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    • Adam Connor Adam Connor @Matthias Mueller-Prove Oh, and in case it's useful, there is an updated version of this presentation that can be found here:  1 week ago
    • Adam Connor Adam Connor @Matthias Mueller-Prove Hi Matthias, Aaron and I definitely advocate for talking about strengths (see slide 8). The most important thing about positives is, just as with things that aren't working, they be relevant to the product and it's objectives. We often find teams where individuals say something nice because they feel like they need to to avoid hurting feelings. This often leads to superficial positive comments that aren't material to the purpose of critique. And while they're intended to make someone feel good, they often have the opposite effect because the recipients see right through them. So, long story short, talking about strengths (positives) is very important, but they also need to be relevant.  1 week ago
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