Christopher Baccus How Changing Your Oil Will Make You a Better Car Enthusiast
1. One Twist to Drain
2. Replace Oil Filter
3. Tighten Drain Plug
4. Refill with New Oil
5. Check Your Dipstick
6. Drive!
I wonder if she can fix my overheating problem?
You will even save $$$  for more important things
Thank you @cbaccus on Twitter
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Ignite Detroit Presentation: How Changing Your Oil Will Make You a Better Car Enthusiast


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Presented on February 24, 2010 at the Ignite Detroit event at the Magic Stick in Detroit, Michigan. The presentation takes the premise of using a simple oil change as a first step to get to know one's vehicle better. That knowledge will hopefully lead to an appreciate for cars and may even lead to more advanced automotive projects. Cars are a passion of mine and that passion was something I wanted to share with the audience that evening.

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  • I bet you didn’t expect to learn how to change your car’s oil tonight or that you might become a car enthusiast. So I have big task with some of you in the next 5 minutes. A little about me, I’m a west coast native
  • Growing up on the West Coast this is what an auto enthusiast meant… basically turn your car into a clown-mobile Fortunately I moved to Detroit, where cars are taken far more seriously.
  • As a West Coast kid, I learned all of life’s lessons from movies. I witnessed the transformation of Patrick Dempsey as mowing lawns Ronald Miller in “Can’t Buy Me Love”’ to…
  • To… Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy. Dempsey is an auto enthusiast with a deep love of cars and racing. Obviously someone who personifies cool in a geeky way. And who doesn’t want to be cool and geeky?
  • So I summoned my inner “McDreamy” then popped the hood on my car. Looked inside and wondered what all are all of the wires, hoses, and metals parts? And thought what am I thinking? Quick close the hood! But I reconsidered.
  • I became curious and knew I could accomplish something under that hood. So I started with the most basic of tasks. The simple task of changing a car’s oil. Of course, like any novice….
  • I imagined the worse. I had images of my driveway looking like this and that I’d have to find where to buy a HAZMAT suit Or having my wife would wonder why the 5 o’clock news was at our house reporting a major oil spill.
  • Fortunately, all I needed for this project were a few simple tools and a stop at a local auto parts store. This should be a simple way to familiarize myself with the inner workings of a car.
  • Simple until I figured out there were 10 different tools for removing an oil filter! After 3 trips, I had the right part for removing and replacing the filter
  • Under your car is a small bolt. You can Google your vehicle to find where the oil drain plug is. Of course you may get a little oil on your hand, but that’s okay as you’ll need that in Step #2
  • While the oil is draining Remove your old filter Take your oily hand a wipe a small bit of oil around the edge of the new filter. And put the new filter on
  • Now go back to the drain plug and tighten it back up Because nothing is worse than pouring in new oil only to watch it roll down your driveway.
  • This is the best part. Just pour in 5 or so bottles of oil in. Knowing you’re in the home stretch of that first project under the hood is a good feeling.
  • Turn the engine on. Shut it off. Then check the dipstick. Put it back and close the hood. DONE! Now you can return to enjoying the best thing about cars - the drive.
  • Go find a country road for your $300k Alfa Romeo to enjoy. Make sure there are plenty of twists and turns to distribute the oil properly.
  • Two goals tonight: #1 Remove fear from the vehicle. You can maintain your car. Pretty easy stuff. #2 If you look under the hood you may appreciate cars more
  • And the best part, your social network will be impressed that you actually have conquered the fear of automotive maintenance. You’ll be one of the few people in our society unafraid of what’s inside your car.
  • The sense of accomplishment is intoxicating… If you really get adventurous, you may even take on more advanced challenges like putting on performance brakes to showcase your automotive prowess.
  • BUT more importantly, think of the money you’ll save to spend cash on even more important things like buying some popularity… not the girlfriend kind (that’s illegal even for an hour) but how about saving up for cool telescope or yes a cooler car.
  • Thank you everyone. I hope you go home, open the hood of your car and try this out. Hopefully you’ll gain appreciation for your car and maybe even move on to bigger more interesting projects.
  • Ignite Detroit Presentation: How Changing Your Oil Will Make You a Better Car Enthusiast

    1. 1. Christopher Baccus How Changing Your Oil Will Make You a Better Car Enthusiast
    2. 2. #FAIL
    3. 5. Huh?
    4. 10. 1. One Twist to Drain
    5. 11. 2. Replace Oil Filter
    6. 12. 3. Tighten Drain Plug
    7. 13. 4. Refill with New Oil
    8. 14. 5. Check Your Dipstick
    9. 15. 6. Drive!
    10. 17. I wonder if she can fix my overheating problem?
    11. 19. You will even save $$$ for more important things
    12. 20. Thank you @cbaccus on Twitter
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