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IMS Social Media Panel Presentation


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Slides from my involvement in a panel on social media from the December 2, 2010 Integrated Marketing Summit event in Dallas, Texas.

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  • Chris, sympatico with themes and strategies of this presentation. We should talk about how AT&T leverages PoKos Social Messaging (TM) to serve its goals and those of its business partners! Happy holidays. timo platt
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IMS Social Media Panel Presentation

  1. 1. Brand Community Engagement December 2, 2010 Presenter: Christopher Baccus AT&T, Executive Director of Digital & Social Media Twitter: @cbaccus
  2. 2. A lot of “Community Engagement” still looks like this
  3. 3. Engagement is the act of fostering communication within a community Marketing Messages Product News Response to Fans Randomness
  4. 4. Engagement is not just broadcasting. It’s answering, clarifying, exceeding expectations
  5. 5. Fans want respect and value engagement with meaning
  6. 6. Without dialoging with your fans, you are losing a stronger connection
  7. 7. 99% of Engagement ROI is measured in Impressions. Export to evaluate daily stream impressions
  8. 8. Yes. Transactions (sales) matter.
  9. 9. Honesty. Respect. Empathy.