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Tips blogpreneur bagaimana menggunakan blog sebagai media untuk menghasilkan uang secara online dan memanfaatkannya dalam dunia internet marketing oleh Asri Tadda, internet marketer dan blogger dari Makassar.

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  • Hello, great to be here! I want to talk to you today about making some money with blogging and eventually becoming a blogger for a living.
  • I’m assuming everyone that came here today has a blog or at least understands them. I’m covering how to setup your first blog, but if you don’t have one yet, you can have one in about 2 minutes from many places. Anyone that has blogged could likely agree that it’s fun and would be great to fill in for a day job.
  • Let me set the stage. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
  • So here is crux of the challenge. There are ten of millions of blogs, with thousands created daily. It’s hard to make one stand out from the rest, and beyond that, it’s even harder to make some money from that noteworthy blog.
  • So you can do with by folliowing a three step approach I’m outlining today. Think of this as a Cradle-to-grave look at picking a topic, writing about it and getting readers, and how best to get revenue from that. Many tips online for making money blogging are about using expensive keywords as topics, regurgitating news releases, and pumping sites full of ads. This is a different approach. The high road, if you will.
  • Let’s break the thee main points down. The first is picking your topic.
  • This quote is about being a designer, but being a blogger also applies. Making money blogging is all about making a living from your hobby. You might be an accountant, but you might love goldfish. This is your chance to focus on goldfish.
  • Ask yourself this question
  • Your hobbies are what you spend doing in your free time for fun. Why not make it pay as well? Everyday I’m amazed by a new blog about a tiny niche
  • If you’re doing what you love, you’ll look forward to it and it will feel less like “work” Passion is fun
  • This is going to be you for the next year or so.
  • Single blog vs. blog network. Don’t start 10 blogs because you’ll burnout instead of make 10x the money
  • Want to be number 1 in google for a search? Write amazing posts that everyone will link to.
  • Search Engine Optimization. It’s a low-road approach to getting an audience. Why sit there and try to trick robots into liking your site when it’s so much easier to please humans?
  • You know the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions? The path from A to B is a straight line.
  • Nothing is an overnight success
  • I’ve said content is king, let’s talk about some ideas for good content. These are all techniques I use at PVRblog to maintain an active readership.
  • Best interviews are done over several emails, like two questions, then two more that refer to old ones, etc.
  • Best interviews are done over several emails, like two questions, then two more that refer to old ones, etc.
  • There are expert forums for almost any subject, and they often contain awesome hidden tricks and tips, but the information is buried and often esoteric. You can bring the best bits to the surface, on your blog. Lifehacker is basically all this.
  • There are expert forums for almost any subject, and they often contain awesome hidden tricks and tips, but the information is buried and often esoteric. You can bring the best bits to the surface, on your blog. Lifehacker is basically all this.
  • Don’t just become a soulless press release factory, tell your readers *why* they should care about something, or why it is important. Anyone can go to google news for feeds, demonstrate your mastery of the subject by posting your opinions and thoughts on it.
  • Larger ad networks get you bigger ad clients that self-serve advertising doesn’t meet (Apple, HP, BMW). They have ad execs pounding the pavement on your behalf. They are tough to get into, as you have to be a top-flight blog.
  • Blogpreneur dan Internet Marketing

    2. 2. ASRI TADDA•Alumni Fakultas KedokteranAlumni Fakultas KedokteranUNHAS Makassar 2005: SarjanaUNHAS Makassar 2005: SarjanaKedokteran!Kedokteran!•Direktur ASTAMEDIA GROUP,Direktur ASTAMEDIA GROUP,pendiri ASTAMEDIA BLOGGINGpendiri ASTAMEDIA BLOGGINGSCHOOLSCHOOL•Juara II Wirausaha Muda MandiriJuara II Wirausaha Muda Mandiri(WMM) 2008 kategori Industri(WMM) 2008 kategori IndustriKreatifKreatif•Blog personal: www.asritadda.comBlog personal:••
    3. 3. Apa itu blog?Untuk apa ngeblog?Bagaimana caranya membuat blog?
    4. 4. Apa itu blog ?
    5. 5. “Blog merupakan singkatan dari "web log" adalahbentuk aplikasi web yang menyerupai tulisan-tulisan (yang dimuat sebagai posting) padasebuah halaman web umum.Tulisan-tulisan ini seringkali dimuat dalam urutterbalik (isi terbaru dahulu baru kemudian diikutiisi yang lebih lama), meskipun tidak selamanyademikian.–
    6. 6. 112.000.000 jumlah blog di dunia, 120.000112.000.000 jumlah blog di dunia, 120.000blog baru dibuat setiap hari!blog baru dibuat setiap hari!Tercatat sekitar 1 juta blog di IndonesiaTercatat sekitar 1 juta blog di Indonesia(2007) dan terus bertambah setiap hari.(2007) dan terus bertambah setiap hari.
    7. 7. Adakah PENGHASILAN dariblog??
    8. 8. Jeremy SchoemakerMau dapat US $100,000/bulan?
    9. 9. Hmmmmm....Mau juga dehberpenghasilan dari blog..APAKAH MISSION
    10. 10. Follow your passion, find youraudience, and gain revenue
    11. 11. Find Your PASSION
    12. 12. “The most important thing is to do something youlove, whatever that is. It goes back to the definitionof a good job, which is, if you could afford to, wouldyou do the same work for free? If you would, youvegot a great job -- if not, what the heck are youdoing? -- youre going to be dead a long time.Were in a field that allows you to look forward tothat work, not watch the clock, be creative, and evenget paid for it. Ive often thought I make a living frommy hobby.”-- David Carson
    13. 13. APA “PASSION” ANDA?
    14. 14. Apa HOBBY-mu?
    15. 15. Passion doesnt feel like work
    16. 16. Anda butuh PASSION untukpekerjaan yang dilakukan dlmwaktu lama dan tanpa PAMRIH!
    17. 17. Start Small, Avoid Creating ANetwork  ACTION
    18. 18. Find Your AUDIENCE
    19. 19. Content.Is.King.
    20. 20. Just say no to SEO
    21. 21. The road to success is long and takes alot of hard work.
    22. 22. Be patient. Stick with it.
    23. 23. Ide Ngeblog?
    24. 24. Riset dan Opini
    25. 25. Review Produk/Jasa/Web Lain
    26. 26. Google Trends
    27. 27. Wawancara!
    28. 28. Laporan Kegiatan / Reportase
    29. 29. Posting Periodik
    30. 30. Posting Foto/Video
    31. 31. GuestBlogger
    32. 32. Find the MoneyBecomeBLOGPRENEUR
    34. 34. Sumber Pendapatan Blog• Menjual Space Iklan (Blog Advertising)• Menjual Barang atau Jasa(Direct/Reseller/Dropshipper/Affil• Menjual Blog• Konversi Konten Menjadi Buku• Paid Subscriber / Membership• Get hired because of your blog!
    35. 35. BLOG ADVERTISINGPay per clickText link adsVideo Ads (PPV)Banner ads (Flat rate/CPM/CPA)Sponsored ReviewsAudio Ads? **
    36. 36. Pay Per Click
    37. 37. Text link ads
    38. 38. Sponsored Reviews
    39. 39. Video Ads
    40. 40. Banner Ads
    41. 41. Berapa banyak penghasilanngeblog?• Tidak terbatas! Bisa jutaan, puluhan juta,bahkan hingga MILIARAN per bulan!• Gajian bisa setiap hari, setiap pekan, 2pekan sekali, setiap bulan, setiap 6 bulan,bisa KAPAN SAJA!
    42. 42. Eventually, larger networks arebetter
    43. 43. Can you find a topic, gain anaudience, and stick with it?
    44. 44. Make Money Blogging itu adalahsebuah TANTANGAN!
    45. 45. Follow your passion, find youraudience, and gain revenue
    46. 46. Pro Blogger: a lot of work, a lot offun, perhaps a lot of money!
    47. 47. BLOG MARKETINGBlogging for Business
    48. 48. Center for Marketing Research - University ofMassachusetts Dartmouth :Terjadi peningkatan 237% aktivitas blogging oleh500 perusahaan AS untk keperluan marketing.34% dari perusahaan besar saat ini memiliki blog(corporate blog)
    49. 49. Macam-Macam Model Marketing
    50. 50. Mengapa blog dapatmenjadi solusi marketingalternatif?
    51. 51. Blog cukup efektif, lebih murah danmudah dimanage daripada strategimarketing lainnyaTargetTarget audiensaudiens global, tidak ada batas!global, tidak ada batas!PembuatanPembuatan sangat mudah, bisa dibuat dalam 5sangat mudah, bisa dibuat dalam 5menit saja!menit saja!Harga murah, bisa pula gratis!Harga murah, bisa pula gratis!
    52. 52. Blog menawarkan cara yang yangbaru untuk berkomunikasi dengancalon klien atau dengan sesamapebisnis
    53. 53. Blog dapat memposisikan Andasebagai sumber informasi #1 diinternet.Blog membantu Anda menjelaskan tentang bisnisAnda kepada siapa pun, kapan pun, dan darimana pun!Blog bisa membuat perusahaan anda semakin"nyata“ karena membangun kedekatan yang kuatdengan masyarakat dan klien Anda setiap saat!
    56. 56. Skema Blog Marketing
    57. 57. Pro Blogger: a lot of work, a lot offun, perhaps a lot of money!
    58. 58. Terima