Embedded librarians


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Embedded librarians

  1. 1. Amanda L. FolkOctober 20, 2011
  2. 2. • Focus on undergraduate education • FTE = 1,760 (1,693 full-time students, 168 part-time students) • Mixture of… • Full-time, tenure-track faculty • Full-time, non-tenure-track faculty • Part-time adjunct faculty • No formal academic departments • Humanities Division • Behavioral Sciences Division • Natural Sciences Division
  3. 3. • Includes majors, minors, and courses that are offered for the purpose of general education• Majors include… • Communication, English Literature, English Writing, Interdisciplinary Arts, Spanish• Minors include… • History of Art & Architecture, Music, Philosophy, Theater
  4. 4. • PROACTIVE first, reactive second • Email to each of the Divisions • “The Library is now offering an “Embedded Librarian” service to all faculty, and I am the liaison to the Humanities faculty. Embedded librarians can serve in a variety of capacities – embedded within an academic department or concentration in order to work closely with faculty regarding library resources and information literacy, or embedded into a particular course to work closely with the students as they go through the research process. They focus on the user, with the intent of bringing the librarian to users wherever they are.”• Reactive during the semester based on Reference Desk transactions and discussions with faculty
  5. 5. • One-on-one consultations regarding faculty research and publishing • Lillian Beeson, Communication• Instruction session • Composition 2 class• Instruction session + LibGuide • Steven Schrum, Theatre• LibGuide (no instruction session) • Elisa Beshero-Bondar, English Literature• Steady stream of student referrals for basic and in-depth assistance • Nancy Estrada & Alicia Covarrubias, Spanish
  6. 6. • Composition 2 Research Award • Intended to recognize excellent research skills in undergraduate students • Emailed VPAA and a number of faculty in the Humanities Division to determine if there was interest • VPAA suggested Composition 2 in order to reinforce curricular standards • Collaborated with Martha Koehler and Kelli Maloy • Allowed me to gain valuable insight into the requirements and expectations of the Composition students and faculty• A Team initiative • Implemented to encourage one-on-one, consultation service • Intended for students, but the faculty have latched on to this brand• Pitt-Greensburg Faculty Senate • Budget and Planning committee • Current secretary and member of the Senate Council
  7. 7. • Book display• Worked with Steve Schrum, Theatre, and Meghan Edge, Theatre Capstone student, to create a book display promoting the fall performance of Hippolytus• Campus engagement • English Literature Capstone presentations • Faculty/Staff vs. Students basketball game • 5K run/walk for PGAA and Sigma Tau Delta
  8. 8. • More instruction in the Humanities • Determine why professors who are library promoters don’t request instruction sessions • Work closely with the Humanities Division Chair• More collaboration with faculty and student research • Sayre Greenfield, English Literature and his former Green Scholar, Deidre Stuffer• New ways to promote all services, including embedded librarian service • Testimonials? • Statistics?