22     THE            ACHIEVEMENTS                                         OF       Professor Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk      ...
Monoclonal antibody is a protein thathas 2 special properties. First, monoclonal                                          ...
produced antibodies are further exploited in basic   immunodiagnostic kits for several diseases.24   researches on leukocy...
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  1. 1. 22 THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF Professor Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk Professor Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk was born on 6 November 1958 in Phrae province, Thailand. He received his B.Sc. in Medical Technology and M.Sc. in Microbiology from Chiang Mai University. He later received Ph.D. in Immunology from Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien, Vienna, Austria, in 1992. He began his academic career in the Department of Medical Technology, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University until today. In the Department, he teaches Immunology to both undergraduate and graduate students, and also conducts both basic and applied research in Immunology. He was appointed Professor of Medical Technology in 2006.
  2. 2. Monoclonal antibody is a protein thathas 2 special properties. First, monoclonal 23antibody can specifically react to its recognizedantigen. Second, monoclonal antibody can beproduced by hybridoma technique in anylaboratory. Currently, monoclonal antibodiesbecome an important tool for basic research inmany areas and also are employed for preventionand treatment of various diseases. In addition,monoclonal antibodies are utilized for developmentof various immunodiagnostics. After Ph.D. study,Professor Kasinrerk carries his research on theestablishment of efficient method for productionof monoclonal antibodies and using of monoclonal production of monoclonal antibodies. In hisantibodies for biochemical characterizations and laboratory, the antibodies are generated usingfunction studies of leukocyte surface molecules various platforms. These include the production ofand development of immunodiagnostic kits for antibody from chicken eggs by IgY technology,various diseases. production of monoclonal antibodies by DNA At the Biomedical Technology Research immunization, antigen-bead immunization, andCenter, Department of Medical Technology, Faculty immunization of recombinant protein producedof Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai from prokaryotic and mammalian cells. InUniversity, Professor Kasinrerk conducts research addition, various home-made supplements foron the development of various technologies for hybridoma technology are also produced for replacing of imported materials. From these research works, various monoclonal antibodies can be effectively produced in Professor Kasinrerk’s research unit. The immune system composes of many types of leukocytes that work together. Leukocyte surface molecules are demonstrated to be involved in leukocyte communications and immune-regulation. Biochemical characterizations and functional studies of leukocyte surface molecules, therefore, will lead to a better understanding of the function of the immune system. To study the function of leukocyte surface molecules, in Professor Kasinrerk’s laboratory, various monoclonal antibodies against leukocyte surface molecules are produced. The
  3. 3. produced antibodies are further exploited in basic immunodiagnostic kits for several diseases.24 researches on leukocyte surface molecules. He Recently, he has developed a novel non-flow has demonstrated that CD147 is a leukocyte cytometric method for enumeration of CD4+ surface molecule which contains at least two lymphocytes. In stead of using a flow cytometer, bioactive domains. Triggering of CD147 by the method requires only an automatic specific ligands induces signal transductions and hematoanalyzer (Complete Blood Count or lead to the regulation of leukocyte functions. CBC machine). This method is therefore an This information may lead to the development alternative for enumerating CD4+ lymphocytes of new strategy or new drug for regulation of for assessing HIV/AIDS patients, particularly in immune responses. In addition, by using a limited-resource countries. In collaboration with generated monoclonal antibody, he has also Associate Professor Dr. Chatchai Tayapiwatana uncovered a novel leukocyte surface molecule. and Professor Suthat Fuchareon, he has By the 8th Human Leukocyte Differentiation developed an immunochromatographic strip test Antigen (HLDA) Workshop held in Adelaide, for rapid screening of a -thalassemia 1 carriers. Australia, December 2004, this molecule was The developed method is simple and need no defined as a new leukocyte surface molecule, sophiticated equipment and is suitable for named CD298. This is the CD molecule discovered screening and ruling out of a -thalassemia 1 by Thai researchers. carrier in the mass populations. The developed In addition, Professor Kasinrerk has immunodiagnostics have now already transferred utilized and applied the produced monoclonal to a private company for commercialization. antibodies for development of high performance