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Bm group4 nivea


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Bm group4 nivea

  1. 1. Name Roll No: Shouvik Das FT13170 Ishani Sircar FT13224 Arjun Choudhry FT13312 Namita Joshi FT13351 Vikrant Vijay Mahajan FT13389 Ruchika Salhotra FT13466Group 4
  2. 2.  For the most part, Nivea uses a standardized marketing mix. However, the company modifies some details, primarily advertising images and messages, to adapt to local cultures and preferences.
  3. 3.  Nivea changes small details on each site to cater to local consumers. For example, the models on each site vary to reflect the local culture and heritage. However, the basic information available on each site consistently tells the Nivea story, communicating the brand’s history and positioning.
  4. 4.  Focus on Sun and Skin protection Variety of Products displayed
  5. 5. Focus Skincare Celebrating 100 yrs (legacy) Beauty – Body & Shape
  6. 6.  Different Language – Spanish Football Flavour Celebrity / Expert Endorsement Sensuous
  7. 7. Focus on Moisturizer Cleaning Sun Protection Deo - smelling good Men’s Skincare
  8. 8. Year Release1912 Introduced Crème in Europe1922 In US and South America1951 Introduce first deodorizing soap1963 NIVEA milk-"for all-over body care"1973 "Only Me" NIVEA ad campaign1982 Internationalization of Brand1992 NIVEAs BLUE HARMONY ad2002 Launches -Nivea lip care2010 Launches - Nivea Happiness Sensation
  9. 9. Quality Blue/ For White Family Scent/ Simple FeelGentle Pure Heritage Protect Care Soft
  10. 10.  Internationalize sub-brands by creating a universal name. NIVEA logo for all packaging. Adopted separate ad campaigns for each sub-brands, but a common message of quality and care exist in all ad. Implemented IMC by “Blue Bible” philosophy Same message in all the marketDirect Marketing :-Periodic mailings to more than one million databaseNon-Traditional Marketing :-NIVEA beach ball @ European beaches each summerBlue Santa Clause giving NIVEA cream in GermanyEvent Marketing :-Sponsored beauty contests in diverse market, Poland, UK & Thailand
  11. 11.  Blue Harmony Campaign Centralized brand elements and message of quality and care. Common emotions in all ads. Brand values such as:  Health  Love  Mother  Timeless  Genuine  Simple  Caring
  12. 12.  No, when the message is the same across the entire world. When the emotions conveyed and interpreted are the same. The same simple blue logo with white lettering should be maintained.
  13. 13. Key approaches that Nivea could adopt to growi. Market Penetrationii. New Product Developmentiii. Market Developmentiv. Diversification
  14. 14. i. Market PenetrationSelling more products involves either growing the market as a whole or taking marketshare from competitors.Adjusting the marketing mix:Product - Reformulating products to make them more effective e.g. better at moisturising.Price - Reflecting good value but at a premium to retailers own or private labels torepresent quality.Place - finding new outlets through which to sell the products.Promotion - finding more effective ways of reaching the target market, e.g. samples onbeauty magazines.
  15. 15. ii. New product developmentBeiersdorfs investment across a broad range of existing products illustratesits commitment to new product development which should becarried along.• Focus on Core Competence of R&D to provide Quality Products• Matching Science With the Consumers Needs• Developing new concepts for active ingredients against skin aging• Higher focus on organic and Herbal formulations• Communication to the larger audience highlighting the thrust on R&D.
  16. 16. iii. Market development• Clear Geographical Focus -To focus on clearly defined geographical priorities.• Western Europe should remain in focus.• China, Russia, Brazil, and India should be geographical priorities delivering superior growth.• Should put more emphasis on sizeable regions, like Latin America and Asia.• Should focus on dedicated solutions for some product categories to address local consumer needs.
  17. 17. iv. Diversification• Develop new products for new markets.This is well illustrated by the development of the NIVEA FOR MEN range.This development resulted from several trends. These include:• The softening and blurring of "male" and "female" gender roles.• Increased spending on lifestyles with more people attending gyms and caring about their appearance.• New media developments, e.g. the revolution in mens magazines provide direct contact with men through advertising.