Making the Best Use of Free Online Reputation Management Tools


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Free online reputation management tools

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Making the Best Use of Free Online Reputation Management Tools

  1. 1. Making the Best Use of Free Online Reputation Management ToolsFree Online Reputation Management Tools can prove to be a cost effective solution inmaintaining the high standing of your brand. This is a particularly useful option forindividuals (doctors/lawyers) or small businesses with limited budgets. Alternatively, thismight also prove to be an effective option for businesses that have a pool of trainedreputation management professionals at their disposal.Some of these tools can provide a significant amount of information that can help youenhance the value of your online presence. In general, you are likely to find free onlinetools that can help you monitor conversations across social media sites, blog articles,search engine links, or any news articles or videos that are relevant to your brand.Some Free Online Reputation Management ToolsGoogle Alerts – are probably the most popular way to stay up to date with any newcontent that is related to your brand. This tool offers the possibility of getting updatesbased on certain factors/keywords that are selected by you. There is a fair amount offlexibility within this tool that allows you to track your brand, competing brands, as wellas any pertinent consumer conversations. This tool can be set up to deliver resultsdirectly to your email account.Twitter Monitoring – allows you to track conversations that are related to you or yourbrand across Twitter. Unique tools allow you to monitor the volume of relevantconversations on a real time, hourly, or daily basis for maximum effectiveness.Additionally, these tools are highly customizable and can return results that are relatedto specific keywords, links, or people. Tools such as Tweet Beep, Monitter, TwitterSearch, and Tweet Later help perform these services.Blog Monitoring – is an important activity that can help you track the overall reputation ofyour brand across the blogosphere. Technorati are probably the leading name when itcomes to blog search engines and aggregation methods. It is a dedicated search enginethat indexes millions of posts/articles on blogs in real time. An added advantage here isthe ranking system that rates blogs in terms of their popularity and influence. Results areeasily accessed via their RSS feed. Other options include Google Blog Search and BlogPulse.Social Media Search Engines and Aggregators – such as Social Mention and FriendFeed provide specialized search engines that allow you to analyze social media, blogs,videos, or any other user generated content site that relates to your brand.Analyzing Your Online Reputation with Free ToolsPerhaps the only shortcoming of these free tools is the fact that they are unlikely toprovide you with an integrated facility to view and analyze all the factors likely to affectyour brand. To gain the maximum benefit, it is possible that you will have to harness acombination of these tools. In conjunction with an analytical mind, Free Online
  2. 2. Reputation Management Tools can be an incredible asset that enhances your brand’sonline reputation, without any of the usual costs involved. Call Us Today! 702-530-3881