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AHS Slides_Robert Lustig

by on Aug 09, 2011





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  • JasonLewis09 Jason Lewis pretty nice. Keep going on. 2 months ago
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  • ToussaintKMT Keith Toussaint Looks like the video ’hiccup’ starts on slide 18 (I think) and skips to slide 103 (I think). 2 years ago
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  • davidjwood davidjwood Hey guys, profound thanks for posting this.

    I gotta believe the slides are a bit out of order with respect to the video . . . pretty sure it's the video which is messed up.

    As of today (August 13), there is a 'hiccup' in the video (on Vimeo) at about 9:00 . . . a black screen for a second, then a re-start at a point significantly further on in the talk. Before the video hiccup at 9:00, Dr. Lustig is on slide 18 (I think). Afterwards (at 9:01), it seems like he's jumped to somewhere around slide 88 or 89. He goes on from there through the apparent end of his talk (i.e., a Darwinian overview, a summary, further reading, thanking collaborators), all of which correspond to slides 100 - 109.

    In the video, Dr. Lustig then goes on to take a couple of questions, tells a great story about Gatorade, but at 18:36, we're suddenly back in the main presentation again, (I think picking up right at the 9:00 mark, where the previous hiccup was). It's clear that at that point, (18:36 and following), we're back to the discussion starting on slide 19. His presentation from there goes on through slide 95 (I think), until another hiccup at 47:25.

    At that moment, we go back to the question being asked at 18:36, which Dr. Lusting answers in the last 2 minutes of the video.

    Net net, I believe the video is out of sequence (but the slides are in order).

    The video can be rendered 'in sequence' (I think) by viewing it as follows:

    00:00 - 09:00 (talk starts, slides up to 18)
    18:37 - 47:25 (talk continues, slides 19 - 95 (I think))
    09:01 - 18:36 (end of talk and first two questions, slides 95 - 109)
    47:25 - end (49:19) (completion of questions, no slides)

    Apologize if I got this wrong, and again, many thanks for getting the video out there.
    2 years ago
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  • ancestralhealth Ancestral Health Society at Ancestral Health Society 2 years ago
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AHS Slides_Robert Lustig AHS Slides_Robert Lustig Presentation Transcript