What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why

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  • 2. What publishing house would publish WAVE magazine? After creating my music magazine, I had to decide on what media institution may want to publish WAVE magazine. Initially, I had created a publishing house study on the media institution ‘CONDE NAST’ Conde Nast is currently based in the US but is infamously known as a worldwide publishing industry. This particular publishing house publishes various well known and established magazines such as: which all vary from worldwide fashion to politics and social issues. The publication itself is well known for being the originator of Well known ‘CONDE NAST ’publications: ‚lifestyle magazines‛ therefore setting a high level of standard for other publishing houses which publish similar lifestyle magazines. The New Yorker; VOGUE; Vanity Fair & GQ CONDE NAST is not a media institution which usually publishes music magazines and their audience’s are mostly limited to working adults and intellectuals. I believe if CONDE NAST were to publish a magazine such as WAVE, this would eliminate competition amongst publishing titles,
  • 4. REACHING A WIDER AUDIENCE Conde Nast as a publication have a wide variety of magazines on offer, however they all more or less attempt to reach a similar target audience. For example, VOGUE magazine. VOGUE magazine has a very particular target audience of females in their late twenties and thirties; they aim to reach the modern day working women which reflect in the publication as a whole. Vogue is very successful in reaching and attracting their target audience, this is reflected in audience for WAVE magazine are female teenagers The target their high readership. aged 15-17could this be improved if Conde the published WAVE magazine? that are interested in Nast indie/pop genre. Conde nast How will benefit from publishing WAVE magazine as it is very different to any magazine they have on offer right now, this shows how versatile the publication is. By reaching a wider target audience, the more readers will be attracted to their publications and will inevitably make more of a profit.
  • 5. DEMOGRAPHICS FOR CONDE NAST Median Age: 42.6 Median HHI: $93,259 Gender - Male/Female: 47% / 53% Education - Graduated College: 51% Employment Status - Professional / Managerial: 46% AUDIENCE AIM FOR WAVE MAGAZINE: Age range: 15-17 Gender – Male/Female: Female 100% Male 0% Education: Secondary school / Sixth form Employment status: Unemployed / Part time employment Conde nast could gain from publishing from WAVE magazine as you can clearly see from their demographics, their magazines aim a concentrated type of people within society, therefore publishing wave shows their versatility and brings a completely new audience to their market.
  • 6. CONDE NAST WILL RECEIVE A GOOD REPUTATION, THEIR READERS WILL KNOW THEY LIKE TO CHALLENGE THE NORM The genre for WAVE magazine is indie/pop, CONDE NAST do not usually publish music magazines and as there is also a real lack of indie op magazines in the publishing industry currently, Conde nast will be widely appreciated by their readers for trying to advertise an original publication such as WAVE magazine that This would branches out from conventions of typical music therefore increase the media institutions magazines and genres. recognise profits, as people will the publication attempting to challenge the norm and feel more inclined to buy WAVE magazine under CONDE NAST.
  • 7. GROWTH OF READERS The target audience for WAVE magazine is teenage girls ages 1517, teenagers especially within these ages are more inclined to use social media sites to talk about their everyday lives and new interests. As WAVE magazine can be viewed as a magazine which branches out of the norm due to the genre ‘Indie/pop’ and the way it has been constructed, it will gain support from teenagers using social media sites.. Therefore, this will inevitably gain attention for the publication CONDE NAST and will make their publications and other magazines more wide spread.
  • 8. FINANCIAL BENEFITS As a media institution, Conde nast will be looking for a certain amount of financial profit to gain from distributing any magazine. They want to know that a magazine will have leading success in the future to best benefit them and their company. WAVE being a new indie pop magazine will attract the attention of many indie pop teenage girls, increasing their sales if they were to distribute my media product. Also, the price of the magazine stands at £3 which means the fact it can be easily assessable to students and I would alsoteenage girls will inevitablysubscription to my want to encourage a yearly mean a large growth in sales a price of £35 a year for will benefit from music magazine, at for WAVE and Conde nasteall issues of the this greatly. magazine monthly. Teenage girls may feel more inclined to pay £35 a month straight away to be entitled to the magazine every month without delay of having to purchase the magazine in store, this would mean a mass profit for Conde nast and they will be receiving this at a quicker rate from a yearly subscription.
  • 9. WHERE WOULD WAVE MAGAZINE BE DISTRIBUTED? I would distribute WAVE magazine in WH Smith, as this is where other Conde Nast publications are advertised. I would do this as if I shows consistency. Also, WH Smith is easily assessable for my was to publish my magazine with Conde nast this target audience of teenage girls aged 15-17, as they’re students they will be in WH Smith often buying school supplies etc. They would then be able to pick up a copy of WAVE magazine when in store.
  • 10. WHERE WOULD WAVE MAGAZINE BE DISTRIBUTED? Publishing at a shop such as WH Smith is good because it shows consistency, but also what I realised from my audience research was that teenage girls that listen to Indie pop music are also highly inspired by their clothing / fashion choices, therefore I have decided to display my magazine in shops such as: American Apparel, Topshop and Urban Outfitters at the till before they purchase their other clothing. The magazine this way will be easily noticed and will boost sales.