What I Did Last Summer at Library Camp!


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Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, February 14, 2013

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What I Did Last Summer at Library Camp!

  1. 1. What I Did Last Summer…At Library Camp!The Information Matrix Camp, 2007-2012 and Beyond David D. Oberhelman d.oberhelman@okstate.edu Oklahoma State University Library
  2. 2. History of the IM Camp• Established in 2007 byOLA (Career Recruitment &Retention Committee) and RoseState College co-sponsors• 3-Year $100,000 IMLS grant,Donations from libraries,Friends groups, OLA
  3. 3. What Participants Learn• Shortage of librarians• Many types of librarians with specialties (including IT staff)• Other information professional careers• Role of libraries in lifelong learning• If they do not become librarians, they will be great library users, Friends, advocates, or board members.• Day in the life of a library
  4. 4. Camp Info & Schedule• ~30 campers for 1 week• 12-14 Year-old campers,• Recommended by librarian• $50 only (to help with food)• Counselors – librarians(OLA and RSC), night help• Medical forms, permissions, etc.• Tour libraries, archives,museums in OKC/Tulsa• Computer activities• Evening activities at a library, librarian talks, library fun!
  5. 5. Libraries, etc., Visited• Large, small, & medium public libraries• Oklahoma History Center• Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism• Oklahoma Library for the Blind• Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum• Will Rogers Memorial• Medical & law libraries• Corporate / special libraries (Devon Energy)• Academic libraries: college, medium-sized university, large university• School libraries (help younger children w/ reading)
  6. 6. IM Camp Since 2007• 2007-2009 camps based at Rose State, IMLS grant• 2010 OLA Endowment money only; camp at University of Tulsa• 2011-2012 camps at Rose State, 2nd IMLS grant• 2013 location TBD• New and repeat campers• Advanced camp for 15-16 year-old?
  7. 7. 2012 Camp
  8. 8. IM Camp Visits OSU• March 2012 request for first visit to OSU Library• OSU team assembled (experience with school and younger groups)• Challenge: How to introduce middle-schoolers to a big academic library and get them interested in a career (or learn to love libraries)?
  9. 9. Planning and Logistics• Logistics: – Tour schedule – ~30 minutes per area max – Keep campers entertained & informed – Moving campers from point A to point B – Parking for bus / pick-up and drop-off – Feeding them (funding from host library)• Activities – scavenger hunt• “Why I became a librarian” talks• Goals of Tour: – Prepare them for transition from school to college library settings – Introduce them to range of academic services and careers
  10. 10. ScheduleFriday, July 20Breakfast in LobbyLeave 9:00 AM for Stillwater10:15: OSU Architecture Library10:45 Main Library(Photo scavenger hunt)11:15 Oklahoma Oral History Research Program11:45 Box Lunches in Browsing Room12:15 Room 206 Photos from scavenger hunt12:45 Gov Docs1:15 Special Collections and University Archives1:45 Curriculum Materials Library2:15 Student Union2:45 Leave Stillwater for Rose State College
  11. 11. Architecture Library• Special departmental / branch library• Unique material (“pop-up books” for architects)• Learn about specialized collections for different areas of study and careers (what kind of information does an architect need? Design, codes, etc.)
  12. 12. Stress Test• Materials Stress Test with OSU School of Architecture and Civil Engineering faculty• Hands-on science activity• Learn how scientists depend on libraries and information (engineering handbooks, etc.) for their work and value of STEM library collections
  13. 13. Photo Scavenger Hunt
  14. 14. Library Tour and Hunt• Challenge: How to make tour fun but also teach value of libraries• Photo scavenger hunt• Combine with computer time on using digital images• Introduce them to a big library and university environment (studying, etc.)
  15. 15. Oklahoma Oral History Research Program• Oklahoma Oral History Program overview• Highlights from the O- State Stories interviews• What is an oral historian?• Build upon what students have learned in archives & museums about the many ways to document past
  16. 16. Oral History Interview Transcript Former Oklahoma Governor Henry Bellmon, interviewed by OSU President Burns Hargis, Nov. 2008
  17. 17. Special Collections & University Archives• Introduce campers to Special Collections and archives (what they do and what they collect)• Show the range of materials in such a library collection (books and much more!)
  18. 18. “Wow, OLD Books!”• Incunabula and other early books (and MSS)• Quick lesson in the history of the book with visuals and interesting facts (wormholes)• Early print samples to show campers how information was spread (school primer from Colonial America, etc.)
  19. 19. Ephemera & “Cool Things”• More the just books!• Samples of the different forms of ephemera and how they are cared for• Discuss career possibilities, including preservation and conservation
  20. 20. Curriculum Materials Library• Teaching collection with YA books and curriculum materials• Learn how their teachers learn!• Time to look for their favorite books or discover new authors
  21. 21. Final Group Shot
  22. 22. Future Visits• 2013 camp plans underway• Possible repeat visit to OSU and see other unique collections (Veterinary Medicine Library and teaching hospital, Agricultural Experiment Station, Fire Protection)• Continue seeking new ways to introduce students to libraries of all varieties and create new library users/supporters