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Taking the "vile" out of privilege


Published on 2018 keynote.

Published in: Internet
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Taking the "vile" out of privilege

  1. 1. Taking the vile out of privilege Chris Heilmann (@codepo8) 2018 (Not the SmashingConf talk – less technical)
  2. 2. “Chris, can you do the keynote at reasons? Something about social media or something…”
  3. 3. Been there, done that! (they had no T-Shirts)
  4. 4. Not linking that shit…
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Not much changed since I worried about social media being not a social thing. A lot has been said on that topic. It didn’t make much of a difference, though.
  7. 7. What is social media about? Who is running the show?
  8. 8. Basically… EVERYTHING IS FUCKED
  9. 9. Twitter
  10. 10. Instagram
  11. 11. Facebook
  12. 12. Homework: You can run, but you will be tracked…
  13. 13. Homework: Excellent analysis
  14. 14. Homework: In case you still sleep soundly...
  15. 15. 2018/speakers/mike-monteiro Viewing tip: Ranty old man skewers social media companies
  16. 16. I like people, so let’s focus on better things.
  17. 17. First of all, let’s chill: You can’t make everybody happy. You are not pizza.
  18. 18. @TheTigerLillies
  19. 19. @TheTigerLillies
  20. 20. @TheTigerLillies
  21. 21. Privilege
  22. 22. Privilege
  23. 23. Dina Amin Beyond Tellerand Munich 2018 Feeling privileged is incredibly empowering.
  24. 24. Privilege
  25. 25. Prilovege
  26. 26. Prilovege
  27. 27. Internet Access Love of learning Ability to communicate A supportive community
  28. 28. Internet Access Love of learning Ability to communicate A supportive community Let’s use our privilege: ▪ How can we help with these things? ▪ What can make us happier about them? ▪ What to avoid when we deal with these things?
  29. 29. Internet Access
  30. 30. Internet access is a flaky and very complex topic.
  31. 31. Does your product really have to be an app?
  32. 32. Can we stop clogging our interfaces and the web with crap?
  33. 33. The bullshit web is a thing… ☺
  34. 34. Reader modes (!)
  35. 35. Love of learning
  36. 36. The internet can be an amazing learning resource Khan Academy Pluralsight Skillshare YouTube TED(x) Coursera Udemy Open Culture Online Courses Open University Courses Commercial Courses (Microsoft / Adobe / Google) …
  37. 37. The problem is a lack of patience…
  38. 38. Excellent formats to whet your appetite for more…
  39. 39. Excellent formats to whet your appetite for more…
  40. 40. The hype train doesn’t stop. 🚄AI🚃Blockchain 🚃 CRISPR 🚃 Quantum Computing…
  41. 41. The fun of learning online is the “hacking” part..
  42. 42. Sooner or later, however, it is time to dig deeper. Let’s guide people instead of shutting them up with a quick answer…
  43. 43. Ability to communicate
  44. 44. Asking for help often raises more questions…
  45. 45. How we communicate encourages or repels people…
  46. 46. Badgering people brings business, but it also has nasty side effects…
  47. 47. People stuck in their ways are bad educators…
  48. 48. Can we stop favouring speed over understanding?
  49. 49. A supportive community
  50. 50. Community
  51. 51. Comemunity
  52. 52. Gommunity
  53. 53. Perpetuating prejudices does not a new community make…
  54. 54. Not repeating ungrounded, but successful messages means not feeding trolls.
  55. 55. People donate their time and wisdom to build communities; it’s just the decent thing to do to do the same.
  56. 56. We all started somewhere. It is more important to recognize an effort than to applaud a perfect result.
  57. 57. in helping is important.
  58. 58. In conclusion…
  59. 59. We are online We can learn new, exciting thingsWe can communicate We can join, build and influence communities We enjoy quite a lot of privilege…
  60. 60. All of these things are dependent on an open, human-curated and created web.
  61. 61. Machine learning convenience is tempting…
  62. 62. But it increases the danger of echo chambers and guided messaging…
  63. 63. Let’s be human, damn it… Let’s take back the web for decent, thinking and loving humans…
  64. 64. Thanks! Chris Heilmann @codepo8