acQUIZitions round 2

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The Business Quiz at MNNIT, Allahabad (23 Sept. 2011)

The Business Quiz at MNNIT, Allahabad (23 Sept. 2011)

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  • 1. acQUIZitions
  • 2. Round 2
  • 3. This is a 2011 documentary acted in, directed and produced by Morgan Spurlock that talks about product placement in Movies TV series etc. Can you name the movie?
  • 4. Which company uses an adorable white and blue mascot named Poppin’ Fresh?
  • 5. The motto of this magazine and website is “The Capitalist Tool”. It also inspires the title of a remix by 50cent, otherwise known as billion dollar remix. What is the name of this magazine?
  • 6. Most Rolex watches are analog. Only one is digital. Can you tell us where that is?
  • 7. Identify the very interesting person who said this: "I have had a partner - Charlie Munger  - for a lot of years. You have to calibrate with Charlie, though, because Charlie says everything I do is dumb. If he says it's really dumb, I know it is, but if he just says it's dumb, I take that as an affirmative vote."
  • 8. In the stock market jargon, (before 2007) there was a term form bonds that will have matured in 2007. What was that term?
  • 9. What is the exclusive item that Mysore Paint prepares?
  • 10. Nokia recently launched a mobile OS that was very much in keeping with a popular nationwide movement led by one man on hunger strike. Name the OS.
  • 11. This company, a nationwide enlightener and entertainer started at the Railway station in Allahabad.
  • 12. This country gave birth to open source, Nokia, Powergrid and lists broadband as a fundamental right. Yes I also want to be there right away. Which country?
  • 13. How is the external affairs Minister SM krishna connected to coffee?
  • 14. Disney wanted to trademark a defence team of US called SEAL Team 6 for its action toys. Later on it withdrew the application. What is so special about the SEAL TEAM 6?
  • 15. Rapid Fire
  • 16. Which Indian biscuit brand is the single largest selling biscuit in the world
    in its segment?
    Allen Solly is the brand owned by which group of companies?
    What’s the name of a Swiss company meaning “little nest”?
    What is located in Bombay House?
    ‘Beyond the Blue Mountains’ is the authorised Biography of?
  • 17. Tata Nano project was shifted from Singur in west Bengal to which place?
    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is now known as?
    Which famous fashion accessories House first started as leather
    goods shop in Florence,Italy in 1921?
    Which famous TV personality, also known for a very famous talk show owns a film production company called “Harpo Films”?
    Which Indian textile brand proudly proclaims "Since 1925"in its advertisements?
  • 18. In popular TV Game show KaunBanegaCrorepati, the prize money isissued on the cheques of which bank?
    Recently appointed CEO of Apple Inc. is?
    Which term was coined by Jim o’ Neil of Goldman Sachs in 2001 to represent the fastest growing economies in the world?
    Infosys was the first company from India to be listed on NASDAQ. True or False?
    Bangalore Tiger is a book about which Indian Company?
  • 19. Original name of this company was How do we better know
    this online company now?
    “Born in Japan, entertaining the world”- is the punch line of which
    famous company?
    Whish actress is the brand ambassador for arts and crafts firm Kalanjali?
    What is the consulting firm recently merged with the electronics giant
    “Money plant” is the ATM network for which Bank?
  • 20. Which airlines inflight magazine is called “ krisworld”?
    What does Birmingham Small Arms factory popularly sell?
    Which restaurant chain recently overtook McDonalds to have the largest
    number of outlets in the world ?
    The Reddys have 26% stake in Aircel. However they originally own a very different line of business. Which one?
    Voyager is the brand from which automobile company?
  • 21. ‘Experience Tourism’ is the tagline for promoting tourism in which place?
    What do you associate with ‘Sense and Simplicity’?
    Which organisation does David Strauss Kahn head?
    Which international airline uses the slogan "Smooth As Silk" in its
    Which textile company of India is head quartered at "Neville House"?