Are we Eco friendly?
                                                  (ThegreenO, 2009)

About – The greenest place on earth.
TheGreenO is an organic Green Community that aspires to educate, organi...
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Are We Eco Friendly


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Thegreeno is a self-sustaining society offering Green/Eco Friendly information, Green News, Green Articles, and Green Jobs to enrich growing green community needs.

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Are We Eco Friendly

  1. 1. Are we Eco friendly? (ThegreenO, 2009) Our planet is gifted with lush greens, pristine rainforests, magnificent mountains, natural drinking water, cool breeze and great rivers, but due to modern living and vigorous industrial activity, our beautiful earth lost all of her greenness. We are now, living in a world full of chemical pollution, unbearable heat waves, acid rains and harmful emissions. Each day, we are gifting our mother planet with tons of carbon emissions and toxic industrial effluents, as an output for our modern comforts and living. Gone are the days of spring, summer and winter; now we are living in a world full of climatic confusion and environmental recessions. Modern scientific growth gifted us with devastating effects on our environment and imperiled our human living in this planet. We have endangered our own species because of our “non friendly” activities towards environment. The collective impact due to the industrial revolution, technological development and population, has affected our friendly green environment and eco systems to an irreversible state. The reasons for present environmental catastrophe are many, but we are now left with no other choice but to protect our planet. We are now forced to find some working solutions to come out of these environmental disasters and save our planet for our future living. Choosing an eco friendly lifestyle is a first step towards saving our planet and protecting human lives in this planet. Promoting organic foods, recycling, renewable energy, and waste management are some ways in which we can improve our green environment. Eco friendly living, sustainable solutions, and protecting nature are some initiatives to be taken towards enriching our environment. These green activities, when implemented worldwide, help us in repairing our earth and refresh our environment for sustainable living and development. Online green communities provide us with rich eco friendly information and practical advice on green living and sustainable development. They also offer variety of green news, green articles, green career and many more. This information will help people to find new ways to promote green environment and practice eco friendly living. Eco friendly communities help us in many ways by offering sustainable tips, green building ideas, green clothing, green technology, green business organizations and many related information to our environment and sustainable living.
  2. 2. About – The greenest place on earth. TheGreenO is an organic Green Community that aspires to educate, organize and present world’s green or Eco Friendly Information and contribute to green economy’s growth. It is a self sustaining society offering news, events, articles, forums, jobs, shopping and many more focused on growing Green/Eco-Friendly Community needs. Find more information please visit: Source: © Copyright 2009