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Stop It! Taking on the bad habits that hurt design discussions.

In this presentation I discuss 10 bad habits that we've found in teams and organizations that inhibit their ability to critique and hold productive, meaningful design discussions.

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Stop It! Taking on the bad habits that hurt design discussions.

  1. 1. STOP IT Taking On The Bad Habits That Hurt ADAM CONNOR @ADAMCONNOR Design Discussions
  2. 2. Conversations can hurt
  3. 3. It’s laid out too much like [popular service]. We should be different. The new Spotify design is perhaps even worse than the old Spotify design. The visual hierarchy and underlying IA are terrible. If you wanted to make it less obviously wrong, next time… It needs more flululululuh!! The wireframes are still not answering our problem and are not providing enough an easier solution for the page. Change the order of the screens so that the 3rd and first one are switched. It doesn't have enough spunk. What kind of company shuts down a much-loved service like Google Reader but keeps the vegetative Google Plus? We're disappointed in this solution. We're going to have our own designers come up with one. Looks ugly. Make it pretty. What. The hell. Is this? I would never use this. I don’t like the layout. We should make that a dropdown instead of radio buttons. None of this is what I asked for. This is terrible. I have no idea what the lines mean. I like the paper form better. I'm just not feeling it. I don't know what, but it isn't right yet. Just needs to be more innovative. Make it look more like SharePoint. Here is a rewrite. My intention is to sharpen the language, make it more precise.
  4. 4. criticalthinking
  5. 5. critique
  6. 6. We react
  7. 7. We get selfish
  8. 8. We don’t start from a common foundation
  9. 9. We don’t discuss
  10. 10. We don’t talk about strengths
  11. 11. We don’t focus
  12. 12. Artist Unknown We defend
  13. 13. Artist Unknown We don’t participate
  14. 14. We problem solve
  15. 15. We confuse critique with review
  16. 16. THANK YOU!For more thoughts on critique, communication and collaboration, check out Adam Connor Experience Designer VP Organizational Design & Training ! @adamconnor And look for Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique Available June 2015 from O’Reilly Media