Job Finance Day 2011


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The only finance & banking job fair, hosted by Borsa Italiana London Stock Exchange Group

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  • Job Finance Day 2011

    1. 1. Borsa Italiana - Palazzo MezzanotteCongress and Training CentrePiazza degli Affari, 6 - MilanoJob Finance Day2.013 edition – october 30th
    2. 2. 2The only event in Italy keeping in direct contactsince 2006 companies and candidates• Thousands of junior and professional visitors since 2006• Douzens of companies from Finance, Banking, Consulting andInsurance fields• Thousands of users on the dedicated websiteSome of the companies who participated to JobFinance Day in the latest years
    3. 3. 3Using Web 2.0 tools and joining them to traditional media can take greatresults for recruiting and employer communication. It is possible to deducethat from the following report.The specific techniques, tuned up in employer branding context, will allowextremely cusomized promotional activities.So, if you are looking for talents to join in your company, Job Finance Daywill be the best solution.A tested communication plan to reach the targetsince 2006
    4. 4. Job Finance Day Report – 2012Why is Job Finance day the ideal event for who is looking for best-fit talents inbanking-finance-consultancy-insurance fields?Which goals does it adapt to?
    5. 5. 5Job Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for candidates from the whole Italy?Registration datas by Cesop and Borsa Italiana: Bocconi, Cattolica > 15%, Bologna, Torino, Bicocca >10%, Roma,Genova, Statale Milano > 5%, Altro < 5%NovaraBergamoBariMilano BicoccaMilano BocconiBolognaMilano CattolicaNapoliGenovaRomaLIUC CastellanzaMilano StatalePalermoParmaMilano PolitecnicoTorinoVenezia
    6. 6. 681%81%40%40%14%14%48%48%Job Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for high quality candidates?Grade over 100/110(achieved or forecasted)Top Grade 24% on total24% on totalJob/Internship experiencedMasterWithin 25 yearsRegistration datas by Cesop and Borsa Italiana
    7. 7. 7Master63%63%30%30%33%33%Grade over 100/110Job Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for high quality professionals?Top Grade 16% on total16% on totalJob experienced with over 3 years(in finance-banking-consultancy-insurance)Registration datas by Cesop and Borsa Italiana
    8. 8. 8Registration datas by Cesop and Borsa ItalianaCredit analystsRisk analystsTax Account managerControllerTreasurersAccountsInternal e Lead AuditorActuarialCredit portfolio managerAccountantsJob Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for specific professionals?
    9. 9. 9“Why did you visit JobFinance day?”49%: “I want to findmy job”32%: “I want tochange job”15%: “I am lookingfor information tofind job”Job Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for a concrete event?Registration datas by Cesop and Borsa Italiana
    10. 10. 10On-line review Banner advertising and affiliation marketing campaignOn Cesop and Borsa Italiana partner websites, a width campaign makes possible topassive candidates to know about the event while they are on–line for personal or jobreasons.Job Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for passive candidates?
    11. 11. 11Online review - partialJob Finance Day Report – 2012are you looking for passive candidates?More than on-line campaign, the national press – with news and ad-hoc interviews –grow the trust to the event and engages potentials and candidates who are not usuallyinterested in traditional career fairs.
    12. 12. 12ConclusionsIn order to catch all the opportunities given by Job Finance Day we can supportcompanies on implementing all the employer branding actions you are interested in.• to launch an on-line campaign in order to reinforce company presenceor segment the target• to get the most interesting CVs and program one-to-one interviews inthe dedicated rooms to make the event the most concrete• to have a specific speech, connected to the financial themes in orderto be perceived as professionals• … and much more, according to your needs
    13. 13. 13The next edition proposalDate: 2013 october 30thLocation: Mezzanotte building, Piazza degli Affari in Milano,Borsa Italiana SpA historical siteFacility: wholly equipped 6 squared meters stand (or bigger)Extra: company presentation and one-to-one interviewsroomsEvent advertising: web marketing on Google and partnerwebsites, interaction on the most popular Social andProfessional Network, direct e-mail marketing
    14. 14. 14Services PricesMain Sponsorship € 15.000,00 + VATStandard equipped stand 6 sqm.(3x2m) € 5.000,00 + VATDouble stand 12 sqm. (6x2m) € 9.000,00 + VAT“Company Presentation”: 30’ € 700,00 + VAT“Company Presentation”: 60’ € 1.000,00 + VATThe next edition proposal
    15. 15. Cesop Communication srlMilano Via Palermo, 5 – 20121 – Milano MITel. 02 72023011 - Fax 02 - www.cesop.itJOIN US: