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'To explain and demonstrate how BeLF does what it does – specifically with regard to our funding model.'

Presented by Ian McCAll at the Birmingham eLearning Foundation (BeLF) Conference, Feb 14th 2013

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  • Following a planned presentation a record is created for each parent who indicates that they are interested in pursuing the scheme. A ‘Pledge’ is created for each willing parent which is not binding at this stage but supports the administration and evaluation processes. The parent is ‘coded’ to a specific recruitment year group and linked to a ‘class/form’ reference.When the parent returns the signed ‘Regular Giving Agreement’, dependent upon the chosen method and frequency of payment, so the payment schedule is registered in donorflex.
  • Birmingham eLearning Foundation (BeLF)

    1. 1. Ian McCallCEO, Birmingham E-Learning Foundation
    2. 2. Lesson ObjectiveTo explain and demonstrate how BeLF does what it does – specifically with regard to our funding model.(Yes –there will be questions during the Plenary activity to test your understanding)
    3. 3. The three key questions• What’s going on with all this IT stuff, and am I missing something?• What ticks can I get in the box?• How do I get Free Stuff?
    4. 4. What’s going on?• Hundreds of devices will be going out to students in September in 1:1 models. Many of the projects will have BeLF’s support and funding model.• Some schools are embracing the new technology. And looking for academic gains and teaching methods more in tune with their pupils’ expectations.• Some of these schools, 6th forms and academies, are in your catchment area.
    5. 5. What ticks in the box?• (Measurable) academic gain• Ofsted are beating you for proof of Parental Engagement.• This may be a wise investment of Pupil Premium
    6. 6. So how do I get the cash to pay for the devices?
    7. 7. The Charity loopBeLF collects donations, mainly from the parents of children in inclusive 1:1 schemes, and grants these funds back to the schools.
    8. 8. So how do I get the cash to pay for the devices?• Define and declare your project.• Decide on a cohort• Talk to suppliers, each other, consortia, academy groups, ... And then buy devices (ex VAT).• Initially, the money comes from; school funds, Pupil Premium, or you can lease the devices.• Think of funding balance (parent/school).
    9. 9. So how do I get the cash to pay for the devices?• Have parent events to explain to parents how they fit in.• Give out devices inclusively to students.• Along with donation paperwork.• BeLF sets up Direct Debits, collects cash etc. Gathers the funds on a monthly cycle.• Grants the funds back to the schools (within the month if you need to meet leasing payments).
    10. 10. Our Donorflex System handles our Direct Debit and Gift Aid claims, it also tracks parental contributions and prepares the reports that we issue to schoolsBirmingham e-Learning Foundation
    11. 11. Process Stages Record Activate RegisterPresentation Parent Payments Agreement Intention Process Payment Tracking & Record Pledge schedule plan / Reporting by DD or other
    12. 12. Communications
    13. 13. Why won’t parents participate?• They can’t afford it. Actually their priorities are different.• They think computers have no place in the classroom.• They think that schools (the State) should supply devices free.• Or they don’t like the school (the Government), and will do anything they can think of to annoy you.
    14. 14. But almost all parents donate• because we ask them to.• because they appreciate the help and guidance. – They’re afraid their children are being left behind.• because they get a ‘good deal’.• because they genuinely want to help the school educate their children.• This isn’t the difficult part of the model; it’s the best part!
    15. 15. Plenary QuestionWhy was all this so much easier when the Local Authority was active and involved?
    16. 16. Plenary ActivityAt 3:30 we’re giving away an iPad MiniEveryone in this cohort gets a ticket - inclusivelyWe’re asking you to donate £5.00The process is purposely slightly uncomfortable.