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Academic liaison saves the world? Crawford


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Presented at LILAC 2008

Published in: Education
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Academic liaison saves the world? Crawford

  1. 1. Academic Liaison Saves the World? Dr Alice Crawford Academic Liaison Librarian (Arts & Divinity) University of St Andrews
  2. 2. Once upon a time…. Our Library?
  3. 3. The Background • Starved of cash • Losing staff • Lacking focus in key appointments • Deteriorating building Photo courtesy University of St Andrews
  4. 4. All Change! • Arrival of new Principal • New Director of Library Services • Proposal for new or refurbished building Photo courtesy University of St Andrews
  5. 5. 2 New Academic Liaison Posts! • Develop new information literacy programmes • Act as a point of contact between the Library and the Schools • Represent the Library on University committees • Help re-professionalise the Library
  6. 6. The small print… • Liaison with academic schools • Development of information resources and services • Working with colleagues in Collection Management to ensure that Library resources are exploited to maximum effect • Delivering information literacy and research skills programmes • Providing specialized information assistance/interventions • Developing liaison, communication and user training strategies through participation in University Committees • Supporting the general enquiry service • Providing specialized subject support for designated subject areas • Engaging in a full range of staff development activities, including presenting at conferences, writing articles and engaging in scholarly activities • Developing strategy & providing services relevant to research and teaching needs of the University • Finding new ways to communicate with customers and promoting Library resources • Assume cross Library responsibility for Official Publications and Reference Services • Any other duties appropriate to the role
  7. 7. Our Key Skills… • Teaching • Communication • Negotiation, marketing, persuasion • Experience of academic libraries
  8. 8. What we have done • Developed Information Literacy teaching • Written WebCT modules • Talked to people! • Raised the Library’s profile • Introduced Web 2.0 applications Photo courtesy University of St Andrews
  9. 9. The problems Photo courtesy University of St Andrews
  10. 10. There are only two of us
  11. 11. We need to know everything! Arts & Divinity:- • Anthropology • Art History • Classics • Divinity • Economics • English • Film Studies • French • German • History • International Relations • Italian • Management • Music • Philosophy • Russian • Spanish
  12. 12. Science and Medicine:- • Astronomy • Biology • Chemistry • Computer Science • Geography • Mathematics & Statistics • Medicine • Physics • Psychology
  13. 13. Welcome to our new subject librarians!
  14. 14. Other people doing parts of our jobs • Collections team • Acquisitions & Periodicals • Electronic Resources
  15. 15. Library Staff Structure Lots ofpeople! Head ofCataloguing Academ ic Liaison Librarians Lots ofpeople! Head ofAcquisitions Electronic Resources Librarian Some people! Collections Team Lots ofpeople! Head ofCirculation Deputy Director/Collections Manager Head ofSpecialCollections DirectorofLibrary Services
  16. 16. Is the rug being pulled out from under us? • “Library Managers” • Where do these leave us?
  17. 17. Other tasks… • RAE • UKRR • Enquiry service • Reference Collection • Official Publications • Friends of the Library
  18. 18. The Library Climate • We’re all librarians now! • What’s our role in a Google-dominated landscape?
  19. 19. Where to now? • Grasp the nettle of the staffing structure problem
  20. 20. Find somewhere to stand… “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.” (Archimedes)