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Schools Project: Supporting schools to get ready for the implementation of the Children and Families Bill Sept 2014


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This presentation is shared with schools who wish to become part of the project supporting readiness for Sept 2014 and the implementation of the Children and Families Bill.

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Schools Project: Supporting schools to get ready for the implementation of the Children and Families Bill Sept 2014

  1. 1. SEN Briefing Multi Context Pathway Project Presenters: Fiona Holmes and Judith Anstiss Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council & Council for disabled children Working in partnership
  2. 2. Where should we start? • • • • What does the schools project do? What does the schools project look like? What funding is available? How can I get involved and next steps?
  3. 3. Early Support
  4. 4. The Children and Families Bill One of the key challenges identified by Pathfinders and being voiced at Action Learning Network events and the recent SEND Regional Events has been the need for schools to understand how to get ready for the implementation of the bill and not lose sight of the long term vision of the reforms.
  5. 5. Schools Project
  6. 6. What does the schools project look like Five sections 1. Local Offer 2. Single Plan 3. Your Choice (Ofsted, workforce development, family conversation, key working, young peoples engagement) 4. Whole school culture 5. Parent engagement
  7. 7. Bronze Gold Silver
  8. 8. Monitoring impact: Rating using a 12 point scale. This is a version created in partnership with parents
  9. 9. How can we share the key messages?
  10. 10. uk
  11. 11. Local Offer
  12. 12. South Rise Primary School • south rise primary school: school SEND offer
  13. 13. Local Offer ideas inspired by the South Rise website: Taking an idea and building on it.
  14. 14. This video showed a parent talking about her experience of an Early Support Parent Workshop. It was taken at a school on an IPAD. Parents felt that using this kind of media would help parents understand why going to the workshops would help. They also felt it would be helpful to see the parent in the video as they might then go and speak to them on the playground to find out more. Video removed due to size
  15. 15. Single Plan
  16. 16. Parental Engagement
  17. 17. The Parent Workshops • The parents’ workshops are a key element of this approach and parents. These workshops were written by parents, for parents and are delivered by parents.
  18. 18. Why have the workshops? Issues that parents have identified • • • • • • • • • • • • Isolation Depression Lack of information Confusion Constant battle No one listens Family not viewed in context Lack of social Life Marriage and relationships Work Future for their child Siblings The solutions the workshops offer • • • • • • Understanding the tools and resources Supporting parents to understand the complex world they have entered Building resilience Supporting parents to access information Building their confidence and their understanding Getting back to work, accessing a social life for the whole family, what’s on in your area
  19. 19. Workshop 1:Understanding This Unknown World The importance of information, including the tools and resources that Early Support can offer What a good idea! Why didn’t I find out about this years ago? I met people who live near me I found out about the family file I found out about the developme ntal journals I found out about the principles I found out about the resources
  20. 20. Cultural change
  21. 21. Wider Disability agenda What is school all about if it is not about learning so that I can have a great life?
  22. 22. Beyond SEND
  23. 23. Your choice
  24. 24. Project ideas:
  25. 25. Ready for inspection
  26. 26. Let parents speak for you
  27. 27. Funding Can we afford any of this?
  28. 28. What funding is available if we want to join the project? • In total we have had approximately £60,000 • All the money will be shared with participants across the midlands who are involved in developing readiness for the implementation of the plan • The main focus will be in Solihull but other schools can participate.
  29. 29. What can the money be used for? • Buying training • Developing impact data • Developing innovative ideas that support readiness for the Bill – underpinned by the principles and the partnership approach.
  30. 30. What does the project team offer • Project management support • The ability to interview • Setting up links to information so you can keep informed • Links to national examples of good practice and up to the minute information on what is relevant, new and current.
  31. 31. Next steps? • Talk to your senior leadership team • Invite the project team in to speak to you • Create a partnership agreement where we identify your next steps • Get going on your plan.
  32. 32. Thank you • Fiona Holmes Regional Facilitator Early Support: Midlands • Email: • Web Site: • Twitter:@Fiholmes_ES: • Facebook: • Mobile number: 07768 021690 West