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Arbitron Webinar by Barry Cooper
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Arbitron Webinar by Barry Cooper


Published on

Raising Your Digital (Web) IQ For Better Revenue Results

Raising Your Digital (Web) IQ For Better Revenue Results

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  • 1. Raising Your Digital IQ for Better Revenue Results Barry Cooper
  • 2. About me
    • Founder of original
    • Sold to AOL in 2004
    • Continues as leader in its class with 5MM+ monthly visitors
    • Now a digital media consultant
  • 3. Agenda
    • Overview
    • Re-engineering Your Website to Emphasize Revenue Generation
    • Connecting With Advertisers In A Different Way and Avoiding The Bundling Trap
    • Understanding Web 2.0 and the “Back End” of Digital
  • 4. Agenda, continued
    • The Importance of a Coherent Editorial Strategy
    • Understanding Why You Cannot Sell or Win on the Web With Re-Purposed, Untrained Talent
  • 5. Overview
    • With traditional revenue streams under pressure, local radio must develop the Web as a reliable money maker
    • Ever-changing learning curve is steep
    • Mobile is the next big thing. Is your station ready?
  • 6. The Next Big Thing
    • Social Networking + Mobile = 800-pound Gorilla
    • Shift to mobile will further fragment audiences
    • African-Americans among early-adopters in mobile technology
    • Tip: Find out if your site is mobile ready
  • 7. Remember: It’s All About The Money
    • Re-engineering Your Website To Emphasize Revenue Generation
      • Too many sites are content-and audience driven with little thought to actual profit-making
      • Your site has to be run like a business, just like the station itself
      • Tip: Blow up your site and redesign it from the ground up with one thought in mind: revenue
  • 8. Delivering On The Promise
    • Connecting With Advertisers In A Different Way and Avoiding the “Bundling” Trap
      • If you give the Web away, that’s all it will ever be worth
      • Banner sales are so yesterday; today’s advertisers want innovative programs tied to audience
      • Tip: Get serious about selling the Web
  • 9. Looking Under The Hood
    • Understanding Web 2.0 and the “Back End of Digital”
    • Successful ad operations, audience metrics and social media implementation are a must
    • Tip: The person running your website should be as skilled as your Program Director
  • 10. Making It All Make Sense
    • The Importance of a Coherent Editorial Strategy
      • Is your site’s mission to promote the station, serve the audience, or both?
      • And how do you know your audience wants what you are serving?
      • Tip: Write a mission/position statement for your site
  • 11. Step Up Your Game
    • Understanding Why You Cannot Win on the Web with Re-purposed, Untrained Talent
      • Would you promote a receptionist to become the station’s Program Director?
      • Tip: Incentivize your PD to drive Web success
      • Tip: Hire a Content Director and tie him to the PD and Sales
  • 12. A Few More Things…
    • Newspapers ignored the Web for years. Now newspapers are just about dead.
    • Newspapers are spending almost every waking moment thinking about the Web. So should you.
    • The mobile threat cannot be ignored. Facebook has 390mm users; iPhone has 57mm. Get it?
  • 13. A Few More Things, continued
    • Sure, budgets are tight, but it you cannot hire a FT Content Director or Digital media strategist, hire a consultant for 5-10 hours a week.
    • Your new Content Director should be as much marketer as programmer
    • Know as much about your Web audience as your radio listeners
  • 14. A Few More Things, continued
    • Incentivize, incentivize. Your PD has to have skin in the game.
    • Need examples of what’s working on radio websites? Check some of the talkies, such as Limbaugh
    • Final tip: This isn’t rocket science. By starting now, you can increase Web traffic and revenues by 300% in 2010
  • 15. How to Reach Me
    • Contact me by email, phone, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter
      • Email: [email_address]
      • Facebook:
      • Linkedin:
      • Twitter:
      • Cell: 708-261-1181