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ISYS 363 Group Project_Part1_BRONCOS

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Isys363 group project_part1-1_broncos

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013-Section 01 BRONCOS Project Task 1
  2. 2. Group collaboration is a very important aspect of the business world. Business communication can be made so much easier through the use of collaboration tools. These online applications allow people to share information, share documents, and communicate with others in a professional way. Here are a few examples of group collaboration tools: ● Glasscubes ○ A web-based online collaboration project management software which, enables remotely-operated teams to share files, manage projects, and communicate effectively. ● Google Drive ○ Google Drive is a feature that is included in a Gmail account. Google Drive allows users to simply participate in collaborative work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Collaboration Tools
  3. 3. ● MediaFire ○ MediaFire is a collaboration tool used for file management and sharing. Customers can upload, share, and store files using the cloud. MediaFire makes it easy to share images, documents, videos, and audio files with colleagues, partners, and customers. The service offers three plans: Basic, Pro, and Business. ● Producteev ○ Producteev is a group collaboration tool that is easy to use and works on any platform including smart phones. It is one of the lead task management applications for all groups. Anyone in a group can contribute to projects, set due dates, and even make to-do lists. ● Trello ○ Trello provides a concise and easy way to use a virtual “cork board,” this allows users to assign specific groups or people to tasks by “dragging” them onto the board. Collaboration Tools
  4. 4. Glasscubes Pros ● Share and view all your content: “Organize and view all of your content online in a familiar file & folder structure and keep track of all the versions - instantly view any version without anything getting lost in other peoples email boxes.” ● Project management,collaboration and Mobile access: “Glasscubes saves everyone time and therefore saves money, getting work done and not wasting time bogged down in emails.” ● Unparalleled Security: “All of your data is backed-up daily, 256 bit encryption, access control list and rigorous testing.” Cons ● No milestone support schedule: glasscubes does not offer a feature that represents the percentage completion of the project. Task is either classified as “done” or “not done”. ● Does not look corporate: it looks more like a consumer application ● Lack of resource management tools like in “Teambox”
  5. 5. Pros ● Online Availability: One of the greatest benefits of this product is that everything is online so you can work easily without having to download any programs or software. ● 99.99 Data Availability: According to Google, it provides you with secure data storage and it will be available to you most of the time; assuring that you will not suffer data loss. ● Its Free: Google Docs is included with Google Mail so if you have an account on Gmail then you can access its services for free, no need to purchase any software. Google Drive Cons ● Printing: You cannot directly print from Google Docs the same way you can with MS Office products. You would have to download the doc first, available in various formats (PDF, Word, etc.) and then print. ● Access: Since all the data and services are online, if you don’t have internet than you are out of luck. ● Insecurity: Some people feel insecure about saving their private information in the “cloud.”
  6. 6. MediaFire Pros ● Storage: Media Fire offers unlimited storage space. Because your files are saved onto the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your hard-drive crashing and your file getting lost. ● Collaboration: MediaFire offers a File Drop widget that you can post on your company’s website, allowing others to send files to your cloud storage. ● Security and Privacy: You can set passwords, hide private files, and manage access levels. MediaFire offers SSL and a one-time download feature for sensitive documents. ● Multiplatform and Mobile Access: Works on Android, iPhone, tablets, PCs, Macs, desktops, and laptops. Cons ● Pay Extra: For features such as, long-term storage, direct links to files, and FileDrop you have to update to Pro for $2.49 a month or Business for $24.99 a month ● Downloading Problems: Users have frequently reported download time outs. ● Control: MediaFire can remove your files due to account inactivity, which takes away control from the user.
  7. 7. Producteev Pros ● Can be used on all devices: ○ Desktop ○ Email ○ Smartphones ● It is simple, anyone can use it and work on it. ● It keeps everyone in the loop about the project with activity feeds and to-do lists. Cons ● It is too simple, there is nowhere for shared links. ● No time tracking to help people do tasks on time. ● It is only free for up to 2 users. There is a $20 fee to have an unlimited amount of users to share documents.
  8. 8. Trello Pros ● It is a free to use. ● You can track the progress of each project. ● Add as many boards as needed. ● The simple layout of this tool is great for visual users. ● Mobility and structure are versatile using a personalized and best-fit manner. ● Users can archive old cards (completed tasks or postponed projects). Cons ● There is limited email integration. ● Some users find the segmented layout to interrupt the flow of ideas from one board to another and thus slowing progression. ● There are limited keyboard shortcuts.
  9. 9. The Winner! Along with emailing and iLearn, the Broncos will be using Google Drive to collaborate with each other over the course of the semester! Why Google Drive? ● It is the easiest to access: All group members can access Google Drive at any time and from any location. ● It is not necessary to have a gmail account to edit projects. ● Allows you to create documents, presentations, drawings. Also, many apps with different capabilities can be connected to Google Drive. ● It makes the most sense! Being students, constantly on the go, Google Drive is easy to access, quick to learn how to use, and gets the job done!
  10. 10. References Glasscubes: Google Drive: MediaFire: Producteev: Trello: