Exploring brand person relationship group4


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Exploring brand person relationship group4

  1. 1. EXPLORING BRAND-PERSONRELATIONSHIPBrand Management : Term 4 – Group 4 Roll No. Name FT13170 Shouvik Das FT13224 Ishani Sircar FT13312 Arjun Choudhry FT13351 Namita Joshi FT13389 Vikrant Vijay Mahajan FT13466 Ruchika Salhotra
  2. 2. 1a) Think about the life stories of our three informants and the quotes regarding the brands they use .Is it appropriate to say that these consumers have formed relationships with the brands they know and use? In what ways yes, in what ways no? PROFILES OF THE 3 CANDIDATES Jean Karen Vicky• 59 yr old • 39 yr old • 23 years of age• Barmaid living with her • Recently Divorced • University Student husband • Working Mother – Daughters • Recently moved out• Italian Origin Aged 8 & 12 • In the process of Identity• Personality Traits • Personality Traits formation. • Hardworking • Self disciplined • Conflict between dependence • Family Oriented • An under-achiever & interdependence • Independent • Responsible and caring • Outgoing and people • Strong • Aspiring and youthful oriented. • Honest • Self centred • Self assured and confident. • Disciplined and organized • Unsure and undecided of long • Ideological and stands for issues • COMPASSIONATE term perspectives in life • Strong association with ex- • Loyal towards people & • SACRIFICE spouse and mother brands • Believes in “No pain no gain” • Influenced by close • Very little Experimentation in • Social – love & care for order to find oneself People personalities • Looks for solace • Does not get influenced by • Part of closely knit community choices of others – intimate • Gullible in relationships • Honest and true to self. • DOES NOT LIKE CHANGES • Professional and keeps to • LOYAL TO GROUP herself at work environments EXPECTATIONS • GRASPS FOR FAMILIARITY • FOLLOWS ROUTINE
  3. 3. Brand Relationship and Associations of JEAN  Forms strong opinions and is High on brand loyalty for relationships with the products she uses after testing and experimenting with other comparative products  Mostly talks about brands of products used by a typical home makerHer relationship is having EXPERIENTIAL VALUE. With the following brands she  inBelieves in of products conveyed byof brandsBelieves using a mix message from a variety the brand associates because it bringshown below: resonance, by bringing • Revere Ware – Stainless Steel Pot RELATIONSHIP VALUE • Pastene Tomatoes • Philip Berio Olive Oil • Reminds of Mom • Progresso • Estee Launder • Italian flavoured bread crumbs • Reminds of Second Daughter • vinegar • Bugles Snacks • Johnnie’s Foodmaster – Meat Shop • Team Cereal • Contadina Tomato Paste • Nestle Quik • Bounty Paper Towels • Bunny Yummies • Frigidaire – Refrigerator • Electrolux – Vacuum Cleaner • Cleaning Agent - Comet Preferred Vs Bon Ami (scratching sink) • Shampoo – Aussie Miracle ( doesn’t make hair flat vs. others) • Tide Detergent (dissolves in water vs. others)
  4. 4. Brand Relationship and Associations of KAREN • Brand associations vary widely across product categories • Indifferent to brands used for general domestic purpose • High level of loyalty to personal brands • Not a frequent switcher and early adapter Personal Products : • Uses brands mostly out of habit and history EXPERIENTIAL VALUE -Indifferent about Tide, Surf , Cheer – Price SensitiveBRAND•SUPERIORITY :isFor Comet vs. Ajax Buys what “Demanded of her” STRINGENTEXPERIENTIAL VALUE : • Mary Kay• For Gateway vs. Apple • Dove Soap – Changed• For Success Rice after dial (used byInfluenced by other relationships for the products: mother)Jim : • Gatorade• Mop & Glo Vs Palmolive • Reebok running shoes• Dove• Brand of Mayonnaise • Coke• Hellman Vs Miracle WhipMother• Joy Soap• Lysol cleaner• Ban Vs Right Guard
  5. 5. Brand Relationship and Associations of Vicki • Often proud of her brand associations • Exhibits loyalty across the brand family • A stickler to brands and maintains consistency • A systematic variant selector • Open to using new brands if see’s functional benefits • Driven by cognitive and affective beliefs with right balance • Femininity a driver for brand purchasePerceived BRAND SUPERIORITY & LOYALTY SHOWN for the following brands, giving strong • Floral based products preferredreasons for associations:-• Ivory Soap•Crest toothpaste•Soft n Dry•Musk Perfumes – Intimate Musk & Jordache Love Musk, Opium, Giorgio, Aveda Elixr• Select Innerware - Victoria Secret (Special Occasions), Bali & playtex (comfort based)•Floral Products – Sheets, Comforters, Bras , Shampoos & conditioner - Aeromatics, MintmRosemary•Tetley Teabags•Dow (preferred) Vs Lysol Cleaner
  6. 6. 1b) What kinds of connections form between consumers and their closely-heldbrands?BRAND RELATIONSHIPS - JEAN Brand Relationship Type Reason for buying ReverWare Stainless Functional Sauce Doesn’t burn Steel Pastene Tomatoes Functional Best Taste for Sauce Hunts Special Sauce Self-expressive Taste Enhancer Philip Berio Olive Oil Emotional She feels that the taste is better Progresso bread crumbs & Emotional Italian vinegar Johnnie’s Foodmaster meat Emotional Better Taste Contadian Tomato Paste Self-expressive Taste Enhancer Bounty paper towels Functional She likes using them Jenn-Air Self-expressive
  7. 7. Brand Relationships – Jean - ContBrand Relationship Type Reason for buyingFridgeidaire refrigerator Functional Perceives Best RefrigeratorsElectrolux Vacuum Self Expressive Perceives BestCleanerComet sink cleaner Functional Old Brand – Bon Ami, Degraded in QualityAussie Miracle Shampoo Functional Doesn’t make her hair flatTide Detergent Functional Dissolves in WaterGeneral Electric irons Self Expressive Gifted by Someone
  8. 8. Brand Relationships – KarenBrand Relationship Reason for buying TypeDetergent: Functional Not able to distinguish between brands.Tide,Cheer, Surf Depend on-Sale, location, displaySuccess Rice Functional Feels it is one-of-a-kindComet Functional Dislikes Ajax because of low performanceGateway Functional Preferred over AppleJoy Functional Mother used itBan Functional Not SpecifiedMiracle Whip Functional Not SpecifiedMary Kay Emotional Belief keeps her youngerDove Self Expressive Superior product BeliefGatorade Emotional Likes the tasteReebok Emotional Emotional AttachmentCoke Self Expressive Not Specified
  9. 9. Brand Relationships – VickyBrand Relationship Reason for buying TypeIvory – Soap Self Expressive Strong association of Self with soapCrest-Toothpaste Functional Suits best for her needsSoft n Dry Self Expressive Smells nice, peer recognitionOpium Emotional People notice herIntimate Musk Emotional Smells niceJordache Functional Bought during XmasLove MuskVictoria’s Secret, Functional Different uses, for different instancesMaidenform,Playtex, BaliAveda Elixir Emotional Mood Dependent
  10. 10. Brand Relationships – Vicky - ContBrand Relationship Reason for buying TypeAromatics Mint Self Expressive Gifted by FriendRosemary Self Expressive Gifted by FriendShampooB& M Baked Self Expressive Gifted by FriendBeansTetley Emotional Used by momLysol Emotional Used by momDow Functional New – Improved productMetadent Functional Hygine FactorToothpaste
  11. 11. 1c) Are these connections specific to individual brands, or can patterns be identified across brands in a given consumers portfolio? As per the given data, we could only identify tide detergent serving the trend of a functional relationship, however to understand the trend analysis, we did a categorization of all brands in 4 categories – Food & Beverages, Household Maintenance , consumer durables & personal care. We were able to identify the following across relationship typesCategory Emotional Functional Self Expressive Grand TotalConsumer Durable 1 5 2 8Food & Beverages 5 2 5 12HH Maintainance 1 7 8Personal Care 4 6 4 14Grand Total 11 20 11 42 We can identify that the functional attributes across brands have a higher degree of relationship across categories with an exception of F&B where emotional & self expressive relationship have a higher pull
  12. 12. 1d) Are Jean’s brand relationships different from Karen’s or Vicki’s? Whose brand relationships are strongest? Why? Yes, Jean’s brand relationship are different because:-  Prefers particular products over brands , while Karen is price sensitive & need based, vicki’s loyal to the category & the value derived from the a superior product , or the esteem / status it carries in the society I would argue that Jeans Relationships are the strongest as:-  Experience based, after using other products Vs karen & vicki like a brand without trying the others  Specifies products as BEST in her statements, where as karen & vicki show preference, and back up reasons for the preference  Karen is likely to switch brands based on price and convince to fit her routine, even though she prefers familiarity, we cannot say much as she has the tendency to give into other peoples choices. We would argue that jeans brand loyalty is the weakest among the three individuals  Vicki is in the phase of self discovery, possible she might have the tendency to switch the brand on experimenting on a better product
  13. 13. 2.) Think about the pool of brand relationships available for study in the case. Jean – Brand Association •Affective relationship is high •Has strong opinions about brands she uses •Brand loyalty is high •Mostly talks about brands of products used by a typical home maker •Believes in message conveyed by the brand •Uses Brands which reminds her of her family •Buys the best brands •May switch brands only if functional benefits are substantial Karen– Brand Association • Brand associations vary widely across product categories. • Indifferent to brands used for general domestic purpose. •More driven towards cost effectiveness •Believes that all big brands are equally good • High level of loyalty to personal brands • Not a frequent switcher and early adapter. • Uses brands mostly out of habit and history. •Affected by the choices of family members •Likes easy to cook product brands
  14. 14. Vicki– Brand Association•Strongly related to her parents and roots.• Bonds with friends of past and present.• Looks for long term relationships• Faithful and Loyal•Variety seeker when It comes to certain things but by and large veryconsistent with her rituals and stuff like that.•More aware about things and tries to make a informed choice rather thanjust going by past associations.
  15. 15. 2.2) Can you think of ways to summarize and describe these relationships in ways thatmight be managerially useful? •Jean buys some Brands like Rever Ware Stainless Steel and Pastene tomatoes for their functional value •Philip Berio Olive oil & Progress Bread crumbs are bought due to emotional value •Electrolux vacuum cleaner is bought because of her Belief that it is the best •Karen Uses Mary Kay and Dove due to Sensory value •Vicki uses Opium because people notice her and it provides social value
  16. 16. 2.3)Which brand relationships in the case would you describe as especially strong andenduring? What makes you describe these as "strong"? If you wanted to measure thestrength or quality of a brand relationship, what questions would you ask the consumer? •Intimate Musk- Vicki •Mary Kay- Karen •Dove-Karen •Opium-Vicki •Electro Lux-Jean •Frigidaire-Jean Weak Brand Strong Brand
  17. 17. Behavioral Loyalty1. Which Brand do you usually Buy?2. Which Brand did you use last time?3. Which brand do you currently possess?4. Which brand do you consider buying?5. Which brand will you buy next time?Brand Substitutability1. Which brand did you buy last time?2. If the brand had not been available, what would have you done?
  18. 18. 2.4) Why do some relationships decline and dissolve while others intensify andendure? • Delivery of value and quality • Innovation • Differentiation • Competition
  19. 19. 5) How does a high quality relationship form and evolve over time?
  20. 20. 6) Think about the traditional ideas of brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, andbrand equity. Have the stories of Jean, Karen, and Vicki disturbed your sense ofthe meaning of these terms in any way? Informant Name Is there any Deviation Comments ? Jean NO She has a very strong sense of loyalty towards the products she buys and feels that its worth the money. She is satisfied and does not mind paying more. Karen Slight She chooses products based on price and discounts . She buys the items available in sale. She shows some sense of loyalty towards the products which make her feel look young. Vicki NO She is a variety seeker. She likes trying out new stuff but she is very loyal to the brands she uses.
  21. 21. 7)If you had to predict three consumer-brand relationships that would endure fiveyears after these initial interviews, which would you select? Why those? Jean Karen Pastene tomatoes Mary Kay Jean will definitely continue to use this She will definitely continue to use this product product in the next 5 years, since it satisfies all in the next 5 years, since it satisfies all the 3 the 3 values of Central, Expressive and values of Central, Expressive and Functional Functional Central Value Central Value -It is really made for me - I always buy this brand, it is the best Expressive value Expressive value -The thought of not having it makes me - The others use rotten tomatoes nervous -They use the best sauce you can tell -I depend on it more and need it more Functional Functional -The tomatoes used are perfect and the best -It keeps me younger Vicki Intimate Musk She is likely to continue to use this product in the next 5 years, since it currently satisfies all the 3 values of Central, Expressive and Functional Central Value -I have gotten that every year since Expressive value -I am definitely a variety seeker when it comes to certain things but I mean, on the whole I am pretty consistent with my rituals and stuff like that. -I can’t imagine not having Functional - You smell good
  22. 22. 8) Draw a Brand Hierarchy pyramid for any of the brands in use by either ofJean, Karen or Vicky . MARY KAY Karen has great affiliations with this brand She feels the products keeps her younger to the extent that the non- availability makes her disappointed She credits much of appearance to Mary Kay and feels dependent on it.