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Services Guide

  1. 1. The Sterling Difference Sterling infoSyStemS, inc. offers a complete array of employee, vendor and drug testing services. Our technology enables us to accurately and securely process over 25,000 orders daily, while remaining flexible enough to customize solutions to each client’s needs. We are the complete, one-source solution to your screening and testing needs. Why Sterling SterlingDirectSM Our goal is to provide you the most accurate intelligence, at SterlingDirect is our state-of-the-art, proprietary web-based the highest speed, at the most effective cost, utilizing the latest order entry, tracking and reporting system. SterlingDirect technology to make our screening process a model of service is extremely flexible and user friendly, and all reports and value. generated by the system are delivered to clients electronically. SterlingDirect features: Our History — We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and service more then 6,000 clients. Our goal has •Customized programs and screens. remained consistent throughout the years — to help our •Ability to create multiple pre-set service packages. clients hire the best people. •Pre-filled order forms. Our “One Source” Solution — Service orders, reports and vendor management are all part of one package, and all reports •Employer branded Online Job Application with electronic invitation capability. and screens can be ordered with one point of contact. Results are immediately accessible through SterlingDirect’s Quality And Accuracy — Our top priority is to ensure you hire easy-to read reports or any of our Human Resource high-integrity employees. By confirming criminal conviction Management software programs that already use Applicant records and following strict compliance and quality control Tracking Systems (ATS) platforms. measures, we provide accurate, high quality data. Turnaround Time (TAT) — Sterling’s accomplishments in product development, technology and dedicated support Announcing… CourtDirectSM teams successfully and consistently achieve TAT’s 50% CourtDirect, Sterling’s unique proprietary technology faster than the industry average. platform, allows us to electronically access primary source records at federal, state and county courts throughout the U.S. Exceeding Client Expectations We have been working with municipalities to digitize their We attribute our 99% customer retention rate to our dedication courthouse records to create this revolutionary data retrieval to customer service and our ability to create flexible, process and are presently integrated with hundreds of U.S. court customized solutions for every client. jurisdictions. Throughout the industry, most courthouse data Our Staff — Sterling support teams are well-trained and retrieval is conducted by individuals, a time-consuming, manual knowledgeable, and have experience across a broad range of process. Now, CourtDirect is electronically integrated with the industries. Their dedicated customer service and account court’s record systems and enables us to conduct direct searches management skills mean that our clients get the information automatically, yielding more accurate results with shorter they need, quickly and accurately. turnaround times. CourtDirect allows Sterling to offer: Our Focus on Best Practices — Our senior managers are involved •More accurate background checks in designing and improving recruiting and hiring processes. •Record-breaking turnaround times ISO Certification •Most cost-efficient searches In January 2007, Sterling completed its International Organization •Total integration of all levels of federal, state and local data for Standardization (ISO) Certification 9001:2000. The Sterling’s CourtDirect enables turnaround times 50% faster than certification ensures that Sterling’s products and services meet the industry! international standards for safety, quality, and reliability. 249 West 17th Street | New York, New York 10011 t: 212.736.5100 | 800.899.2272 | f: 212.736.0683 | ©2008 Sterling Infosystems, Inc.
  2. 2. Sterling’s Services “Sterling offers a comprehensive portfolio of pre-employment screening, testing and assessment. Using our proprietary technology, we provide our clients with accurate, up-to-date reports that are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.“ — Bill Greenblatt, CEO, Sterling Testing Systems. Criminal Conviction Searches Drug Testing •Through ourdirect, electronic access toplatform, we have established proprietary CourtDirect criminal record Our affiliation with all major drug-testing laboratories provides access to over 3,300 collection sites nationwide. repositories in the largest county, state, and federal We can test for substance abuse using blood, urine, breath, court systems. hair and oral fluid (instant or lab-based) solutions. •Where such technology isand internal expeditors to hundreds of researchers not available, we employ •Our Medical Review Officer including monitoring for pre- (MRO) team performs all necessary Medical Reviews, access applicable record repositories. sumptively positive samples and those with • All information received is updated in real-time and abnormalities that may indicate tampering. available to authorized SterlingDirect users. •We use only SAMHSA-certified laboratories (where relevant). National Criminal Database Search •We can establish and/orDepartment of Transportation programs compliant to maintain drug-screening Provides multi-jurisdictional information from many (DOT) requirements. sources including County Records, State Department of Corrections, Sexual Offenders Lists and Administrative Social Security Trace Office of Courts, and is recommended to supplement a comprehensive county and/or statewide criminal •Shows fraudulent and aliases. Security Number, additional names use of Social conviction search. •Reveals address history, which allows our proprietary system, SterlingDirect, to automatically determine where Announcing… Electronic Fingerprinting to perform criminal background checks. Working with partners throughout the country, Sterling processes forensic quality electronic finger printing used for FBI background checks in transportation, education, Consumer Credit Report finance, healthcare, security and other federal or state •Consumer creditproviding information regarding trade credit bureaus, information is gathered from the major regulated industries. accounts, payment history, collections and public records. Our award winning 10-print digital “live scan” systems yield higher quality images with fewer FBI rejections and Sex Offender Search higher match rates. Results are available in hours or days instead of weeks or months. •Offers anconviction search as theprotection beyond a criminal additional measure of offender’s state or We can seamlessly process electronic fingerprint records county records may be sealed, records may reside in through FBI-approved job applicant clearing houses, such family court, or the original sexual offense may have as the American Bankers Association, the Clearinghouse been reduced to a lesser charge. and the NASD. Department of Motor Vehicle Reports •Searchas well as identifiesapplicant’s license is currently valid, determines if the a potentially problematic driving history. Any suspensions or revocations of the license will be listed along with the dates and causes. Is our online order management tool, and an industry leader in web-based technology.
  3. 3. Did you know 48% of applicants lie on their résumés? Sterling helps create a safer workplace environment through superior decision making information. Verifications Terrorist Watch List Verification questions and protocols can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. As the references •Sterling identifiesacting on behalf of countries owned, controlled by, or individuals and companies, identified are up-dated, incoming information is input into our as terrorists or narcotics traffickers by the U.S. system, and is available to authorized SterlingDirect Treasury’s Office of Assets Control (“OFAC”). users in real time. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search Education Verification Education verifications are conducted directly with the •Health care industry search which provides information regarding individuals or entities that are excluded from institution, verifying degrees and certificates as well as participating in Medicare, Medicaid and other federal dates of attendance and graduation. care programs. Employment Verification •Legal reasons formalpractice, embezzlement, loan default including fraud, sanctions are cited in the report, Verified information includes dates of employment, position or title, and salary. Questions regarding work and forgery. habits and attitude are also asked. Fraud & Abuse Control Information Employment — Military: Includes military branch and System (FACIS®) Search •With information culled from over 800 histories for a wide dates of service. state and federal Employment — DOT: Includes previous work sources, FACIS reports provide sanction performance, accident and substance abuse history. variety of healthcare professionals and related organizations. Professional License Verification •FACIS offerssanctions. search levels combining state and federal three different Sterling will verify the status of professional licenses and reveal any recorded violations. National Practitioner Data Bank Personal/Professional References •The NPDB physicians, dentists, and in some cases, other regarding is a central repository of the information Former supervisors and colleagues provide more personal information than a standard employment verification. health care professionals. •The repository contains reports onclinical privilege actions payments, adverse actions, adverse medical malpractice and adverse professional society membership actions. Announcing… Sterling is Safe Harbor Certified Safe Harbor certification allows U.S. companies to access Workers’ Compensation Search personal data from European Union (E.U.) organizations. The “safe harbor” framework was developed by the U.S. •Sterling can search an applicant’s workers’ compensation history. Department of Commerce in response to the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection. The Directive, which prohibits the transfer of personal data to a Applicant Evaluation And Skills Assessments non-European nation which does not meet European •Over 500 online and abilities in areas such as personality, attitudes, skills, tests and surveys are offered, assessing adequacy standards for privacy protection, could primary skills, administrative-clerical, software skills, significantly limit the ability of U.S. companies to engage call center, technical IT, healthcare, legal, finance, and in many trans-Atlantic transactions. Safe Harbor allows bilingual knowledge. U.S companies to demonstrate to E.U. organizations their commitment to providing adequate privacy protections, Results are returned in easy-to-interpret report formats. so a company that is Safe Harbor certified can continue to receive data flows from E.U. organizations. Tenant •Sterling can screen history. tenants regarding address and credit prospective
  4. 4. Sterling’s Priorities “Sterling is truly committed to security and the protection of your confidential data and that of your clients. The biggest benefit is to ensure that our clients, who through Sterling access critical background data on millions of applicants, can streamline their recruitment efforts, and hire with confidence.” —Joe Rotondo, Vice President of Compliance at Sterling Infosystems, Inc. Driving Innovation Through Technology Legal and Compliance Excellence HRIS/ATS Integration: Sterling is HR-XML certified and, to (Jackson Lewis LLP) enable direct exchange of background orders and results Through our relationship with Jackson Lewis, law through e-recruiting solutions, has performed integrations employment specialists, Sterling provides: with leading providers such as: Employment Law Seminars: Expert tips and classes to keep • Aon • Oracle iRecruitment you updated on important developments • BrassRing • PeopleClick Risk Management Advice Hotline: Free access to advice • Ceridian Recruiting Solutions • Peoplesoft eRecruit from the industry’s top legal counsel. • ERC Dataplus • RES • Kenexa • Taleo HRCI: Complimentary continuing education credits. • HRsmart • Ultimate Software UltiPro • JobScience • Unicru Commitment to Privacy and Compliance Protecting your privacy, and that of your applicants, is of • Lawson paramount importance to us. Closed Loop technology: Data is electronically transmitted throughout the entire order and fulfillment process. International Capability and Information flows seamlessly along our secure networks Multi-National Expansion from order to results. Our capabilities allow us to work with international and multinational corporations, and our language proficiencies Best-in Class Security Guarantee include more than 200 languages. We offer our All Sterling processes ensure top of the line security: international clients: •A centralized hosting infrastructure manages all services. •Employment andDMV reportsreference verificationsand education world- •Our proprietary application andofdata repositories are secured through our own suite web applications. wide, as well as in the United States Canada. Interactions are protected by layers of security provisions. •External verifiers connect directly through secure web •Local criminalsavvy researchers usingover 200police, conducted by background checks in courts, countries, interfaces. prosecutor’s offices, or alternatively, the U.S. Embassy •Allour redundant disaster recover servers,data center data is replicated from our co-located or Consulate. to backup to tape. and we also •Safe Harbor Certification (see page three). •Key data elements are encrypted across our transactional processing repositories. We fully encrypt all our archived Our new 2,500 square foot office in Mumbai, India with 24-7 capabilities demonstrates our commitment to serving your international needs. data before securely exporting it to off-site storage. Our partners and certifications help us to deliver the most advanced solutions in the market. C E R T I F I E D