Affiliate Marketing Scams: Deceptive Tactics to Good Ethics


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: Rather than isolate ourselves from unscrupulous affiliates, this session will examine their more effective, yet deceptive, tactics and show how to transform them into ethical, impactful strategies.

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Affiliate Marketing Scams: Deceptive Tactics to Good Ethics

  1. 1. One Career Network as focused as you are.TM Affiliate Marketing Scams: Deceptive Tactics to Good Ethics
  2. 2. Identifying Good Ideas with Bad originsShining a Light on the Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing Gray Matter: Lessons from Affiliate Marketing Scams Mining for Gold on the Seemy underbelly of the Internet Douchbaggery 101Douchbaggery 401 Morphing those ideas into Legitimacy WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT?
  3. 3. Email Marketing REAL WORLD EXAMPLES
  4. 4. Crack Addiction REAL WORLD EXAMPLES
  5. 5.  Shady  Manipulative  Slimy  Evil  Scheming  Malicious  Immoral  Unethical BUT, they can also be…. Clever Frugal SCAMMERS AND ONLINE CRIMINAL ARE…
  6. 6. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 1: Define your comfort zone Illegal and evil, but won’t get caught Adds value and only enhances my brand Not evil, it just doesn’t help anyone Where do you draw the line in the sand? Legal, but still evil Adds Value and doesn’t hurt my brand
  7. 7. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 2: Prospecting for ideas Where to Look…  Black Hat World  Read your SPAM  Watch your Social Media  Visit Craigslist, esp small biz ads
  8. 8. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 2: Prospecting for ideas 1. Create an Instagram Account. 2. Go to Fiverr. Buy at least 35,000 followers (these are mostly fake) 3. Go to Ebay and make a listing for an Instagram account with however many followers you have. ** Be sure to let the buyer know the followers are not active if you purchase fake followers.
  9. 9. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 3: Figure out what’s (probably) working
  10. 10. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 4: Evaluate the idea FIRST ASK Where are they cheating or doing something illegal or unethical? Where are they failing to add value? THEN ASK If I can get it into my comfort zone, Can I use any part of this in my business?
  11. 11. SCAM TO LEGITIMATE STEP 5: Morph the idea into legitimacy  Start by using the most prevalent Scammer examples you can find as a template.  Add Value. Don’t deceive.  Test. Test. Test.
  13. 13. Today’s Mainstream Marketing ideas often start on the fringe as scams. STEP 1: Define your comfort zone STEP 2: Prospect for ideas STEP 3: Figure out what’s probably working STEP 4: Evaluate the idea STEP 5: Morph it into Legitimacy. Test. Test. Test. SUMMARY
  14. 14. Go not where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson CONTACT: Duane Zoscin 610.878.2800 Twitter: @duanezoscin EPILOGUE
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