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  1. 1. RENT A PHONE Mobile Services Team Technology Entrepreneurship Professor Chuck EesleyRent a Phone and/or Rent a Mobile Application STANFORD UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. The Goal● Our generic goal is to help customers to access easier their favorite services – Particularly, to use telephonic services when they are abroad – And have access to information and guidance in foreign places.
  3. 3. Customer Wishes? ● Our customers are business travelers, students or tourists. – They temporary need telephonic services, for a couple of days, weeks or months.We – For them is too expensive to purchase a phone and phone number in the foreignare country/continent.gues ● They need a facility in order to save money and have what they need.sing. Also they need maps, guidance and.. ● information about places they are visiting.
  4. 4. Fulfilling Customer Needs● Customers are provided through our Phone Rental Service with safety and security of a cell phone or a SIM card abroad.● They could make an online reservation of a cell phone which they receive when they arrive in the new location.● Or they can receive directly in the rental store on the arrival.
  5. 5. ● An additional feature of our service is that we provide the smart phones with customized applications that helps our customers to have a careless travel or vacation because: – The application have maps and information about ● Places they travel, ● main buildings, ● parking places, ● hotels, ● restaurantes ● and many others – The aplication have a custom agenda and travel schedule
  6. 6. Talking with potential customers● We looked for two kinds of potential customers: – People ● Business traveler ● Student ● Occasional traveler – Travel Agencies
  7. 7. People answer● Businessman who travels 3 times/year in Taiwan and has 2 cellphones. One for his country and one for Taiwan. He would like to rent one for Taiwan to save some money.● A mexican student in Colombia for only 4 months, wants to talk with his mexican friends. He would like to rent a phone instead of buying one for 4 months.● Other student said that he will rent one, only if the fees are cheap.● An other person said that is interested to rent a new model of phone just to brag. He sais “It´s like renting a car, you will have always the newest model of car”
  8. 8. Travel Agency answer● The first Travel Agency didn give a positive answer. In their opinion is worthless.● The second was opened to idea only. It sounds good. And nothing more.● The tird was opened to the idea and imagined some scenarios. They conclude with : – That a possible niche might be intercontinental travel groups. – The condition is that the feature might not add too much to the travel price. Low fee as much as possible. – About application, they saw it as a very good idea to rent a customized application even no phone is rented. And again about fee, as low as possible. – Interested in a future colaboration.
  9. 9. Looking what others did ● I was surprised to find that the idea I was not sure about its working, is used already by others. ● In Japan, Korea, Mexico, USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Israel... 90+ countries. ● Mainly the customer segment is the intercontinental traveler, and the rental physical store is situated in some cases near airports. ● Customer can make an online reservation and the phone is shipped even to residential address of the customer, not just in the arrival country.
  10. 10. The link to our site!home/mainPage