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Snickers Spin to Win - An Ad Campaign


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This Powerpoint goes along with my final presentation, it is an Ad Campaign for Snickers.

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Snickers Spin to Win - An Ad Campaign

  1. 1. Presented By Kicak Media HoldingsInc.2013 Advertising Campaign
  2. 2. Summary of Campaign - 2013 Overview and Situational Analysis Current market situation, last quarters sales,competition, and overall standing Objectives and Goals Budget Strategy Execution Methods – Media and Promotion Post Campaign Evaluations
  3. 3. Overview and Analysis Snickers is owned by Mars Inc., and is 82 yearsold. As of 2012, Snickers was the top internationalconfectionery brand. Sales suggest an approximate revenue of $3.57billion for 2012, capturing a 1.8% share of themarket. Closest competition is M&Ms, another Marsbrand, with a $3.32 billion revenue in 2012. Other competitors include Kraft’s “Trident” brand,which ranks at #3 for international confectioneries;Nestle; Ferrero; store brands; and AssociatedBritish Foods.
  4. 4. Current Target Demographic Snickers is not trying to target a certain marketor demographic, it sees no socioeconomic,racial or age restrictive boundary, and can beconsumed by anyone. Snickers is an inexpensive product, whichdoesn’t limit the variety of consumers who canpurchase it. Not only does this product apply toAmericans, but everyone across the globe,because a tasty candy bar can be satisfying toanyone.
  5. 5. Objectives for 2013 Increase Sales and Market Share The goal of this campaign is to increase sales ofSnickers candy bars (all varieties) by at least15%, up from 2012. A minimum .2% increase in Market Share isdesired, up from 1.8%, bringing Snickers todominate the market at 2% globally. Secondary Objective is to increase overallbrand awareness and image to existingconsumers.
  6. 6. Objectives for 2013, cont. Using the Spin to Win Promotion, which willrun in the United States from June 1st 2013 toSeptember 15th 2013, we hope to reinforce apositive, fun brand image and reinvigorateexisting consumers. We are taking an Integrated Media approachand are utilizing multiple types of media for acomplete, multifaceted campaign. By using multiple vehicles, we strive for anincreased reach across the country.
  7. 7. Budget - $178.5 Million Since Snickers is such a large and establishedcompany, we are using the percentage ofsales method to determine budget for thiscampaign. Based on a revenue of $3.57 billion in 2012,we are granted a budget of 5%, or $178.5million. This is expected to have a ROI of 200%,assuming an increase in sales of at least 15%occurs. This budget includes the price of all media, as
  8. 8. Strategy To use various forms of media to generateexcitement about Snickers; To create a “fun” image and encouragemultiple/repeat purchases through the use of a“game” system (using psychological influences); To appeal to a broad demographic for maximumimpact; To use the Prize Wheel as a recurring theme andlogo for the campaign, and to leave a lastingimpression in consumers minds; And to generate an increased interest in thedifferent product variations Snickers offers.
  9. 9. Overview of “Spin to Win” Spin to Win – a sweepstakes held nationallythat revolves around the use of a “PrizeWheel”, for which “spins” can be earnedthrough various means. Will use a fully integrated approach usingmany different media, including but not limitedto: Television Radio Internet Direct Mail Transit/Outdoor In-Store Advertising Magazine/Newspaper
  10. 10. Promotion Slogan – Spin It to Win ItThroughout the entire campaign, inaddition to the Prize Wheel being arecurring theme, the slogan,“Spin it to Win it!”will be heavily used and reinforced.
  11. 11. Prize Wheel
  12. 12. Internet – Banner Ads
  13. 13. Direct Mail - Postcard
  14. 14. Flyer/Magazine
  15. 15. Package Design - Wrapper
  16. 16. Outdoor – Transit (Bus)
  17. 17. Outdoor - Billboard
  18. 18. Additional Media In addition to the above, Television ads would alsobe produced. We decided on a creative that usesa game show style theme, with minor variationsbetween them. They are intended to behumorous, following Snickers’ general attitude andimage. Similar radio ads would be produced and releasedshortly after TV, when consumers will recognizethe setting. Finally, we decided to create stickers to go onvending machines that dispense Snickersproducts, and in-store retail displays withminiature versions of the prize wheel attached.
  19. 19. Social Media While the main website will be hosted on it’sown, we will be designing a Facebook pagespecifically for this promotion, with links to winmore codes and generate involvement andsharing. We will also be creating a dedicated Twitterpage where we will encourage consumers todiscuss their winnings and involvement withthe promotion.
  20. 20. Details of Execution - Codes Codes will be included on every speciallymarked package. Codes can be obtained on the website,, once a day per emailaddress, and can also be requested via mail. Upon obtaining a code, the consumer can“spin” the wheel virtually on the website in anattempt to win a prize or more spins.
  21. 21. Details of Execution - Prizes A set list of prizes will be awarded as follows: 1 Grand Prize of $100,000; 2 Runner Up prizes of a yet-to-be determined vehicle,valued at $35,000 or less; 10 awards of $10,000 each; 100 awards of $1,000 each; 1000 awards of $100 each; Additional small promotional items, candy bars, small cashprizes, and codes redeemable for more spins, not toexceed a total value of $50,000. Combined ARV of all prizes is approximately $520,000. Prizes will be handled through MRI (Marketing ResourcesIncorporated), a company that specializes in prizefulfillment.
  22. 22. Media – Timing and Placement Introduced at the onset of the campaign: Internet, Magazine/Flyers, Television, Bus Wraps/Outdoor,Vending Machine/In Store. Introduced one week into the campaign: Radio - so TV has a chance to reach viewers. Direct Mail – we chose to wait one week on postcards inorder to build anticipation – there will be mentions of thepostcards in one of the TV commercials, suggestingconsumers “look forward” to checking their mail andreceiving a code. Campaign will run from June 1st, 2013 untilSeptember 15th, 2013. We are intentionally ending itbefore October to avoid conflict with the upcomingHalloween promotions.
  23. 23. Additional Components In addition to our IMC approach, we are alsoreleasing a series of coupons directly tied into thepromotion. These coupons, which can be found innewspapers and some magazines, as well as inselect store displays, will be “cents off” coupons,to be worth no more than 50% of the total ARV ofthe product, and will be redeemable at most majorretail establishments. Coupons can also beearned as prizes from the Prize Wheel. These coupons are expected to increase sales, asresearch has shown that many more Americanhouseholds are participating in “couponing”.
  24. 24. Post Campaign Evaluations Throughout the campaign, we will be periodicallyevaluating progress through various means, andkeeping a close eye on income. At the conclusion of the campaign, we will beconducting many rounds of awareness and recalltesting during the months that follow. This research project has a separate budget, that willbe determined based on the results achieved duringthe campaign. Our goal is to get feedback from customers on whatthey enjoyed about the promotion, what theyremembered, and any negative reactions they mayhave had. This will help us going forward with futurepromotions and campaigns.
  25. 25. “Wrapping” Up Snickers is currently the international leader forconfectioneries, but is being closely tailed bycompetitors. Our objective is to use the Spin to Win Promotion togive a boost to sales and market share and furtherincrease Mars’ standing in the global confectionerymarket. As the United States is one of the world’slargest consumers of Snickers, our promotion isfocused in the USA. By using a fully integrated media campaign andadhering to a set budget, it is projected that ROI willbe at least 200%, and sales are projected to grow byat least 15%. In addition to a numerical increase in sales, we alsoexpect to generate a more positive brand image forSnickers, as well as generating more repeat
  26. 26. Thank