June 23rd ares meeting


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Houston Co Ares meeting June 23rd, 2011

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June 23rd ares meeting

  1. 1. Welcome<br />To the June 23rd meeting of<br />Houston County<br />Amateur Radio Emergency Services<br />
  2. 2. In the interest of time, we need to keep each of tonight’s subject discussion to a minimum. <br />This is not to say that we don’t value your opinion but….<br />extended discussion will cause us not to be able to finish tonight's agenda. <br />Any time left over can be used to go back and review any topic you wish!<br />
  3. 3. Do we want to combine Houston/Peach/Crawford/and any other counties in this area for county Nets, Training and general meetings for the purposes of having better quality meetings? <br />This is not to say we are combining the counties in the Central District. This is for the above mentioned details only. <br />Each county will retain it’s own EC’s, AEC’s, and individual members. We will still find that all counties in the Central District will at various times, need assistance from it’s surrounding counties by means of mutual aide. <br />This will allow us to meet other county members, learn to recognize them on site and know their qualifications as they will get to know us and our qualifications .<br />
  4. 4. It has been suggested by other EC’s that have a lot more years of service that we should move our meeting place to the EOC building’s classroom. <br />Reason:<br />This will give us more visibility to the EMA director, Jimmy Williams, radio operators in the 911 office and others in the building. This will show our activity, participation and our manpower. Might even encourage funding for ARES projects and equipment.<br />Houston County <br />ARES<br />
  5. 5. Date and Time:<br />Can we do this on Saturday mornings around 8:30 am? What other time would be convenient to you?<br />If not, when? <br />The currently available days and times are:<br />Wednesday all day, <br />Friday All day, <br />Saturday all day or <br />Sunday all day?<br />
  6. 6. HEMA Requirements That Must Be Met Before Being Issued A HEMA badge<br />These are not required to be an Ares Member, but, it is required by Houston County EMA Director (and Many others) to get into the Houston County (and other counties) EOC’s, disaster sites and other areas where communications assistance may be needed by emergency officials on scene. It will not, however, be required to get into our meetings (at this time) as someone will be there to let you in If you wish to operate ARES equipment (radios) in the EOC, you will need an EMA issued I.D. card. <br />We would like to see all members make a commitment to obtain the following minimal requirements. If you have decided to be a member, then you should be able to make the small commitment to ARES by having the minimal requirements for EOC access completed as soon as possible.<br />
  7. 7. Again…these are not requirements to be an ARES Member….<br />But to have access to Houston County’s EOC and 911 Center, other county EOC’s, Disaster sites, and other official areas where proper identification is required. . . . .<br />You must complete the following criteria in order to be issue a Houston Co. EMA issued I.D. card:<br />Background Check: Provided free by Houston County EMA<br />Gwinnett basic communications course: Online and free!<br />ICS 100.b: Introduction to incident command: Online and free<br />ICS 200.b: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents: online and free<br />IS-700.a NIMS An Introduction: Online and free<br />IS-800.B National Response Framework, An Introduction: Online and free<br />Again…nothing is required to participate in ARES but, a small commitment should be made. If you want to participate, what do you want to do and will you COMMIT to do it to the best of your ability? These are things such as being ready to deploy to a disaster scene. There are other things that are similar in nature. NOTHING IN ARES IS REQUIRED TO BE A MEMBER because it is all volunteer. You decide what, if anything you want to do or don’t want to do! <br />
  8. 8. There is nothing about ARES training that makes any of it a REQUIREMENT. <br />However, there are some functions of ARES that require a person to make a commitment. <br />If you decide to take on a job, hold a position, or serve in anyway other than normal membership, You must make a commitment to obtain any and all training to make you good at the job or task you have VOLUNTEERED to do. <br />This is only right to serve those looking to you for your service. <br />
  9. 9. “Position Holders” are out of ARES starting now! This is for the benefit of the organization and to encourage others wanting to serve to be able to fill a position where they feel they could be of service to ARES and the community.<br />If you want to serve as a team leader, then LEAD or step down and allow others to step up. We realize that from time to time, there are things that come up in a person’s life that prevent them from performing functions that they have previously volunteered to do. <br />A “Team Leader” may have been doing a bang up job prior to the onset of the event that now prevents them from serving. <br />If this should happen and your assistants cannot handle temporary absences by you, then you should voluntarily step down and allow someone else to take the position for the betterment of ARES and all ARES members. <br />There will be no hard feelings for a person having to do this. Maybe you can swap positions with someone else in a less demanding position or assume another position later on.<br />
  10. 10. Election of <br />Team Leaders<br />Elect team leaders for training, Net Coordinator, membership and member retention, Quartermaster and any other positions where deemed necessary by members or the EC or AEC.<br />Please volunteer for various Team Leader Positions!!!<br />Get members Involved!!!<br />
  11. 11. O.K. to start an <br />ARES E-mail <br />Distribution List?<br />You will be notified by<br />E-mail about, training<br />Dates and times…<br />Changes in Meetings and<br />other important events<br />regarding Houston Co. ARES<br />
  12. 12. Do we want to order new shirts?<br />Dress shirts for EC and AEC <br />Dress shirts for Team Leaders<br />T-shirts for everyday wear.<br />What colors? From where?<br />
  13. 13. CERT<br />CERT training begins August, 18, 2011<br />Registration must be done in advanceplus, same criteria must be met for EMA-EOC credentials with background check <br />
  14. 14. CPR<br />CPR classes held every third Saturday at Ambulance Service in Macon.<br />They will come here to us if enough want the class. <br />Do we Want to do a AED class as well?<br />
  15. 15. American Heart Association<br />Is anyone interested in contacting the American Heart Association for first aid cross-training? If so, how many will commit to taking classes if we ask them to come to us for the training?<br />
  16. 16. Thank You<br />For Coming Tonight<br />Drive Carefully<br />On your way<br />Home<br />Good Night<br />