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  • Fix this slide so the image fits in well with everything else
  • Atlas of Giving Report, 20112011 donations increased 7.5% over 2010 donations. Continued growth of 3.9% forecasted for 2012. Blackbaud Index, January 2012Through the first 11 months of 2011, overall giving is up 3.4% over 2010 and is now officially above the level of giving last seen in 2007.
  • Hidden Gold, McKinnon, 1999The lifetime value of monthly giving donors is estimated at 600-800% higher than annual giving donors.
  • https://www.blackbaud.com/re792-new-training
  • This is the report showing the breakdown of their database based on Giving Score. We also outline each of the quadrants of Giving Score (VIPs, Fans, Long-Shots, Acquaintances) and what types of individuals they can expect to find in each of these categories.
  • Dashboards have brand new panels just for Giving ScoreThis panel gives you a breakdown of you Giving Score run. You can configure it to show which run you would like to see. It defaults to the last time the database was run.This panel shows you all your Giving Score Queries. You can access them and even add new queries right from here.This panel lets you breakdown your scored database by constituency. The example shows how all the Board Members are scored in the system. This panel too can be configured to accommodate any constituency the user wishes.
  • R ei canadian consultant presentation

    1. 1. THE RAISER’S EDGE (i) Dawn Hollowell Sr. Product Marketing Manager August 20128/28/2012 RE Positioning 1
    2. 2. AGENDA • Positioning • REi overview • Packaging • Giving Score • RE mobile app • Key marketing collateral • Referral partner program8/28/2012 RE Positioning 2
    3. 3. CORE POSITIONING8/28/2012 RE Positioning 3
    4. 4. CORE POSITIONING For nonprofits who need a solution to support and direct their constituent relationship management, fundraising and e-marketing activities. The Raiser’s Edge(i) is a fundraising solution that saves time, increases productivity, and helps you raise more money for your mission. CRM, online fundraising and email marketing are coupled with smart analytics, data enrichment tools and best practices—all in a single solution. The Raiser’s Edge(i) is the only fundraising solution you’ll ever need to buy.8/28/2012 RE Positioning 4
    5. 5. THE RAISER’S EDGE(i) – WHAT IS IT? • A best of breed CRM solution to manage fundraising and supporter management • The Raiser’s Edge(i) allows our customers to… - Target & identify their best prospects (sophisticated segmentation) - Communicate their mission and inspire supporters (online and offline) - Engage and cultivate their donors (manage varying types of support) - Appreciate & retain support (obtain a 360 degree view of supporter record) - Measure & manage impact on their mission (advanced reporting capability) The Raiser’s Edge(i) at a Glance8/28/2012 RE Positioning 5
    6. 6. WHY WAS THE RAISER’S EDGE(i) CREATED? To offer differentiated services and functionality to our customers that no other vendor can offer in one solution To offer a competitively priced bundle, dispelling “nickel and diming” perception and offering more for less. To improve the customer experience by making REi easier to understand and buy To expand Blackbaud’s market reach beyond donor management by offering vertical bundles for membership and alumni8/28/2012 RE Positioning 6
    7. 7. WHO IS A GOOD PROSPECT FOR RAISER’S EDGE? • The nonprofit wants to: - Track donors and gifts (online and offline) • >2,000 contacts • >$100,000 in annual contributions - Manage events • >2 events per year - Manage major or planned giving program - Use email marketing • Store data in more than 3 sources - Prompt for donors, prospects, volunteers, event attendees, foundation contacts, media contacts, government officials, program participants, etc. • Have a fundraising team of 5+ people8/28/2012 RE Positioning 7
    8. 8. VALUE PROPOSITION Serving over 13,000 nonprofits worldwide, Raiser’s Edge has been the most trusted supporter management solution for over 20 years RE(i) helps customers save time, increase productivity and raise more money for their missions RE(i) is a smart solution. CRM, online fundraising and email marketing are coupled with smart analytics, data enrichment services and best practices—built right in RE(i) is one solution with all the tools you need for cultivating relationships with supporters and running your nonprofit business RE(i) is the only fundraising solution you’ll ever need to buy8/28/2012 RE Positioning 8
    9. 9. ADD 41% MORE TIME TO YOUR DAY • Bi-directional native integration between online and offline giving • Lessens the burden of importing, double entry and data clean up • Easily identify your most lucrative supporters so you are putting your effort where you’ll get the most benefit Sample questions to ask prospects: 1. Do you use a multi-channel marketing strategy? 2. Are online and offline donations stored in a single database? 3. How much time do you spend cleaning up your data?8/28/2012 RE Positioning 9
    10. 10. BE 46% MORE PRODUCTIVE • Quickly know what to do next with built-in queries, reports, dashboards and action tracks • Feel confident in your mailings with included data enrichment services like AddressFinder • Easily build meaningful relationships with supporters because you have constituent information at your fingertips Sample questions to ask prospects: 1. Did they see a 7.5% growth in donations last year? 2. How many mailers are returned to you each year? 3. Would built-in queries, reports and dashboards make your life easier?8/28/2012 RE Positioning 10
    11. 11. RAISE 37% MORE MONEY FOR YOUR MISSION • Segment data with smart fundraising functionality like The Giving Score so you can focus your efforts where you’ll get the most benefit • Understand your supporters with WealthPoint and target those with the greatest capacity to give • Offer your donors the convenience of monthly giving • Make it easy for supporters to donate via your website • Give volunteers a memorable and feel-good experience so they’ll become donors Sample questions to ask prospects: 1. Do you know how to increase the lifetime value of your donors? 2. Do you know which donors have the greatest capacity to give? 3. Do you have a plan to cultivate these VIPs once you identify them?8/28/2012 RE Positioning 11
    12. 12. IT’S IN THERE—A SINGLE SOLUTION • All the functionality you need for CRM, online fundraising and email marketing are included in The Raisers Edge(i) • Add in the included smart analytics, data enrichment services and best practices and you’ve got a total solution • Hosting is included to keep your total cost of ownership low Sample questions to ask prospects: 1. How many different solutions and vendors are you using to run your fundraising business today? 2. Are you running on-demand or on-premise solutions today? 3. Do you have the IT staff and infrastructure to support an on-premise solution?8/28/2012 RE Positioning 12
    13. 13. O V E RV I E W8/28/2012 RE Positioning 13
    14. 14. CRM & ONLINE FUNDRAISING IN ONE SOLUTION • The Raiser’s Edge(i) is a comprehensive solution: - Includes The Raiser’s Edge for supporter management - Includes NetCommunity Spark online fundraising and emarketing Flexible and easy to use database to track all the details associated with building donor relationships + Powerful online marketing tools including online donation and registration, email communications and targeted fundraising campaigns8/28/2012 RE Positioning 14
    15. 15. VERTICAL SPECIFIC PACKAGING The Raiser’s Edge(i) for Fundraising Organizations • Includes core CRM functionality, as well as… - Prospect Management (for Major Giving and Prospecting) - Recurring Giving - Tribute Giving - Planned Gift Tracking • Also includes Spark for online fundraising and email marketing The Raiser’s Edge(i) for Membership Organizations • Includes everything in the core RE(i) package • Also includes… - Membership management in RE - Online membership forms in Spark8/28/2012 Footer 15
    16. 16. VERTICAL SPECIFIC PACKAGING The Raiser’s Edge(i) for Alumni Organizations • Includes everything in the core RE(i) package • Also includes… - Alumni tracking in RE - Online directories in Spark8/28/2012 Footer 16
    17. 17. BUILT IN ANALYTICS AND DATA ENRICHMENT • The Giving Score Overview • The Giving Score Ratings • WealthPoint for The Raisers Edge • AddressFinder These services provide customers with clean and accurate data, allowing them to… • Identify their best potential supporters • Operate more efficiently, spending time on what matters most • Build and maintain better relationships with their supporters • Save time, money and staff time8/28/2012 RE Positioning 17
    18. 18. VALUE ADDED SERVICES BUNDLED IN • Application Hosting for The Raiser’s Edge - 24/7 remote access to the system - Secure back up and protection of data • Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) for payment processing - All inclusive, simplifies processing - Features the Blackbaud OneRATE at 2.59% • Start Learning for The Raiser’s Edge - Free tutorials included in maintenance (self-paced recorded lessons) - Ensures they have the fundamental tools to use the system • Blackbaud Learn Subscription for NetCommunity Spark - Includes self-paced AND instructor-led training8/28/2012 RE Positioning 18
    19. 19. PA C K A G I N G A N D P R I C I N G8/28/2012 RE Positioning 19
    20. 20. PACKAGINGhttps://www.blackbaud.com/re 8/28/2012 RE Positioning 20
    21. 21. ADD-ON’S RE(i ):EVENT™ 35% attachment RE(i): Volunteer™ rate Enables our customers to: Enables our customers to: Plan, organize, and implement all Gather online volunteer applications aspects of their events Complete volunteer record keeping Send email invites including skills sets, experience, and certifications. Process online registrations and transactions Coordinate and track hours Track event participants, donations, Schedule assignments based on their expenses and event revenue availability and interests Manage renewal campaigns via the Track when a volunteer’s next service web with seamless integration back to award is due. the CRM database.8/28/2012 RE Positioning 21
    22. 22. COMMON CUSTOMER ADD-ON MODULES • Event • Volunteer • Search (prospect) • Tribute • EFT (recurring giving)8/28/2012 RE Positioning 22
    23. 23. PRICING • The Raiser’s Edge(i) • Includes Spark (online donations and email marketing) • Includes Hosting • Includes Tribute, Search, EFT, Planned Giving modules • Maintenance • Learn Pricing starts at $9,000 for a1-user system8/28/2012 RE Positioning 23
    24. 24. THE GIVING SCORE8/28/2012 RE Positioning 24
    25. 25. THE GIVING SCORE • Giving Score is run for new customers at the time of conversion • Where does the data live? - For customers with RE:Search, data presents on Prospect tab - For customers without RE:Search, data presents on Ratings tab8/28/2012 RE Positioning 25
    26. 26. WHAT IS IT?8/28/2012 RE Positioning 26
    27. 27. GIVING SCORE REPORT8/28/2012 RE Positioning 27
    28. 28. GIVING SCORE DASHBOARDS 1 2 38/28/2012 RE Positioning 28
    29. 29. THE RAISER’S EDGE MOBILE APP8/28/2012 RE Positioning 29
    30. 30. MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY Data Portability - Optimized presentation of constituent information for smartphone - Up-to-date information for constituent profiles—no more printing static copies - Access recent gift data - No more lugging around binders or laptops - Add constituents as Favorites for offline access - Leverage native smartphone functions like click-to-call, mapping, email, text Ease of Update - Meets users where they are used to working - Add/edit notes and call reports on the road—right into the constituent record - Complete your assigned actions and add Targeted GA Release Date: September 2012 new actions8/28/2012 RE Positioning 30
    31. 31. CONSTITUENT RECORD Constituent Record - Easy to read contact information - Email, call or text right from the constituent record - See Details, Giving, Notes, Actions, Relationships Prototype products you will be seeing are under development and are subject to change prior to commercial release. Targeted GA Release Date: September 20128/28/2012 RE Positioning 31
    32. 32. CONSTITUENT RECORD DETAILS8/28/2012 RE Positioning 32
    33. 33. CONSTITUENT GIVING HISTORY8/28/2012 RE Positioning 33
    34. 34. DASHBOARDSDashboards forquick access togifts and actionsPrototype products you will be seeing are under development and are subject to change prior to commercial release.Targeted GA Release Date: September 2012 8/28/2012 RE Positioning 34
    35. 35. MARKETING COLLATERAL • The Raiser’s Edge brochure • Event module datasheet • Volunteer module datasheet • The Raiser’s Edge mobile app datasheet • The Giving Score Overview8/28/2012 RE Positioning 35
    36. 36. R E F E R R A L PA R T N E R P R O G R A M8/28/2012 RE Positioning 36
    37. 37. STEPS TO BLACKBAUD REFERRAL PARTNERSHIP • Blackbaud is looking for collaborative Partners, to register:  First, We begin the process by directing partners to the online referral agreement  Second, We ask that the partner review and approve the agreement  Third, The partner is now open to submit client requests by using this online form • Once a lead is submitted:  Blackbaud will assign the regionally appropriate sales executive to help evaluate  The Blackbaud sales executive will work collaboratively  In the manner requested by the referral partner  Goal being to provide relevant informational and investment documentation • The benefits of Referral Partnership:  Upon sales completion and payment has been received in full  Blackbaud will remit a check to the partner for 10% of the software value purchased8/28/2012 RE Positioning 37
    38. 38. ADDITIONAL VALUE FOR REFERRAL PARTNERS • Added benefits for Blackbaud approved referral partners: • Resources:  Access to Sales Representatives  Access to Training, Support, and Marketing Materials  New to the program! Access to Sandbox accounts by request  Discounted rates for BBCON and other Blackbaud events • Selective Service Offerings:  Blackbaud is open to working jointly with partners to deliver the best mix of services  What is in the best interest of the customer?  Services beyond what Blackbaud can offer  Services preferred by the customer  Examples: Project Management, Design, Data Services8/28/2012 RE Positioning 38
    39. 39. SALES EVALUATION QUESTIONS FOR THE RAISER’S EDGE • To properly position an investment quote, your sales executive will need to know:  What are the principal needs of the organization?  Who is involved in the decision and what is the decision making process?  What are the timelines and milestones? Ex: when live? when board meeting? budget?  How many concurrent users are needed?  Are they converting data from another system, if yes, which system?  Do they need membership or alumni functionality?  Do they need the event or volunteer module? • Modular options will be sent in summary format for you to assist in evaluation. • If additional information is needed, your sales executive can outline the gaps.8/28/2012 RE Positioning 39
    40. 40. CONTACTS FOR REFERRAL PARTNERSHIP AND SALES • For questions on setting up partnership and program details: Alex Espinoza: Partner Manager Alex.Espinoza@blackbaud.com 858-795-8931 • For questions regarding your regional sales executive: Craig White, Manager of Sales, Blackbaud Canada Craig.White@blackbaud.com 800-443-9441 x3278 • For questions regarding product positioning and marketing for this product: Dawn Hollowell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for The Raiser’s Edge dawn.hollowell@blackbaud.com8/28/2012 RE Positioning 40