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Train The Trainer Programme Oct 2011 ,Tralee

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Train The Trainer Programme Tralee

  1. 1. _____________________________________________________________________Train the Trainer ProgrammeFETAC Level 6(E30179)_____________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Train the Trainer ProgrammeFETAC Level 6 (E30179)Successful participation on this programme will empower you with theknowledge, practical skills and competencies necessary to Design, Deliverand Assess training courses.FETAC Certification:On completion of this training programme you will be awarded the FETACLevel 6, Train the Trainer Certificate.FASThis training programme incorporates the revised Essential TrainerCompetencies issued by FAS in March 2010.Why choose the CoachAcademy PLUS programme?CoachAcademy PLUS Train the Trainer programme goes beyond theminimum required FETAC and FAS Trainer competencies. You will be invitedto participate in an exciting, practical, relevant yet transformative learningexperience. Coaching, mentoring and NLP skills and techniques will beutilised to create an optimum learning environment. E-learning and tele-seminars will also be introduced as alternative learning options.Participating in this programme will also increase your confidence and abilityto make powerful presentations, facilitate effective meetings and understandthe dynamics of how people learn and make change."I have just successfully completed the FETAC Train The Trainer Course; ithas given me a new perception of adult learning both as a participant and asan instructor. I can seriously say that for me, Noel is a great mentor andfacilitator. I have gained more than new skills and an enhanced knowledgefrom him; I have also gained a personal maturity due to his distinctive methodof facilitation. This experience has had a big influence on how I approach mymethodology of instruction."Cpl Andy Byrne - Instructor - Irish Defence Forces
  3. 3. Our Learning PhilosophyWe believe that learning is not simply about acquiring knowledge and newskills, but also the application of new skills and behavioural change. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Alvin TofflerProgramme facilitator:Noel Brosnan has over 25 years teaching and training experience. As acoach, mentor and trainer he has designed, delivered and evaluated manydifferent training programmes in both the public and private sector. Among hisclient list are HSE, Bank of Ireland, Pepsi Co, Accord, Dept. Education andSkills, Cork College of Commerce, Cork County VEC and Entrust. Noel isnoted for his energetic, humorous, enthusiastic and empowering training style.View his LinkedIn profile here:Co –Facilitator:Caitriona Py Collins is joining Noel facilitating the course in Tralee. She hasover 15 years experience in marketing and customer service in both SME’sand large multinationals. Her previous employers include Compaq, IBM,Stockbyte and currently Donseed Ltd. Caitriona can be described asenthusiastic, focused and has a positive ‘’can-do’’ attitude.She has previously completed Train the Trainer (FETEC Level 6) run byCoachAcademy PLUS.View her LinkedIn profile here:
  4. 4. Programme AimsUnderstand different learning stylesUnderstand the functions and processes of learning and trainingEvaluate different approaches to trainingAppreciate the importance of training on an individual, social and economic levelWork effectively with a range of learner groupsDesign, deliver and evaluate training programmesDevelop and implement appropriate assessment methodsProgramme SyllabusUnit 1: Theory of training and adult learning.Unit 2: The role of the trainer.Unit 3: Training needs analysis and programme designUnit 4: Preparing for training deliveryUnit 5: Delivery and assessmentUnit 6: Evaluation of trainingI thoroughly enjoyed the Coach Academy Plus, Train the Trainer course,and Noel Brosnan truly is a master educator, who delights in his craft.I would highly recommend Coach Academy PLUS for any of the courses theydeliver and I will certainly be back for more. Thanks again, Noel for a fantasticlearning experience”.David Daly, Director,
  5. 5. Assessment Procedures(a) Written Assignment - 50%. Each candidate will present a written report onthe Design, Delivery and Evaluation of a training session which reflect adulttraining and learning principles.(b) Skills Demonstration - 50%. Each candidate will deliver a 30 minutepresentation addressing specific learning outcomes and demonstratingeffective communication skills using appropriate visual aids e.g. handouts,flipcharts, demonstrations, PowerPoint presentation, etc.Autumn Programmes: Venues and DatesVenue: Carlton Hotel, TraleeProgramme Dates: Oct 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and Nov 5th.Time: 9.30am – 5.00pmProgramme Fee: €590 (Programme fees may be paid in 3 installments)Programme Fee includes: • Programme Training Manual • Two tele-seminars • FETAC Registration and Assessment feesFor more information please contact Noel Brosnan on 086 8063792 or or Caitriona Py Collins
  6. 6. What some of our course participants had to say about theirlearning experience:The Train the Trainer programme delivered by Noel Brosnan was giant steps aheadof other similar programmes our Group had experienced. From the start thepresenter built strong rapport within the group and imparted powerful, interesting andrelevant material in a convincing way. It was a totally empowering and thoughtprovoking experience. I loved it!Ray Ryan, Director, Maybe International Creative Consultancy LtdI decided to choose Noel Brosnan as a trainer when obtaining my FETAC Train theTrainer qualification. I appreciated his coaching approach to learning and hisflexibility in accommodating different learning styles. I believe this approach hasenabled me to take a more flexible and creative approach to training and in theprocess of learning the experience was far more meaningful on a personal level.Tracy Aspel, Communications Coach and Trainer, LimerickThe train the trainer course given by Noel has to be one of the best courses I haveever attended. It’s an excellent course for all trainers to get a comprehensiveunderstanding of what is important for a trainer to consider while deliveringprograms. It is energetic, refreshing, insightful and provides a dimension totallydifferent from other training programs. I actually learned more practical skills in thiscourse than I did in my 2 year diploma in Training and Development in UCC andthoroughly enjoyed myself at the same time. Take this course for a completeparadigm shift. Thank you NoelOrla Mulcahy, Sales Representative in Pharmaceutical Industry, CorkNoel Brosnan offered a professional course that was highly motivational andinspiring. Each session was filled with case studies relevant course material anddelivered with enthusiasm and in a friendly and relaxed style. Very interactive coursewhich we all gained from and can take forward into our personal and professionallife. We could not have asked for more from Noel. Many thanks.Deirdre Brougham, Programme Manager, Enterprise IrelandI just completed a Train the Trainer course with Noel Brosnan of CoachAcademyPLUS. I highly and absolutely recommend this course. You will learn a huge amountfrom Noel and also from the other people on the course - including yourself. Noeltook the time to organise people with different backgrounds on the course, so youbenefit a lot from seeing how other people work too. This course was excellent valuefor money and will give you far more than just the FETAC Level 6 certificate.Brian O’ Donoghue, Cork,
  7. 7. CoachAcademy PLUS Train the Trainer Programme Application FormName:Address:Telephone:Email:Qualifications / experience:Current profession:Please tick below as appropriateCourse VenueLimerick Cork Kerry I enclose: Programme Fee of €590 or I enclose an installment Signed:………………………………………………………..Date:…………………………………………………………..Please forward completed Application Form and cheque (Payable toNoel Brosnan) to CoachAcademy PLUS, Killavullen Co. Cork Thank You