Snickers chocolate presentation


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Snickers chocolate presentation. A PowerPoint slideshow about Snickers chocolate.
This presentation focuses on Snickers marketing strategy.

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Snickers chocolate presentation

  1. 1. • Mars, formerly known as` Mar-O-Barcompany, was launched in 1920 in Minnesotaby Frank and his wife Ethel• By the end of the 1920s, the Mars family wasvery successful, and they were on their way tobecoming a world leader in chocolate snackbars• In 1932, Forrest, Frank’s son started MarsLimited in the United Kingdom
  2. 2. • Snickers was the name of Frank’s favoritehorses• Snickers was invented in 1930 and was a bighit– Over 80 years later, it continues to be a big hit• Snickers was formerly called "Marathon" inthe UK– In 1990, the name was changed to “Snickers”worldwide
  3. 3. • Snickers targets both male and female, young andold• Many products were produced over the years• Some of them are not produced anymore, like– Snickers Munch and Snickers Duo• Some only sold in specific countries, like– Snickers The Lot (Crispy pieces in a thick cream,caramel, sprinkled with a large amount of nuts,covered in chocolate) it is only available in Australiaand New Zealand
  4. 4. • Having an average price per unit: $1.04• Around $424 million in sales per year• Snickers is the most popular chocolate in U.S.and worldwide• More than 15 million Snickers are producedeach day• Snickers also dominates the snack sizecategory– It sells more than 48 million units in 52 weeks
  5. 5. • Snickers has a significant internationalpresence in more than 73 countries• Supporting the development of diversesuppliers by partnering with advocacy groups• These organizations provide diverse– businesses with access to capital, markets,training and mentoring opportunities• At a market level, Snickers support regionalorganizations
  6. 6. • Working with diverse suppliers at both tier-1and tier-2 levels– Tier-1 suppliers are those which sell to Marsdirectly– Tier-2 suppliers are companies that sell toSnickers main suppliers
  7. 7. • Snickers is a convenience product– It is sold in all the supermarkets and grocerystores
  8. 8. • In recent years the brand has been backed bymajor media investments• They use the hunger basic need as theleverage point– Youre Not You When Youre Hungry is their valueproposition
  9. 9. • Snickers wanted the message to appeal tomany audiences in different countries– The objective of this campaign was to giveSnickers a truly global brand idea• Snickers knew they had to promote theirbrand as the most salient, successful brand inthe market
  10. 10. • The overall goal was to grow value sales everyyear and to increase the reach of theirmessage• Snickers had an unwritten objective for theUnited States– Through research Snickers found a consistenttheme regarding the male psyche– When guys get hungry, theyre simply notthemselves
  11. 11. • Snickers showed the brand attributes asfulfilling, nutritional, and a convenient snack• These attributes lead the consumer to theirdesired state• Personal values include comfortable andpleasure
  12. 12. • Snickers main appeal in this campaign washumor– Humor causes the audience to watch, laugh, andmost importantly remember the ad• Created brand recall which lead to brandawareness
  13. 13. • Snickers used older iconic celebrities for theirads• All had very similar characteristics includinglikeability• Celebrities were in place to show the audiencethat youre not yourself when youre hungry
  14. 14. • Snickers chose to deliver their campaignthrough a variety of media channels• The marketing analysis allowed them tobecome a strong local brand• They scheduled their campaign to debutduring the first commercial break in the 2010Super Bowl– It costs between $2 and $5 million
  15. 15. • The debut ad starring Betty White ratednumber one on the USA Admeter• The campaign increased their volume sales by8%, while single Snickers volume increased by13.4%• Snickers won the 2011 Effie Global GoldAward• They used a simple idea that united 43markets across 5 regions
  16. 16. • Having an average price per unit: $1.09– Around $417 million in sales per year– Around 384 unit sales. M&M’s are the second-mostpopular chocolate candy in U.S.• M&M’s are the second-most popular chocolatecandy in U.S.• The candy has achieved many milestones,including being the first candy to be sent intoouter space– M&M is also produced by Mars
  17. 17. • Having an average price per unit: $1.21– Around $420 million in sales per year– Around 347 unit sales• Reese’s is now the third most-popularchocolate
  18. 18. • Having an average price per unit: $1.05– Around $261 million in sales per year– Around 249 unit sales• Hershey’s is the fourth most popularchocolate candy
  19. 19. • Having an average price per unit: $1.09• Around $210 million in sales per year– Around 192 unit sales• Kit Kat is the fifth most popular chocolatecandy
  20. 20. • Mars Inc., the manufacturer of Snickers and manyother convenience store treats, has decided to phaseout chocolate products that exceed 250 calories perportion– Mars is implementing the 250-calorie threshold as part ofan agreement with Partnership for a Healthier America (anon-profit organization that aims to “broker meaningfulcommitments” from commercial food manufacturers likeMars to “end childhood obesity)– The new Snickers calorie cap is also notable for the way inwhich it illuminates the way anti-obesity advocates tend toview the world
  21. 21. • A “fun-size” Snickers bar contains 80 calories. ASnickers Mini contains 42.5 calories• In the case of Mars’ candy bar purges and caloriecaps– “making the healthy choice the easy choice” isachieved not by expanding choices but rather bynarrowing them• This tactic may improve corporate profits andhelp the most avid Snickers eaters shed a fewpounds
  22. 22. • Mars is also announcing that it will beimplementing a set of actions in the short,medium, and long-term that will help MarsChocolate and the cocoa industry evaluateand strengthen their current programs toensure that women are able to fullycontribute to and benefit from developmentprograms in cocoa
  23. 23. • Mars recognizes that the most effective wayto address socioeconomic challenges in cocoacommunities around the world is to workcomprehensively and holistically