter is perceived as a traditional and pure product. This is perhaps why Campina butter uses the world ‘real’ in reference to taste
      - trend towards indulgence, despite health concern, it is popularising butter again. The Campina visuals demonstrate this. Perhaps this is linked to growing foodie culture
      - Campina promoting some butter products for consumption in evening meals has also helped growth. It is a relatively new type of consumption. Perhaps that is why see lots of visuals of cooking process
      Source: Euromonitor, Holland data from Oct 2010.
    • 97. Proposition: Committed to making the world’s hearts healthier
    • 98. Ads – margarine
      ‘Staying Healthy: Win A Batavus Bicycle’, May 2011
      Storyline: A woman in a supermarket talks directly to viewers about choosing margarine and she steps forward onto a beach. She goes through different life activities. At the end a MV/O promotes the chance to win a Batavus bicycle.
      End line: Good for heart and blood vessels.
      May 2011
      Press ads, advertorial
    • 99. Ads – pro activ
      ‘Following doctors orders’, March 2011
      Storyline: Members of the public in Europe talk directly to viewers about their doctors telling them they must improve their cholesterol levels. They promote this product helped them do just that. FV/O promotes.
      End Line Helps millions of people to lower cholesterol
    • 100. Support Comments/Observations
      • The brand keeps you healthy both through eating the product as part of a healthy diet but through making it easier for your to keep a healthy lifestyle
      • 101. Both are emotionally engaging through family characters and interaction despite the functional tone of voice
      PRO ACTIV activity
      • HART LEEFTIJD COACH (Heart Coach Age), an online coaching program in partnership with health insurers VGZ.
      • 102. It is an online coaching program where you take a Heart Age Test, answering questions about your diet and lifestyle, and get a 12 week customized Heart Age plan.
      • 103. If you have VGZ insurance you get a discount on the test and discounts and help at the gym
    • Proposition: Blue Band helps with your child’s wellbeing and development
    • 104. Ads – margarine
      ‘Measuring Growth’ Feb-Apr 2011
      Music covers clips of a boy being measured. Child V/O covers clip of the boy reading the packaging, who suddenly eats more of the product when he realises this product helps with growth. FV/O promotes the improved packaging.
      End Line:You grow up best with Blue Band. 
      ‘Feeding professionals: Stir Fry’ Apr-Jul 2011
      FV/O covers close-ups of a woman stir-frying vegetables with this product and eating them with her family. The daughter of the family is dressed in a nurse's uniform. End line: You grow up best with Blue Band
      Another adapt with a chef was made
    • 105. Support Comments/Observations
      • The brand focuses on helping child development
      • 106. The ads demonstrates how the product helps children grow, one demonstrating physical growth and the other, personality growth.
      • 107. It uses an emotion trigger of seeing your child in what they might want to be when they grow up
      • 108. Close ups of fresh food being cooked also reflects ‘honest’ and ‘pure’ trend
    • Proposition: Giving you real, delicious taste
    • 109. Ads – margarine
      ‘Steak for Two’, Mar – Jun 2011
      Storyline: MV/O covers close-ups of a man frying steak and mushrooms in this butter, pouring red wine and serving his partner. End Line The butter that doesn't spit.
      Dropped the V/O endline ‘when you go for real taste’ seen in past ad below
      ‘Steak for Two: For Baking and Roasting’, Oct 2010
      Storyline: MV/O covers close-ups of someone frying a steak and pack shot promoting this product. End line: When you go for real taste, with super ‘doesn’t spit’
      Dec 2010, Steak in pan
      ‘Delicious Butter. Butter Good for baking and roasting. Doesn’t spit!’
    • 110. Ads – margarine
      Vegetable oil spread, Mar-Jun 2011
      Storyline: MV/O covers clips of someone making a snack with this product and pack shot promoting.
      Endline: Really tasty, really spreadable.
      April 2011 – version offering free trial on website
    • 111. Support Comments/Observations
      Butter ads:
      • Delivers great taste with functional benefits – butter which doesn’t spit
      • 112. But the functional benefit of not spitting appears to help produce the great taste – the 2011 ad no longer says ‘real taste’ at the end but the sensuous imagery does
      • 113. Usage: baking and cooking
      • 114. Cooking process of savoury meals is glorified, most likely hoping to promote cooking in evening meals
    • 115. UK– Market Analysis
      Oils and fats expected to grow only 1%, butter slightly slower than market and slower than spreadables
      Due to health trend which has had strong influence on communication - FSA renewed its February 2009 campaign in Spring 2010, aiming to reduce saturated fat consumption in the UK. Therefore we see health as a frequent brand message
      Butter products are used everyday
      Discounted prices make it hard for private label to compete
      Health is dominant theme in ads and each tries to differentiate themselves within this
      Source: Euromonitor, UK data from Oct 2010
    • 116. Proposition: Committed to making the world healthier
    • 117. Ads – margarine
      June 2011
      ‘Win Kinect’, Feb 2011
      March 2011
      Family Talk, Jan- March 2011
    • 118. Support Comments/Observations
      • Caring and family orientated tone of voice with your best interests at heart
      • 119. Use family characters and scenarios to motivate everyday use of Flora
      • 120. Both skus use popularity to promote use
      • 121. Health is the key approach
      • 122. Pro Activ takes a more serious, medical approach, with clinical explanations of how the ingredient of plant sterols are proven to actively lower cholesterol.
      • 123. Margarine has a younger and more fun approach to health. They encourage a healthy lifestyle outside of eating the product with the familiar line ‘Get active with flora’.The brand facilitates a fun way to exercise, offering 750 Kinects for Xbox 360 console (physically active gaming)
    • Proposition: A tasty way to healthy eating
    • 124. Ads – margarine
      Advertorial, Apr 2011
      Buttery Taste spread
      Advertorial, Mar 2011
      Olive spread
      Press ad, Feb 2011
      Advertorial, Feb 2011
    • 125. Support Comments/Observations
      • The products are for use in cooking (not just as spreads)
      • 126. The products bring a great taste to healthy food. The images are not of fattening foods – the unhealthiest it gets is beef wellington
      • 127. Therefore set up as a healthy alternative to cooking fats and butter
      • 128. The target audience is 40+ (the ‘health’ benefit is the omega 3 in their products which helps lowers cholesterol )
    • Proposition: Churned like butter
    • 129. Ads – margarine
      ‘In the Middle’ Feb – Apr 2011
      It's great in the middle, just like Clover. End line: Churned like butter with half the saturated fat
      May – Sept 2010
    • 130. Support Comments/Observations
      • Differentiated way of communicating health positioning, explained through the way the product is produced rather than its clinical ingredients (vs. Benecol and Flora)
      • 131. Uses family comparisons to demonstrate its product attribute, making it emotionally engaging for families
      • 132. It’s message implies it is still butter (and therefore get the benefits of that) but with less fat
      • 133. Directly appealing to consumers aware of saturated fat (promoted by the FSA in the UK)
    • Proposition: An authentically Italian olive spread, passionate about quality
    • 134. Ads – margarine
      Olive Passions, May – June 2010
      A group of Italian olive growers are going to extreme lengths to catch the best olives for use in this product. MV/O then goes on to promote the high standard of this product. End line: Passion Makes Perfect
      ‘Olive Passers – Win Food Hampers’ July 2011
      Storyline: Images of an olive grove where the workers pick the olives in fantastical ways i.e. By suing a pole vault etc. MV/O promotes chance to win a years supply of Mediterranean food hampers worth £700+
    • 135. Support Comments/Observations
      • Promotes its Italian heritage by Italian MV/O, Italian countryside images, Italian looking characters and offering Mediterranean hampers
      • 136. The end line ‘Passion Makes Perfect’ in 2010 represented a strive for quality of taste
      • 137. It was not used in the 2011 hamper ad but the ‘quality’ message was still demonstrated through the ‘Are you an expert olive picker’ line and imagery
      • 138. Health is a secondary message through visuals of energetic older people (and the ad was used by Becel in Greece with that messaging)
    • 139. Proposition: Simple goodness
    • 140. Ads – Butter
      Family Talk Whilst Eating
      March– April 2009
      Endline: ‘Where simple goodness begins.’
      Press Dec 2008
    • 141. Ads – Butter
      Press March 2008
      Press Nov 2007
    • 142. Ads – Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil
      3 Natural Ingredients
      Mar 2010 – Apr 2011
      End line: ‘Where simple goodness begins’
      Women try to make butter spreadable
      June– August 2009
      End line: ‘It’s simply perfect’
    • 143. Ads – Butter with Olive Oil
      Storyline: MV/O states that butter comes from a cow, olive oil comes from olives, and butter with olive oil comes from 'colives'. Image of a colive, which is shaped like an olive but with the black and white pattern on a Friesian cow. MV/O promotes Land O Lakes butter with olive oil. A woman eats a slice of toast with this butter on.
      Endline: ‘The Land O Lakes butter you love with the pure goodness of olive oil’
      Made from Colives
      June – Aug 2009
      End line: ‘The Land O Lakes butter you love with the pure goodness of olive oil’
    • 144. Support Comments/Observations
      • Simple goodness is the over arching idea but it is communicated differently depending on the SKU
      • Strong family values – focus on how recipes and food create bonds between people in a family. They also try to provide simple recipes for the family and demonstrate that the product facilitates family recipes.
      • 145. They emphasise bonds between friends too in a press ad but family is a more dominant theme
      Spreadable butter with canola oil and butter with olive oil:
      • Communications split between focus on its spreadable quality and the ‘goodness’ of the ‘natural’ ingredients
    • Online – Whole Range
      Strong focus on simple, versatile uses of their products and provide recipe advice to make cooking easier
    • 146. Online – Food Service
      • Land O Lakes Food Service with YouTube channels for professional use