Retail Quotient Tracer Quiz


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A youthful quiz to excite the retail dudes!
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Retail Quotient Tracer Quiz

  1. 1. TEAM RETAIL DUDE presents
  2. 3. “ Storms in the sea wind” is a book about what?
  3. 4. Free, Fair, Fearless is associated with what?
  4. 5. “ HaraBhara Wednesday” programme is carried out by which retailer?
  5. 6. Which tyre company does R.P. Goenka own?
  6. 7. Complan and Nycil are brands from which company?
  7. 8. A Store which has an online presence as well as an actual building is usually termed by retailers as_______
  8. 9. What RPG Spencers formerly known as________
  9. 10. Who was given the award of “Emerging Market Retailer of the Year” in the first ever World Retail Congress 2007?
  10. 11. Dabur – the brand name was the acronym of its founder in the year 1884. Name its founder?
  11. 12. “ The Retailer of the Year” Award was given to Inditex. Which chain does Inditex own?
  12. 13. “ Sangam Direct” – a direct-to-home retailing initiative was taken up by which company in the year 2001?
  13. 14. “ The World on Time” is the ad line of which company?
  14. 15. Which actress was LUX Soap’s first brand ambassador?
  15. 16. Where is Bata shoes Headquarters Located?
  16. 17. Which Hollywood studio did Coca Cola own in the year 1982?
  17. 18. What was the first Ambassador car called?
  18. 19. The brand Lacoste belongs to which country? ________
  19. 20. Which airport won the “World Airport of the Year” for 2006
  20. 22. Why Was Coca Cola So called?
  21. 23. What is the brand name “Yamaha” means in Japanese?
  22. 24. Who is the brand Ambassador of the brand which introduced the concept of fashion store by the day and Bar by night in India
  23. 25. According to the international management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney's 2006 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI),which is right order of destination for global retailers?
  24. 26. What is the name of the Penguin of the popular server OS Linux
  25. 27. What has been one of the biggest financial merger of all times, pegged at 1.9 billion dollars. Who bought whom?
  26. 28. 1. He’s an optimal PC 2. Worm downs PC, so fix it 3. Sound, visual rites 4. Automatic Processes 5. Bonniest or bright catastrophic radio 6. Red Mills Archery Unscramble to find the company!
  27. 29. 1. He’s an optimal PC Apple Macintosh 2. Worm downs PC, so fix it Microsoft Windows XP 3. Sound, visual rites Universal Studio 4. Automatic Processes Computer Associates 5. Bonniest or bright catastrophic radio British Broadcasting Corporation 6. Red Mills Archery Diamler Chrysler
  28. 30. Find the brand with the tags mentioned.
  29. 31. Build for the Road Ahead
  30. 32. The ultimate driving machine
  31. 33. Passionate Pursuit of Perfection
  32. 34. Vorsprung durch Technik -
  33. 35. Born to perform
  34. 36. Have fun out there
  35. 38. Name the following Brands In Contention
  36. 39. Identify the Logo
  37. 42. Identify the three brands in a picture
  38. 43. Identify the two gentleman?
  39. 44. Name these two rural initiatives?
  40. 45. Logos of ?
  41. 46. Madonna’s “Ray of Light” was used for the launch of which product?
  42. 47. Which company owns the Freedom range of women’s wear?
  43. 48. Duck industrial tape, Dial soap and Pritt glue sticks are part of the brand portfolio of which company?
  44. 49. "On May 1, 1969, Jerry Sanders and seven friends founded _ _ _ in the living room of one of the founders."
  45. 51. Where is the headquater of 7-Eleven retail company
  46. 52. “ Every Day Matters” is a punch line for which retail company
  47. 53. Which is the largest selling perfume brand in the world?
  48. 54. A retailer that sells goods and services in conjunction with credit card companies
  49. 55. Why did Tesco empty its tanks of unleaded petrol at 150 outlets last week of March 2007?
  50. 56. Which multinational business shocked investors with news of a $12.7 billion (£6.45 billion) loss for 2006?
  51. 57. How many Shopper Stop’s are there at present in the country?
  52. 58. Typhoon and Triax are different brands of which Nike Products?
  53. 59. Large stand-alone store specializing in one category of merchandise.
  54. 60. Reliance has tied up with which major spirit company to have an international wine portfolio at Reliance Fresh?
  55. 61. Gokaldas Images has sold off its casual wear line to which company?
  56. 62. Danone the French Food major has decided to launch its brand of biscuits in India with failed talks with Dabur. Name the Brand?
  57. 63. Identify the following.
  58. 69. Who is the CEO of the Dubai based Landmark Group?
  59. 70. In the latest Millward Brown's annual brand survey, the first four most valuable brands are US-based. The fifth isn't. Which is it?
  60. 71. What brand name do the Australian cricketers wear on their shirts during ODIs?
  61. 72. DynaTac 8000X was the world’s first _____________?
  62. 73. The reply card inserted in publications used by readers to request literature, products and services advertised in the publication is called as____________?
  63. 74. The Banglore based MTR Foods created the worlds first frozen Dosa. What is the full form of MTR?
  64. 75. Naresh Goyal is a Citizen of which country?
  65. 76. William Painter, suggested to ______ (the inventor, also a brand name later) that he invent a product that the consumer could use, throw away and buy again.
  66. 77. Fiat stands for?
  67. 78. Who acquired Skype in October 2005?
  68. 79. Why did the launch of Hallmark got bust in France?
  69. 80. The 'R' code was given to the passengers traveling by which kind of airplane?
  70. 81. Jet-Ski is the brand of watercraft made by which company?
  71. 84. This company was shielded behind the hills during the Hiroshima Bombing and thus escaped from it. Which one?
  72. 85. Identify the Four Brands here?