WOWZAPP 2012 - Get Involved!


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Want to get involved with WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows? Check out this brief presentation on how you can be part of this great event!

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WOWZAPP 2012 - Get Involved!

  1. 1. WOWZAPP 2012 Worldwide Hackathon for Windows
  2. 2. what is WOWZAPP 2012?WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows is an event thatallows you to take part in a truly global experience – developers and designersall over the world coming together to build apps for Windows, Windows Phoneand Windows Azure.WOWZAPP 2012 is on November 9-11, 2012, timed to celebrate the launch ofWindows 8 and immediately after the Build conference to take advantage of allthat fresh new information that will be delivered at that time. It’s also on theweekend before Global Entrepreneur Week so that startup developers can kickoff that week with a bang.Instead of various teams and groups of people running their events in isolation,WOWZAPP 2012 brings them all together, connects them and supports it withPR, social media connectivity and content and collateral.
  3. 3. part of a bigger pictureWOWZAPP 2012 is part of a bigger picture forWindows : General Availability of Windows 8 …leads to… Build Conference …leads to… WOWZAPP 2012
  4. 4. what you’ll get for being involvedWe recognize that you’ll want to run your event as locale context sensitive aspossible, so rather than provide a hard and fast set of rules you should follow to beinvolved, we’re instead providing you a set of supporting materials and guidelineswhen you register your event as part of WOWZAPP 2012:• Sub page on the WOWZAPP 2012 website for your event, providing details, registration link, and link to your online event stream if you publish one.• Registration page for your event, templatized in WOWZAPP 2012 layout, providing a consistent experience for attendees regardless of venue.• Design collateral including web elements, T Shirt designs, Sticker and Poster designs and PowerPoint templates.• Content including presentations and hands on labs for HTML5/JavaScript and XAML/C#, select Build talks adapted for WOWZAPP 2012, Opening Night presentation, suggested agenda, suggested Closing presentation for App Showcase on final day, pre-event activity list, post-event guidance for follow up, and speaker schedule for online broadcasts of Microsoft speakers situated worldwide.
  5. 5. summary infoDate: November 9-11Timing: 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, local timeWe understand that you may not be able to run afull 48 hour hackathon, so we ask that you do aminimum of 24 hours. Of course, if you can do thefull two day experience, welcome to the bigleagues!
  6. 6. is your country here? these countries are already in!Algeria MalaysiaAustria MexicoBelgium Northern IrelandBrazil NorwayBulgaria PakistanChile PhilippinesCzech Republic RomaniaFinland SingaporeGermany SloveniaGreece South AfricaIndia SpainIndonesia SwedenIreland ThailandItaly TunisiaKazakhstan TurkeyLebanon United StatesLithuania VietnamMacedonia
  7. 7. Content andCollateral what you get
  8. 8. event guide contentsIntroductionSample agenda/scheduleSuggested “WOW Awards” and “ZAPP Activities” for momentum andatmospherePre-event/PreparationOutline of available contentCollateral list – both digital and printablePR and Promotion plan – press and social mediaPost-event actionsSocial media interactions and outreach planSpeaker scheduleEvent Lead-up activitiesPost Event follow up activities
  9. 9. learning contentEvent guideWindows 8 learning content - 20 presentations - 10 hands on labs in HTML5/JS and XAML/C#Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 – tips and tricksGame Development Content both HTML5/JS and DirectX/C++
  10. 10. design collateralWOWZAPP 2012 logoPoster designPowerPoint templateT-Shirt designSticker designOnline assets
  11. 11. design collateral: two themes – city and zombie
  12. 12. Microsoft Corporate Speaker ScheduleAndrew Parsons – FinlandBen Riga – GreeceDion Hutchings – MalaysiaDrew Robbins – ChileJeff Burtoft – FinlandNick Harris – VietnamNikola Metulev – ChileNisha Singh – IndiaPeter Dwersteg – Finland
  13. 13. What next?
  14. 14. what next?Get involved: Promote and attend your existing local event Run a new WOWZAPP 2012 eventMain site: wowzapp2012.comChannel 9 intro video: contact:
  15. 15. running your own venue?Email with the following:City and CountryName of school or organizationName, Address (physical and URL) and Contactperson of venue in your school/organizationMaximum capacity for your event (and expected #)Start and End Date and Time
  16. 16. running your own venue? the responseWe will: set up your registration page for you, assign you (or your appointed representative)access to the attendee list for checking in and theability to send reminder emails, put your site on the map send you the full event guide for content and otherinformation to make your event a success