BISG's MIP for Higher Ed Publishing 2013 -- Joe Karaganis


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Joe Karaganis of the American Assembly at Columbia University presents at BISG's Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing conference, February 7, 2013.

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BISG's MIP for Higher Ed Publishing 2013 -- Joe Karaganis

  1. 1. Now welcoming Joe Karaganis Vice President, American Assembly, Columbia University “The International Playing Field: Exploring Opportunities Overseas (...and up North)”© 2013, the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. 1
  2. 2. ShadowLibraries
  3. 3.
  4. 4. CopyCulture
  5. 5. The Ecologyof Access
  6. 6. The Ecology of Access Publishers Library Open Access Copy Shop Digital Copying
  7. 7. Top Level Pirate LibrariesDigital Copying Organized Networks within Universities Classroom Copying
  8. 8. Top-LevelShadow Libraries
  9. 9. shut down in February 2012 by publishers) 963,454 documents (note: 1 document does not equal 1 book!)Pbooks (not the real name) 1.5 million documents (at the time of analysis. Now >2M)
  10. 10. subject matter 1st, 2nd and 3rd level Dewey decimal categories. st nd rd1 level DCC categories % 2 level DCC categories % 3 level DCC categories %Social sciences 26.7% Medicine & health 9.9 American fiction in English 5.1Technology 18.7% Computer science, information & general 7.4 Diseases 4.7Natural Sciences and 12.8% works Computer programming, programs & 3.7Mathematics Economics 6.8 dataLiterature & rhetoric 11.8% Social sciences 6.2 Applied physics 2.4 American literature in English 5.9 English fiction 1.9Computer science, information 8.4% Engineering & allied operations 5.2 Culture & institutions 1.8& general works Mathematics 5.0 Production 1.8 Social problems & services; associations 3.7History & geography 6.1% Financial economics 1.7 Political science 3.1The arts; fine & decorative arts 5.2% Special computer methods 1.6 English & Old English literatures 3.0 Education 3.0 Social groups 1.6Religion 4.1% Law 2.6 Data processing & computer science 1.5Philosophy & psychology 3.7% Recreational & performing arts 2.4 Social welfare problems & services 1.5 Physics 2.3 Other social problems & services 1.2Language 2.6% Life sciences; biology 2.1 Political science 1.2Total 100.0% History of Europe 1.9 Physics 1.1 History of North America 1.7 Pharmacology & therapeutics 1.1 Chemistry & allied sciences 1.3 Mathematics 1.1 Other religions 1.2 Engineering & allied operations 1.0 Literature & rhetoric 1.2 Analysis 1.0 Geography & travel 1.1 Schools & their activities; special 1.0 Agriculture & related technologies 1.0 education Chemical engineering 1.0 Economics 1.0 Other 21.0 Other 60.8
  11. 11. Publishers in Library.nuPublisher No. of titles %Springer 21894 5.5Cambridge University Press 20624 5.2Routledge 19683 5.0Oxford University Press 16775 4.2Wiley 16495 4.2NetLibrary 9708 2.5Harper & Row 8678 2.2Palgrave Macmillan 7479 1.9McGrawHill 5817 1.5Pergamon Press 5172 1.3Academic Press 4906 1.2SpringerVerlag 4690 1.2CRC Press 4285 1.1University of California 4111 1.0World Scientific 2651 .7Air University Press 2451 .6Elsevier 2443 .6Other 237091 60.0
  12. 12. Is there a commerciallyavailable digital version 33%(buy or rent)?Is there a digital versionavailable via one or moree-libraries? 74%How many are availablethrough any legal channel?(print/e/used) 74%
  13. 13. Pbooks: % of Downloads by Country countryUNITED STATES 14.88%GERMANY 7.53%INDIA 7.27%IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF 6.63%RUSSIAN FEDERATION 6.46%INDONESIA 4.89%FRANCE 3.59%UNITED KINGDOM 3.47%EGYPT 3.09% About 750K English-CHINA 2.90%NETHERLANDS 2.86% language downloads in aCANADAITALY 2.28% 2.12% 3 month periodCZECH REPUBLIC 1.99%SWEDEN 1.76%SPAIN 1.71%POLAND 1.64%TURKEY 1.60%UKRAINE 1.58%GREECE 1.42%ALGERIA 1.27%AUSTRALIA 1.11%ROMANIA 1.06%
  14. 14. Most Downloaded from the US:1. Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications, William DeCoursey2. Distributive Justice: A Constructive Critique of the Utilitarian Theory of Distribution, Nicholas Rescher3. A Million Little Pieces, James Frey4. The Logic of Decision and Action, Nicholas Rescher (ed.)5. A Child Called It, Pelzer Dave6. Cohomology of Number Fields, Jürgen Neukirch, Alexander Schmidt, Kay Wingberg7. Data structures and problem solving using C++, Weiss M.A.8. Exploring Matthews Gospels (Personality Type and Scripture Series), Leslie J. Francis, P. W. Atkins9. The Riemann Zeta-Function, A. A. Karatsuba, S. M. Voronin10. Mathematics for Engineers, George Fische, Gerard Hebuterne11. On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction, Brian Boyd
  15. 15. Most Downloaded from Iran:1. Encyclopedia of Religion. Lindsay Jones2. Handbook of Philosophical Logic. Dov M. Gabbay, F. Guenthner3. Fundamentals of Photonics Encyclopedia of Sociology. Edgar F. Borgatta, Rhonda J. V. Montgomery4. Houben-Weyl Methods of Organic Chemistry. J.C Tatlow5. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics. G.R. Gisler (ed.)6. Theory of Functionals and of Integral and Integro-Differential Equations. Vito Volterra7. Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics. Andre I. Khuri8. Dictionary of American History, 3rd Edition (10 Volumes) Stanley I. Kutler9. Levines Guide to SPSS for Analysis of Variance. Gustav Levine, Sanford L. Braver, David P. Mackinnon, Melanie C. Page,10. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Walter Greiner, Ludwig Neise, Horst Stöcker, D. Rischke
  16. 16. Most Downloaded from India:1. Organic Syntheses An annual publication of satisfactory methods2. The GALE Encyclopedia of Science. K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner3. Encyclopedia of Religion. Lindsay Jones4. Encyclopedia of Sociology. Edgar F. Borgatta, Rhonda J. V. Montgomery5. Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, 9 volume set B. M. Trost, I. Fleming6. Comprehensive Clinical Psychology Bellack A.S., Hersen M. (eds.)7. 1635-The Cannon Law ARC. Eric Flint8. Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications William DeCoursey9. Berkshire Encyclopedia Of World History William H. McNeill10. Computer Networks. Andrew S. Tanenbaum11. Collected Mathematical Papers. Cayley A.12. Techniques in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery13. Facts On File Encyclopedia Of Health And Medicine James Chambers, Lee Ann Chearney, Deborah S. Romaine, Candace B., Ph.D. Levy, Cathy S. Jewell IN INDIA
  17. 17. Conclusions from and PBooks1. These sites facilitate flows of scientific knowledge outside the western university, especially from developed to developing countries.2. Heavily tilted toward materials that are not available commercially in digital form or at reasonable prices in developing countries3. US universities barely register on these lists.4. Pbooks has no commercial model.
  18. 18. Field Work:A Top Indian Law SchoolA Major US University
  19. 19. Indian Law School• Roughly half of the students rely on photocopying for 60 % or more of their study materials• 50% of students had a personal library of ebooks• Of those, only 10-15 % of them had ever purchased one.
  20. 20. US top tier university
  21. 21. LookingAhead
  22. 22. First Sale
  23. 23. Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Capitol Records v. ReDigiUsedSoft vs. Oracle
  24. 24. O’Brien, Gasser, and Palfrey (2012)
  25. 25. Q&A PANEL:The Impact of WhatCollege Students Think MODERATER MAUREEN McMAHON Kaplan Publishing PANELISTS LEN VLAHOS JOE KARAGANIS CARL KULO BISG Columbia University Bowker Market Research© 2013, the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. 33