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  • Please do not make Skippy into a snack thing. It is good nutrition. My favorite sandwich is Skippy with chopped celery on top fpr crunch----and I am eighty years old. Think how much peanut butter a loyal customer buys in a lifetime!
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  • Please do not make Skippy into a snack thing. It is good nutrition. My favorite sandwich is Skippy with chopped celery on top fpr crunch----and I am eighty years old. Think how much peanut butter a loyal customer buys in a lifetime!
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Skippy Campaign Book

  1. 1. AM innovation. success. longevity.
  2. 2. Skippy Peanut Butter is one of America's favorite Our Campaign Goals are: brands of peanut butter averaging 90 million jars 1) Reposition Skippy as a fun children's snack sold annually. Although Skippy Peanut Butter food sales have been consistent over past years, Skippy 2) Build awareness, create interest and encourage is not the leading competitor in peanut butter. It adoption using a circus themed campaign is time to refresh Skippy Peanut Butter's 3) Introduce our new jar shape to alleviate faults advertisement campaign and surpass our with the current jar competitors in peanut butter sales across America. The solution we're providing in children is that they're influencers, the ultimate users of this 5-11 year olds are key to revitalizing the Skippy product and the next generation in consumers. Peanut Butter ad campaign. Restrictions for They will value the deliciousness of a Skippy and advertising to this age demographic have created Jelly sandwich. We ensure taking this route will problems in the past, but these restrictions made allow for flexibility and longevity. Through our for more creative ways of reaching our proposed new circus themed campaign we will turn Skippy target audience. Skippy’s future success hinges on into a product that gets children involved and children and are not only the key to increasing makes their snack food experience enjoyable! sales now, but in the future as they grow up and pass Skippy along to their children. Multi-media is key to reaching our target audience. Our media plan utilizes multiple ways to both actively and passively involve children. Through our Phase I Introduction and our Phase II Reinforcement, our Skippy Peanut Butter Campaign appeals to children on many different media levels including broadcast, print, outdoor, non- traditional, internet and buzz.
  3. 3. Background Information Industry Trends 2 Competitors 3 Brand Overview 4 SWOT 5 Positioning and Targeting Target Market 6 Target Market Profile 7 Positioning Strategy 8 Creative and Media Strategy Creative Strategy 9 Media Plan 10 Creative Executions 11 Conclusion 22 AxioMedia 23 1
  4. 4. Peanut Butter is one of eight segments of the Snack Food industry that accounts for over $25 billion in revenues1. The Snack Food Industry, which in its maturity stage has grown at a modest pace of 1.8% and has remained successful with continued product innovation2. This slow growth has several contributing factors: “Health Conscious” Consumers The current snack food market is comprised of an assortment of chips, nuts, and peanut butter. All of these products are high in calories, fat content, and sodium which consumers today realize can have negative effects on your body and overall health. Although, consumers are moving away from this market, people are continuing to purchase products in this category. Fast Paced Lifestyles People today are as busy as ever before with work, school, family and friends. The advanced technology has aided to this phenomenon with the abilities to communicate with people, make purchases, and entertain us with the idea that faster is better. This fast-pace lifestyle has had an effect on our eating habits. We don’t have time to sit down and have a huge breakfast as a family or all have dinner around the table. People want food options that are quick, easy and have the option to be on-the-go. This gives the current peanut butter manufacturers to innovate new, alternative packaging to these individuals on the go. Separate but Equal Peanut butter is a commodity that most consumers don’t think twice about. Because of this, there are always price wars occurring between the major players. The cost is nearly the same among all brands and therefore, there is no way to raise the price to bring in new revenue. The only option to increase revenue is through market share. 1. “Snack Food Production”. Date retrieved: March 29, 2010. <> 2. “Snack Food Production”. Date retrieved: March 29, 2010. <> 2
  5. 5. Direct Competitors All peanut butter on the market must be made with 90% peanuts which means that there is little room for differentiation among formulas. There are slight differences between the brands and the types they offer, however each peanut butter is slightly similar in the position they are taking. We have come to the conclusion that all, including Skippy, are targeting adults. Jif Jif is owned by J.M Smucker Company and focuses their campaigns around Mom’s, using the tagline “Choosy Mom’s Choose Jif.” Their website plays along with this elaborate strategy, featuring recipes for Generic Brands mothers, and contests to stoke the competitive fires of every mom Generic Brands focus who is assigned kitchen duty. Jif’s catchy slogan and advertisements on price and has shown entice that Mother’s choose Jif because it the healthiest and best to be a profitable option for their child3. strategy. Peanut butter, to the non- Peter Pan brand loyalist, is just peanut butter with no Peter Pan is owned by Conagra and is a nostalgic brand that appeals added value. The to the kid in you who doesn’t want to grow up while simultaneously generic brands are able appealing to your wallet. After a salmonella scare in 1996 Peter Pan to tap into this price was pulled off the shelves. Ever since they’ve been struggling to sensitive market. recreate their brand as one that the “whole family” can enjoy. Their most recent tagline is “Spreading Childhood Memories” which reinforces the nostalgia of the brand4. 3. “History of Jif”. Date retrieved: March 23, 2010> 3 4. “Peter Pan”. Date retrieved: March 23, 2010 <>
  6. 6. Skippy is currently targeting families. There is a huge lack of Target Audience: direction in terms of their target market based on demographic and psychographic segmentation. Their advertising and new product innovations makes them differentiation but they still Families don’t have a position that appeals directly towards a single target audience. Skippy has made several attempts to spark interest and gain market share in the past few years. Hopping aboard the health trend, in 2005 the brand introduced several “better for you” products with Skippy Trail Mix bars, Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Spread and Skippy Squeeze Stix5. In order to build product interest, Skippy promoted a competition to find “America’s Nuttiest Family.” The online contest offered $20,000 in prizes, playroom equipment, digital video recorders, a karaoke machine and a year-long supply of Skippy. This was a tactic to reach families in general, but again there was no specific segmentation. The current product includes traditional packaging, with an overall theme of the Tagline: color blue. The label contains nutrition facts and can sometimes include a coupon or Fuel the Fun promotion for the product. 5. “Peanut Butter Brands Go Nuts”. Date retrieved: March 10, 2010. <> 4
  7. 7. Threats Opportunity •Health Conscious Consumers •Innovative Jar Develop New Package Styles Utilize •On-The-Go Individuals and Families •marketing tactics to improve reach and effectiveness of •Other Competitors Competing advertising to Gain Market Share Strengths Weakness •High Brand Awareness •Slogan •Some Brand Loyalists •Lack of Marketing/Advertising •Effective Website •No Specific Target Market (recipes, history, info about •Ineffective Reach of Target product) Market •Established Company and Place •Lack of Real Positioning in the Market Place •Accessible in Any Grocery Store 5
  8. 8. We are going to be targeting Children ages 5-11 Targeting peanut butter to children will develop life long Skippy users and brand loyalty as they grow-up. Although children do not have any buying power at this age, children do have a large influence over what their parents are buying at the grocery store. If we can get children to grow up on Skippy and become lifelong users, we will have every age group purchasing Skippy. Longevity is Key The brand will grow from generation to generation 6
  9. 9. The ideal consumer based on our target would be: Ages 5-11 Children are best defined as Boy or Girl imaginative, youthful, excited, inquisitive, Middle Class Family and are constantly asking questions. They love to know what is going on and love to Interests: sports, video games, coloring, school be involved, especially when it comes to having fun. Values: Acceptance, achievement, affection, c onfidence, creativity, curiosity, enthus iasm, family, happiness and 7 playfulness.
  10. 10. Skippy's current campaign "Fuel the Fun" is centered around family values, nutrition, interaction and the development of new products. The problem here lies in the fact that adults are set in their ways, motivated by price, have restricted usage and view all peanut butter the same way. Our new positioning aims at children ages 5 to 11 years old. The solution we're providing in children is that they're influencers, the ultimate users of this product and the next generation in consumers. They will value the deliciousness of a Skippy & Jelly sandwich. We ensure taking this route will allow for flexibility and longevity. There's flexibility in this campaign by being able to move past the campaign itself by creating TV shows, and stuffed animals that represent Skippy. Longevity starts where life begins, with childhood, and creates life long users. Our positioning statement entails the following: "Skippy is the best peanut butter because it's fun to eat and I love the taste! It provides a ton a peanutiness in every jar!" Our kid friendly tag line will be"Yippy for Skippy!" which is how our consumers will respond after taking a bite of our delicious Skippy Peanut butter. 8
  11. 11. Characters: With the circus theme exemplifying the brand, we'll have six specific characters with the ability to branch out and encompass the brand as their own entity. The characters are Chunky the Elephant, Creamy the Lion, Nutty the Clown, Pea and Nut the Monkeys and Honey the Bear. New Jar: Our new jar concept deals with the issue in most peanut butter jars which is the ability to get the peanut butter out of the bottom without getting peanut butter all over your hands. To solve this problem we are implementing a shorter, wider jar to ensure ease of access. Additionally, the new label on the jar will be fun and intriguing and interactive. The label will be a peel off coloring sheet. Later in the year, as we get to the co-op the back label will become contest information. 9
  12. 12. This media plan is based on the frequency of exposure and reach of children that each medium can deliver. Phase I attempts to build awareness of the new positioning for Skippy using television, outdoor structures, internet, and other non-traditional means to communicate to our target audience. Phase II reinforces and enhances the awareness and interest that children will have for Skippy. All of the aforementioned mediums will be continued along with introducing magazine ads, a partnership with the Ringling Brothers, video games, and an art curriculum. All of the months that these mediums have been assigned to run are based on how children are exposed to the mediums. For example, the art curriculum runs during the school year, the outdoor ads during the warmer months, and the grocery store during the time where kids are not in school. When kids are not in school, they typically go shopping with their parents and therefore would be exposed to the advertisements. 10
  13. 13. Broadcast- Television Commercial Media Vehicles Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Warner Bros and Cartoon Network Timing Phase I- Begins in August and runs on a continuous schedule throughout the campaign. This ad will air Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 9:00 am and 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am - 2:00 pm. Rationale As children spend a good majority of their time in front of the television, entertaining commercials are an effective way to reach our target audience. The commercial takes an emotional appeal enhancing the imagination in children. Go to to view 11 this animated storyboard.
  14. 14. Print- Magazine Ads Scratch N Sniff Ad Media Vehicles Sport Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids and Nickelodeon. Timing Phase II- November - January and May-July. Rationale This scratch n sniff ad will be an effective way to reach children by breaking the clutter of normal ads and exposing them to the smell of Skippy Peanut Butter. 12
  15. 15. Print – Magazine Ads Coloring Page Ad Media Vehicles Family Circle, Sunset , Good House keeping and Parenting. Timing Phase I- August -October and February - April Rationale This ad will run in parenting magazines in order to increase awareness to the parent about the product. The ad will be made out of cardstock so it is easy to tear out and makes for a solid coloring surface for the child. These types of adult magazines are always sitting around the house and in doctors offices. Not only are parents reading them, but children are looking through the ads and pictures as well. 13
  16. 16. Outdoor – Life Size Circus Characters Media Vehicles In and around parks, schools and playgrounds Timeline Phase I- June - September Rationale The outdoor aspect of the campaign aims to target kid's when they are not at home, but out playing. This is a very cost-effective and effective way to reach our demographic. The characters are a primary aspect of our new circus themed campaign. They'll generate buzz and excitement in the new launch of the campaign. Additionally, they'll see our new fun "Yippy for Skippy!" tagline and label. 14
  17. 17. Non-Traditional-Grocery Store Interaction Media Vehicles Local Grocery Stores Timing Phase I- June – August. Phase II- December - February Rationale This is not implemented very often but has been Located on children’s grocery proven to be effective. This carts will be a sign that reads is an interactive activity for children to participate in by “Can you find our trial of peanuts?!” helping Pea and Chunky find his peanuts! The trial Throughout the store there will will lead the child to the be a trail of peanuts leading to the peanut butter aisle. Children shelves of Skippy Peanut will be enticed to follow the trail Butter. and bring their parent straight to Skippy. 15
  18. 18. Co-op Advertising – Ringling Brothers Circus Media Vehicles Skippy Jar, Online banner ads, and Timing Phase II- October - June Rationale The Ringling Brothers Circus is well known and travels across the country every year from December to August. Because of our new Skippy Circus campaign it only made sense to partner with “the greatest show on earth!” Fifty lucky winners from October until June will receive a pair of tickets to the upcoming Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus appearing in their corresponding towns as winners are announced. On the back of each Skippy jar during this time period will be a promotional label to encourage users to visit the Skippy website and enter to win tickets. Along with the contest, Skippy will be provided with a designated area at each circus showing to promote the product. The Skippy Circus characters will also make an appearance to interact with children. 16
  19. 19. General Internet Advertising Banner Ad Media Vehicles,,,,, addi, and, Timeline General: Phase I- July – September. Phase II- January – March, July - September Co-op: Phase II- October – December, April- June Rationale The general banner ad starts out in the awareness phase of the campaign getting out the new look, message and characters. The co-op banner ad focuses and draws in the target audience with a contest. The banner ads have the potential to flash, however can stand alone. Although networking sites are very popular and successful forms of advertising, these are the effective and entertaining equivalents for children on the internet. Co-op Banner Ad 17
  20. 20. Buzz Advertising- NeoPets Media Vehicles Partnering with Timing Begins in July and runs on a continuous schedule throughout the campaign. Neopets will start during summer when children are out of school and have the time to play the game. It will be an ongoing strategy because of it's simplicity and easiness to be maintained. Rational NeoPets, with almost 180 million users, is an extremely popular kid's social networking site with a fun twist where kids interact Children will have the option to feed their pets Skippy pizzas, have them sleep in Skippy beds, and even have their through their personalized pets. In neopet be an actual Skippy circus character! this website we find that there are options for product placement in the current peanut butter The Facts: items, now Skippy peanut butter Total Owners: 179,355,296 items. There is the ability for Total Neopets: 263,508,926 children to create their own Skippy Neopets per Owner: 1.469 circus characters and play Skippy Pagev iews: 887,042,100,000 games. 18
  21. 21. Buzz Advertising- Art Curriculum Media Vehicles Participating elementary and Skippy will sponsor a year-long art curriculum in elementary schools middle schools across the US. Teachers K-6 will implement a 40 minute art lesson per week on different projects that Skippy will provide for each grade level. Timing Phase II- October - May These lessons will be fun, engaging and educational, allowing students to Rationale An Art Curriculum is a great way to develop their drawing skills and expand core-learning skills that prepare actively engage children with the brand. It will them for future artistic and academic success. successfully communicate our new position that Skippy is fun. It will also provide schools the Students will be given monthly projects, of which would incorporate Skippy funding to continue art classes. Peanut Butter in some way. A few examples are as follows: Lesson 1: POP ART Different techniques of Andy Warhol and other pop artists • Create an art piece that reflects the unique pop art style, while adding your own personal touch • Incorporate Skippy into artwork Lesson 2: MUSIC • History lesson on music • Write jingle for new Skippy commercial • *Adapt requirements to fit lower grade level Lesson 3: PAINT • Lesson on primary colors and blending • Create your own Skippy circus using different painting techniques Depending on the student’s grade level, certain criteria for each project must be met in order to qualify for the end of the year Art Contest. Students will choose one project they created throughout the year to submit to the Skippy Art Board. Winners will be featured on the Skippy website and will also win a trip to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. 19
  22. 22. Buzz Advertising- Video Game Concept: Strategy Game Media Vehicles,, Storyline: The fun character, Nutty the Clown, is on , a daring rescue to try and locate the other members Timing Phase I; Aug.-Nov. & June-Sept. of the Skippy Circus, from the evil anti-peanut lover Rationale This a fun interactive way to get Mr. Burns. There is no second player available for children involved with the product. They’ll be this visiting these game sites daily therefore it is a high game. reach and frequency. Specifics: The player taking on the role of the main protagonist of the series is Nutty. The objective is to more and more immune from dying, or having to race through Mr. Burns' circus avoiding his start from the beginning of the level. antagonistic measures of trying to stop Nutty in his Moreover, when Nutty collects 25 peanuts tracks. Mr. Burns will set up quick sand pits, rings of throughout the circus he is able unlock the secret fire, and foods that make you sick to collectively Skippy peanut butter gun. This gun can be used to prevent Nutty from rescuing the members of the stop the evil Mr. Burns in his tracks. Skippy circus. If Nutty falls for any of Mr. Burns' traps, then he shall have to start from the beginning The game consists of eight levels with four sub- again. levels in each world. In addition, there are bonuses and secret areas in the game. Most secret areas Along the way there will be hidden peanuts that contain more peanuts for Skippy to collect, but Nutty can find. Upon acquiring any additional others may contain "secret closets" which allow peanuts from the three peanuts that Nutty has to Skippy to advance to later levels in the begin with, they give him an extra peanut of game, skipping over earlier ones. immunity. What this means is that he becomes 20
  23. 23. Buzz Advertising- Magnets Media Vehicles Magazines and local grocery stores. Timing Phase II- Begins in November and runs on a continuous schedule throughout the campaign. Rationale Magnets are a great way to reinforce our product in the home. It will a constant reminder of the product, consumers will subconsciously always be looking at the Skippy logo and characters when they are near or around their refrigerator. These magnets will come in a full sheet and will be bundled with select magazines and will be give out at grocery stores. The letters S-K-I-P-P-Y contain the circus characters. 21
  24. 24.  The ultimate success of our campaign lies within its flexibility and longevity. We hope to extend the creation of our characters through other pathways, such as television shows, making them more than just a face for Skippy, but a lifelong friend to our consumers. All of our advertisements come together to generate a cohesive campaign, leaving children engaged and begging their parents to buy Skippy Peanut butter until they are able to buy it for themselves. 22
  25. 25. AM innovation. success. longevity AxioMedia is a unique company comprised of marketing strategists and advertising creatives. The combined efforts our company provides results in the fusion of message and image in an innovative and effective campaign. We emphasize the importance of brand equity and ensuring longevity through evolving trend for our client’s success. Our unique composition of creative and business like minds allows us to provide you with the best possible outcome. We have become the established rule of advertising agencies. We lead by truth and example in our campaigns. We become the voice between your company and the world. We use media specifically to reach your target audience and ensure the success of your brand. 23
  26. 26. Jenna Millan Cassie Muntz Sebastian Valmont Ana Domingo Naz Isik Megan Washburn Carina Polini Lauren Muegge 24
  27. 27. Thank YOU from AxioMedia AM innovation. success. longevity. 24