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Mozilla, the web and you!


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Mozilla, the web and you!
  • 2. The web is amazing!
  • 3. The web gives us avoice Evolution of communication World-wide reach Publication as easy as consumption
  • 4. The web is foreverybody Simple release process Simple technologies Not exclusive to experts
  • 5. Mozilla is herefor the web
  • 6. Opening the web for everybody
  • 7. Starting with HTML the fun way
  • 8. Making video talk to the web
  • 9. Simple technologies HTML structures content CSS defines look and feel JavaScript adds interactivityPhoto by Howard Dickins
  • 10. Being there for developers
  • 11. We need you! (part 1)
  • 12. Can has translate?
  • 13. History: the desktop wars
  • 14. Shift happensPhoto by Jason Weaver
  • 15. F*#k yeah HTML5!
  • 16. Erm, yeah, we mean apps!Photo by Michael Gil
  • 17. Lock-out us er dr oid S/ An iO them o rd ’t affCan
  • 18. Thats wrong!Desktop ✔Mobile ?
  • 19. Hardware access
  • 20. Call State dialing, busy, incoming, ringing Control call, answer, hangup web telephony API status : most work donePhoto by Rev Dan Catt
  • 21. Interact find, filter, view messages Control send, delete, find web sms API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by fazen
  • 22. boot2gecko Battery Status charging, battery level, battery life remaining, change events Network Info estimated bandwidth ex. 3G, metered Power Mgmt screen on/off, brightness, lock state camera APIPhoto by Photo by wolfgangfoto wolfgangfoto status : in progress
  • 23. ContactsManager find, clear, save, remove ContactFindOptions find, filter, sort contacts web contacts API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by TOKY Branding and Design
  • 24. Detect screen orientation, primary orientation. Control screen orientation lock. screen orientation status : donePhoto by Viking KARWUR
  • 25. Capabilities picture size, video size, zoom supported, effects, flash modes... Control take picture, start and stop video recording, auto focus, set quality, thumb size camera API status : in progressPhoto by wolfgangfoto
  • 26. WebRTC
  • 27. A truly open mobile OS ...powered by HTML5
  • 28. Firefox OS architecture GONK The low level OS GECKO The application runtime for B2G of B2G GAIA The user interface of B2G Photo by Alesa Dam
  • 29. HTML5 all around
  • 30. Endless opportunitiesPhoto by Benjamin Esham:
  • 31. What about apps? { "version": "1.0", "name": "MozillaBall", "description": "Exciting Open Web development action!", "icons": { "16": "/img/icon-16.png", "48": "/img/icon-48.png", + "128": "/img/icon-128.png" }, "developer": { "name": "Mozilla Labs", "url": "" }, "installs_allowed_from": [ "" ], "default_locale": "en" }
  • 32. We need you! (part 2)
  • 33. How to get started?
  • 34. Firefox OS now?
  • 35. What about hardware?
  • 36. Talk to us, and talk about us!Follow @Boot2Gecko and @mozhacks on TwitterJoin platform mailing list: in on IRC: channel #B2GB2G Repo: Architecture: Repo: Docs: API Docs:
  • 37. Making you the star “To equip Evangelism Reps with the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations (small or large) world-wide and spread Mozillas mission.”
  • 38. Thanks!