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Genetic Algorithms Genesis Execution Guide
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Genetic Algorithms Genesis Execution Guide


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  • 1. GENESIS
    • Overview
    • Access
    • Setup
    • Execution
    • Reporting
    • Hints
    • FAQ
    Presented by Anas Obeidat Dr.Alaa Sheta
  • 2. GENESIS – Overview
    • GENESIS is GA code written in C
    • Written by John J. Grefenstette in 1990
    • It is easy to use
    • It comes with a Users Guide genesis.doc
    • Read genesis.doc at least once all the way through, it is not long
    • Presentation continues assuming Dos Environment under Windows Operation System
    • The genesis written to prompt the study of genetic algorithms for function minimization.
  • 3. GENESIS - Access
    • Download genesis.tgz from / systems/genesis/
    • And you can Download genesis.tgz from the Yahoo Group BAU_AI_2008
    • We need Turbo C to Compile Genesis Source Files, you can Download it from Yahoo Group above.
    • Decompress file to C:TC
    • Decpmpress genesis.tgz to C:genesis
  • 4. GENESIS - Setup
    • Genesis by default prepared to work on unix environment. For that we need to Modify some files to work on Dos environment
    • Modify Header File define.h #define TURBOC 1 //(Turbo C is Active) #define UNIX 0 //(Unix Env. Is inactive)
    • GENESIS comes with a Three make files makefile // (Unix environment makefile) makefile.dos // (Dos environment makefile) makefile.unx // (Unix environment makefile)
    • Delete makefile and rename makefile.dos to makefile
    • Set Turbo C Path “C:TCBIN” in System Environment Path 1 - Go to control Panel and open System. 2 - Click on Advanced Tab and then click on “Environment Variables” to new Dialog. 3 - In System Variables Table double Click on path variable to open edit dialog. 4 – Append “ ;C:TCBIN ” to the end on variable Value and then click OK.
    • Type “CMD” in Run Dialog to run Command Prompt
    • Go to C:genesis Folder using Command Prompt
    • In genesis Folder type the following to Compile Genesis Source Code C:genesis make install Three Files will generated (ga.exe, report.exe, setup.exe)
  • 5. GENESIS - Execution
    • To Execute Genesis we need a Command Prompt go c:genesis
    • Genesis have six test functions exist in c:genesis est.fns the default is f1.c f1.c, f2.c, f3.c, f4.c, f5.c, f6.c
    • To Execute any function you must put the function in c:genesis folder and make sure just one function in genesis folder.
    • In command prompt c:genesis follow the following steps: 1 > c:genesissetup (to configure genesis parameters) - Tow files will generated ( TEMPLATE.[suffix] , IN.[suffix] ) 2 > c:genesisgo [suffix] (suffix input in setup stage)
    • - Four files will generated (log.[suffix], min.[suffix],out.[suffix],rep.[suffix])
  • 6. GENESIS – Setup Parameter 1
    • the suffix for file names []: it’s optional parameter to append it to all output files
    • Floating point representation [y] by default it’s true to disable Floating Point write “n”
    • number of genes: you must specify the number of genes (positive number), and fill min, max and values (must be a power of 2) for each gene.
    • format string: the desired output format for this gene (using printf format, e.g., %7.2f)
    • repetition: repetition count, meaning that there a number of genes with the same range, granularity, and output format.
    • the number of experiments [1]: This is the number of independent optimizations of the same function.
    • the number of trials per experiment [1000]:
  • 7. GENESIS – Setup Parameter 2
    • the population size [50]:
    • the length of the structures in bits [30]:
    • the crossover rate [0.60]:
    • the mutation rate [0.001]:
    • the generation gap [1.0]:
    • the scaling window [5]:
    • Report Interval [100]:
    • Structures Saved [10]:
    • Max Gens w/o Eval [2]:
    • Dump Interval [0]:
    • Dumps Saved [0]
    • Options [cefgl]:
    • Random Seed [123456789]:
    • Rank Min [0.75]:
  • 8. GENESIS - Hints
    • You really want to read the Users Guide
    • Look at the source code if you are curious, beware of becoming fascinated by it
  • 9. FAQ
    • How do use GENESIS?
      • A Users Guide to GENESIS (genesis.txt)
    • How do I use Unix?
      • Using unix on Windows
    • How do I use a computer?
    • I can’t get GENESIS to run on my PC
      • Please contact me [email_address]