Security in joyent cloud


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Security features of Joyent cloud infrastructure, authored by Exelanz - your IT department in cloud

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Security in joyent cloud

  1. 1. EXELANZwww.exelanz.comSecurity in Joyent Cloud
  2. 2. 1SecurityinJoyentCloudSecurity in Joyent CloudMajority of business IT professionals are familiar with the benefits of cloud computing. However owing tosecurity vulnerabilities in cloud computing infrastructures, many are yet to explore the prospective of usingpublic or private cloud computing in their businesses. Joyent Smart Technology solutions improve cloudsecurity as compared to traditional techniques.Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of Joyent Smart Technology.Joyent Security Approach: Secure ServicesJoyent completely supports industry standards and the best practices in cloud and network infrastructuresecurity. It has developed and deployed an architecture that offers security to its public and private cloudcustomers. Joyent’s Smart Technologies architecture offers greater flexibility and scalability to itscustomers while its unique security framework provides broader and deeper protections to customer dataand applications.Joyent SmartOS: Hardened KernelJoyent SmartOS is a solid, hardened foundation for applications and is an integral part of Joyent SmartTechnologies architecture. It has a tightly secured layer between applications and the underlying hardwareand OS. Joyent SmartOS integrates with its Smart DataCenter management and SmartPlatformdevelopment environment.SmartMachine SecurityJoyent SmartOS offers and allocates CPU, memory, disk and network I/O for customers to run theirapplications with SmartMachines like other virtual operating systems. What makes Joyent different andbetter is that Joyent SmartMachines offer virtual computing resources within individual containers. Thusthe virtual memory and disk are completely separated resulting in better customization, scaling virtualresources for customer, greater control and security.
  3. 3. 2SecurityinJoyentCloudResource PoolPhysical HardwareJoyent SmartOSOperating System and Virtualization LayerApplication Application ApplicationJoyent is an ideal option for clients with variable demands for CPU. It controls the costs of CPU memoryand server storage space and provides customers with idle CPU that would otherwise go unused, withoutany financial burden.Smart Security for Traditional Virtual MachinesJoyent SmartOS has similar smart security characteristics as traditional virtual machines like VMware andXEN when they run on Joyent cloud. Joyent supports systems tightly coupled to legacy operating systemslike Windows or Linux and enables the best practices for security and performance. Clients with packagedapplications that are not tightly coupled with Windows or Linux can also run those applications on top ofJoyent SmartMachines for greater security, performance and scalability.Smart DataCenter SecurityJoyent Smart DataCenter supports dynamic VLANs and enables Joyent cloud administrators to segmentmulti-tenant customers from one another at any time. For greater security flexibility, customers canrequest multiple layers of security within their own secure LAN segment. The management of Joyent cloudresources is through centralized operating system so control and security is streamlined and simplified.SmartOS does not allow ring 0 or kernel access from management facilities or persistent resources withSmartMachines thus reducing the risk of multiple threats to kernel.Joyent Cloud Adds Complete Control
  4. 4. 3SecurityinJoyentCloudJoyent SmartMachines running on Joyent SmartPlatform and management tools powered by JoyentSmartDataCenter are available on dedicated core network routers, switches and firewalls. Customers canaccess them in locked cages with support and software patch. You can also change management servicesprovided to you after quality assurance testing is performed by your resources and /or by Joyent as peryour service level objectives. Thus customers have control over the entire cloud environment starting fromhardware, network components to other physical resources through software, applications and user.Joyent Virtual Private or Hybrid SolutionBuilding and hosting a cloud is expensive and complicated. Joyent takes care of that headache and offersvirtual private cloud solutions to its customers. Joyent virtual private cloud is a hybrid of public and privateinfrastructures that enables companies to utilize Joyent’s data center expertise and experience. Each virtualprivate cloud is hosted in one of Joyent’s data centers but is partitioned from network or storage resourcesof other companies. Therefore companies decrease the capital hardware expenses and save on networkoperating expenses enjoying the securities of a completely private cloud.Using Smart Technologies for Improved SecurityJoyent’s Smart Technologies can be used in public, private and virtual private clouds with the option to addan additional layer of security to network applications. Its data center and operating system kernel offerscalable, flexible, and secure cloud infrastructure. Customers can utilize Joyent’s multi-layered security topartition their cloud into multiple, secure units, facilitating separate workgroups.Joyent Smart Technologies are available through public lease of its cloud facilities. Private cloud licensing isalso available and includes installation and configuration at customer side. Joyent also provides cost-effective and completely segmented virtual private cloud resources at any of its 5 data centers. While Joyentis focused on delivering a flawless infrastructure to run your application, top quality engineers at Exelanzwork to bring that awesome technology and power of cloud closer to your business. Exelanz offerscomprehensive consulting around Joyents cloud products and due to this close association, engineers areable to extract the efficiency of Joyent clouds powers making your applications reliable and cost-effective.Contact Us:Exelanz, 103 Patroon Drive, Albany, NY 12084Email:, Phone: (860) 677-8883, Skype: dasanshuman