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Much Ado About Nerdy Things - Village Freshman Seminar, Fall 2012


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Published in: Education
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Much Ado About Nerdy Things - Village Freshman Seminar, Fall 2012

  1. 1. MUCH ADO ABOUT NERDY THINGS Amanda Folk Village Freshman Seminar 9-20-12
  2. 2. MUCH ADO ABOUT CRITICAL THINKING Stockholm producti on company Day 4 fooled por tions of the tech world last week into believing that Apple Inc. was working on an odd -shaped screw -- an ef for t to show how quickly people are to believe anything they find online. Day4, as the Swedish producti on company is called, said it was disturbed by how ready people were to believe anything they read on the Web these days, especially because they can easily check tech repor ter s facts using tools such as Google . It took less than 1 2 hour s before the Reddit post got to tech repor ter s . There was skepticism among journalists but the rumor was still repor ted. Most people commenting on ar ticles, however, didnt pause -- deeming the repor ts accurate, Day 4 said. And on social media sites, "people talk about the image like its a truth. Critical thinking vaporiz ed.“Rodriguez, S. (2012, August 14). Swedish firm‟s Apple hoax shows gullibility of online readers. LosAngeles Times. -fi-tn-apple-hoax-20120814,0,1702854.story
  3. 3. WHERE DO YOU GET You don‟t have to say “theYOUR INFORMATION? library”!
  4. 4. I CAN TRUST THE NEWS, RIGHT?Potential pitfalls: • “Sex sells” = sensationalism • Agenda/bias • Spin • Non-expert authors
  5. 5. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE POTENTIAL BIAS? Fox News • Conservative CNN • Liberal Huffington Post • Self-reportedly neutral, but tends to be more liberal MSNBC • “Left-leaning” BBC News • Foreign perspective, so usually more on the neutral side
  6. 6. LET‟S LOOK AT THE HEADLINESRepublicans slam Sen.Reid over Romney tax Reid puts GOP in a bind claim over Romney’s taxes
  7. 7. LET‟S LOOK AT THE HEADLINES Republicans should be Paul Ryan candidacy careful what they wish for more harm than help to with Paul Ryan on theRomney, insiders suggest ticket
  8. 8. COMPARE THIS… In Pennsylvania, Biden responded to a question about why college costs keep going up by noting that it was a "puzzle" and that there was "no one thing" responsible. But among the factors he identified were increases in faculty salaries. "Salaries for college professors have escalated significantly," he said. "They should be good, but they have escalated significantly.“Jaschik, S. (2012, January 16). The campaign and higher ed. Inside Higher Ed. 2012/01/16/presidential -race-brings-scrutiny-candidates-higher-education
  9. 9. WITH THIS. According to a new study by the American Association of University Professors, university and college faculty salaries have lagged far behind the substantial growth in university and college tuitions. Thus, adjusted for inflation, faculty salaries at four year doctoral private schools have gone up 7.7%. Tuitions at all private four year universities have gone up 28.9% over the last decade. The disparity at public schools is radically wider. Faculty salaries have gone up 0.7% at public doctoral schools while tuition at all publics has gone up 72% in that ten year period. And all of this has occurred as use of adjunct faculty continues to rise.Filler, D. (2012, April 20). Compare faculty salaries with college tuition hikes: Pay increases don‟texplain university tuition [Blog post ].
  10. 10. CHECK THE FACTS!
  11. 11. MUCH ADO ABOUT You should know more PLAGIARISM than “Just don‟t do it.”
  12. 12. WHAT IS PLAGIARISM? turning in someone elses work as your own copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit failing to put a quotation in quotation marks giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or notWhat is plagiarism? ( 2012). Retrieved fromhttp:// ticle_what_is_plagiarism.html
  13. 13. HOW CAN YOU AVOID IT? CITE, CITE, CITE! Keep good notes about quotations and sources Keep your sources (or print outs of your sources) until you‟ve turned in your assignment If you aren‟t sure, CITE IT!
  15. 15. SELF-PLAGIARISM IN THE “REAL WORLD” “As Hamilton Nolan wrote on Gawker, „A good rule of thumb for writers who are concerned about whether theyre reusing too much old material is to simply ask themselves, „Would my editor be okay if I told him how much of this is reused?‟ The answer will be „no,‟ so then you can stop reusing things, you lazy bum.‟” “Giving the same speech to IBM that you gave to Microsoft is fine, and probably expected. But [Malcolm] Gladwell, I‟m guessing, would never get caught writing the same words twice. It‟s not just that it will piss of f your editors. It will also disappoint your customers.”Levin, J. (201 2, June 19). Why did Jonah Lehrer plagiarize himself? Because he stopped being awriter and became an idea man. Retrieved fromh t t p : / / w w w . s l a t e . c o m / a r t i c l e s / l i f e / c u l t u r e b o x / 2 01 2 / 0 6 / j o n a h _ l e h r e r _ s e l f _ p l a g i a r i s m _ t h e _ n e w _yorker_staf fer_stopped_being_a_writer_and_became_an_idea_man_. html
  16. 16. SELF-PLAGIARISM IN COLLEGE Also called “double dipping” or “text recycling” “Self-plagiarism occurs when a student submits his or her own previous work, or mixes parts of previous works, without permission from all professors involved.” “Self-plagiarism also applies to submitting the same piece of work for assignments in dif ferent classes without previous permission from both professors.”Georgia State University Library. ( 2012). Plagiarism. Academic Honesty. Retrieved from 134499&sid=1153324
  17. 17. IS IT A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE AT PITT? Practices any form of deceit in an academic evaluation proceeding. Violates the canons of ethics of the academic communityUniversity of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. ( 2011). Student handbook 2011-2012. Retrieved from 20Handbook%202011-2012%20%28links%20updated%29.pdf
  18. 18. WHAT IF… you wrote a paper for a class lastsemester. The topic of the that paper isrelated to a paper that you are currently working on. You wrote a couple ofsentences in that first paper that would be perfect for this new paper. What can you do?
  21. 21. WHO IS THIS GUY? Nathan Orlowek • “Booth researcher” • “Senior Judaic educator at Beth Sholom Congregation and Talmud Torah in Potomac, where he has worked for 30 years, Orlowek will appear in his alter ego role, Booth historian…” WHY SHOULD WE CARE? Potential exhumation of corpse = $$ REWRITING HISTORY!!Leibel, A. (2010, December 15). Captivated a Lincoln assassination History Channel segment to feature Jewish educator who believes Boothlived until 1903. Washington Jewish Week.